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My Life At Thirty – Season 1 Episode 14 [Completed]

****episode 14****
Daniel and Nora sat down
gently, both staring at each
other. Nora grabbed Daniel’s
hand and pulled him to the
basin to wash his stained
hands. “You shouldn’t have
beaten him, Daniel.”
Daniel chuckled. “Don’t you
have any adjective you can use
to qualify my noun?”
Nora squinted her face. She
didn’t understand what Daniel
was saying. She shrugged.
“What do you mean?”
“Must you call me Daniel?
We have several adjectives,
waiting to be used. For
example, why do we have
sweetheart, honey, love, baby,
mine, my life and many more.”
The two laughed. Nora felt
that day was one the happiest
day of her life so far. “Okay
honey, you shouldn’t have
beaten him!” She held him by
his shoulder.
Daniel smiled. “Now you are
talking.” He smiled turned into
a sudden grin. “If I didn’t beat
him, next time he sees you on
the way, he will still wait to say
hi, but now, he will run, even
his shadow will know there’s
a problem.”
Nora burst into laughter.
“Daniel… oh.. sweetheart!”
They both laughed again.
“Anyways, I have always
wondered and pondered on
something, baby.” Daniel
cleared his throat as he picked
up he hand towel and
mopped his hand.
“What, dear?”
“The reason why we both
kept each other in dark for so
long! Why?”
“I don’t know. You’re the
one I’m meant to ask because
you were the one annoyed
with me.” Nora replied.
“I wasn’t! Why would I? At
least, we made the same
mistake, I wouldn’t be angry
with you!”
“But why didn’t you talk to
me? And, if I cook, you won’t
eat part of it not to talk of all,
Daniel chortled. “Honestly, I
was always thinking thay you
were the one annoyed! Why
didn’t you talk to me too? I
always visited the food but
scared of eating, I always
thought you were angry and
the food wasn’t meant for
Nora smiled. “Okay, that’s
the first problem. The second
one, Daniel. Who was the lady
that picked my call that day?”
Daniel laughed. His laughter
was prolonged for seconds
before he brought himself
back to normal. “I was.. I was
just flexing that day.” He
laughed again.
“Flexing? You really went to
meet her?”
“I’m just joking. Wasn’t it
that foolish and I repeat,
foolish Martins that called me,
telling me he has a crush on a
lady, he had talked to the lady
but she didn’t give in. So, he
begged me to follow him,
maybe if the lady could see a
good person with him, she
would change her mind.”
Daniel chuckled. “Everything
turned upside down. The lady
started falling for me. When
you called, I was surprised to
see your mobile number, so, I
was afraid to pick. The second
time you called, she snatched
the phone and ran away to
pick up the call.”
“Hmmn… Really?” She
dimmed her eyes.
Daniel smiled. “Sure.”
“Okay, that’s all.”
“That’s all? I thought you
would ask me one last
question, or maybe I’m the
one to ask the question.”
“What?” Nora enquired.
“That yesterday night, how
did you make your way beside
me? Didn’t you know you slept
with a guy?”
Nora laughed. “I don’t know
I got there too. By the way, is
the guy not my husband?”
Daniel blushed. “Okay, I
understand.” He chuckled.
“Let me go and prepare
dinner, you must be hungry.”
Nora said.
“No.. no.” Daniel hed her
back. “You can’t be cooking
alone, love. Why are we two?
By the way, I’ve got something
we gonna eat before that idiot
tried to spoil the day.”
Nora chuckled. “What is the
“Let’s go.” He pulled her
hand as they went upstairs.
** ** **
Gloria walked to the living
room with a tray of soft drink
and glass cup. She sat down
and glimpse at her sister that
was on seat. “How’s your
husband, sister?” She
The lady smiled. “We are
doing well, dear. How’s Alex
too?” She asked.
“Urgh.. Aunty Tope..” Gloria
just called her name and kept
mum. “I know you are a
pastor and you will be able to
shed more light on this matter.
I have been thinking on
removing his engagement
ring, ma’am. I’m not ready to
marry him.” She replied as she
served Tope the drink.
Tope was her immediate
elder sister, married already
and still hoping for the fruit of
the womb. She was a pastor,
just like her husband also.
“Why would you do that? I
thought you have prayed and
you told me God confirmed
Alex for you?”
“Sister, I only said that then
because I was in haste to get
married. I didn’t know Jesus, I
wasn’t a perfect Christian then,
sister.” She said and paused
for a while. “As a christian that
I am now, I can’t enter into
that marriage and be
regretting it at the end.” She
“My sister, what exactly is
“Alex is not walking in God’s
way! He’s a sinner, my sister.
Though, I know I have no
right to call him a sinner, but
this, I’m sure he is.” She
replied. “I only told you God
confirmed Alex for me then, it
was because I thought I was
ageing and I needed to get
married soon, I was thinking
that no one would marry an
old cargo if I grew older than
that. I never knew I took the
wrong step.”
“My sister, choosing in life is
one of the most vital things in
the life of youths! The bible
told us in the book of Proverbs
chapter 16 verse 3, Commit thy
works unto the Lord, and thy
thoughts shall be established.
If you don’t give him to go-
ahead to work in your life,
how do you expect him to
work? You have to leave
everything to him to solve!”
“But, I even thought I really
heard God’s voice concering
Alex then, now I know it was
what I was thinking that
spoke to me. Now I know Alex
is not for me. He drinks, he
doesn’t go to church! He never
believed there’s God.”
“That kind of man is not for
you, Gloria. Marriage is like a
home that two people enters,
and immediately you enter, the
door will be shut and you
won’t be able to get out. It is
written in the Holy Bible that
divorcing is a sin, if you marry
him and later divorce, God
would ask you where you kept
you eyes when choosing him.
This is the best time to let go
of Alex.”
“Thank you, sister.”
“Nowadays, peope don’t
know what courtship means
again, dear. It is actually the
time the two lovers will rub
minds together, when you’ll be
able to tell your spouse-to-be
what you want and what you
don’t! If all that are not sorted
out and confirmed to be
sorted out, there’ll be a
problem in the marriage.
Marriage is essential because
any man you marry will be the
one you’ll be with forever.
Remember Proverbs 25:28, a
man without self control I like
a city broken into and left
without walls. If you marry a
man who’s not cultured, who’s
not in God, who has been
patching the relationship, the
marriage will collapse.”
Gloria heaved a sigh.
** ** **
Daniel already stood by the
mirror, holding his neck tie as
he called on Nora. “Come and
do your job.” He smiled.
“You’re troublesome, Daniel.
Don’t tell me you can’t knot a
“You’re the one I want, no
one else. Not even myself,
dear.” He grinned.
Nora collected the tie and
knoted it as he put it on
Daniel, standing so close to
him as she helped him to
dress up. Daniel was just
smiling, when last did he enjoy
that? “Are we good to go?”
“Sure.” Nora nodded.
They have eaten an were set
for their various places of
work immediately. “You don’t
have to pick your key, I’ll be
the one to drop you off at
work, I’ll come around to carry
you likewise.” He told her.
“You don’t need to stress
yourself, Daniel. I can do all
these.” She smiled.
“If you annoy me, I will carry
you from ths place to my car.”
He chuckled.
“Okay, let’s go.” She grinned.
Both rushed down the stairs
and hopped inside the vehicle.
It had been nice since they
made up.
Daniel pulled out of the
house and slotted an audio
compact disc into the CD
player, listening to shout to
the lord by Don Moen. The
journey continued until a car
started running after them,
Daniel never knew, he loved
the music so much that he had
engulfed himself in it. Shortly,
the car caught up with them.
Two hefty guys came down
from the vehicle. They really
knew what they doing
because it was a quiet arena
where no car passing that
minute. Daniel whined down
to question why he was
blocked, then he was shot by
the head. He collapsed
The guys went on to Nora
and grabbed her. They threw
her into the vehicle and sped
off, leaving Daniel’s body in the
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