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My Life At Thirty – Season 1 Episode 12

*****episode 12
** ** **
Daniel sank into his swivel
chair as he got to his office.
Everything was still not clear to
him, it seemed he had to really
remember everything that
happened last night! He
thought as he bit his finger.
Did Nora sleep in that room?
He wondered as he swiveled
his chair to the left, deep in
He was finding it hard to
remember he was the one
who actually carried her, he
couldn’t even remember he
spoke to her not to talk of
sleeping together. “Who
knows if she has forgiven me
before? Why did that lady pick
up her call just to get thing
worse? No! That Stephanie is
meant to be hanged!” He hit
his hand against the table as
he swiveled his chair again,
breathing heavily.
To him, his brain was really
void that he was still
concerned that Nora must
really be indignant at him.
Stephanie picked her call
again, why wouldn’t she be
angry? He just had the feelings
that Nora slept in his room
overnight and possibly
something happened between
them. “I was really out of this
world last night.” He muttered
under his breath as he closed
his eyes for a moment,
nothing was still forthcoming!
Who knows if Nora forgave
me yesterday? Stephanie is a
devil!” He exclaimed and his
phone buzzed.
He stared at the caller for a
moment, it was an unknown
mobile number. “Who’s this?”
He dimmed his eyes as he took
a close look at the mobile
number again. It wasn’t in any
way familiar.
He decided to pick it up.
“Hello.” He said as he waited
for reply.
“Hello.” He heard a soft
voice on the other end.
“Good morning, you’re
speaking with Daniel.” He
stated quickly.
“I know who I’m calling too,
Dan. This is Stephanie.” She
“What! You this devil, I’m
just thinking about you and
how to start cursing you for
destroying my family already!”
He shouted.
“Keep calm, Daniel. That was
just a fair play! You wife
shouldn’t take that up as if
she’s God.”
“Are you out of your mind?
What am I even saying? You
are out of your life already!
See, Nora, be careful!”
“Ooh… who’s Nora?”
Stephanie asked.
He just made a mistake of
calling his wife’s name instead
of Stephanie’s. He shrugged.
“That’s none of your business,
I wanted to mention your own
name! And wait, how did you
manage to get my mobile
number, the devil?” He asked.
Stephanie laughed for a
while. “I get what I want, I
never beg for it!” She said to
Daniel heaved a sigh as he
just ended the call and close
his eyes for a moment. He was
hating Martins for taking him
to meet a devil. Only God knew
how she got his mobile phone
number, he had thought. Did
Martins give her? He had
wondered. He didn’t even
want to think of it again, it
was really annoying.
** ** **
Nora rushed back home to
tidy up the house. It was lunch
time, she had forgotten she
had to remove the bed spread
for washing. To her, she still
didn’t know how she got to
the room too, maybe a miracle
just happened.
But, is Daniel aware of this?
She wondered as she took off
the bed cover. She wasn’t sure.
She had been racking her
memory to remember
everything that happened last
night, but couldn’t remember
anything. She had never taken
alcohol, maybe the influence of
the first time she took his
disorganized her system that
she hardly could tell what
happened at all.
She was the accountant of
Mandy and Sons Limited, active
and calm to all the members of
staff of the company. She had
never thought her marriage
would turn out to be how it
already was, Alex and Gloria
caused this! She hit her fists
together as she remembered
the scene of that day again.
She had thirty minutes to
conclude her washing and
rush back to the office. She
had been thinking of what to
do, but nothing was
** ** **
I’m a man! Sure, why have I
been dulling things for too
long? Why? I ought to have
taken that bold step to talk to
Nora! Who even knows if she’s
been feeling the same way I’m
feeling? Who knows if she
was not even annoyed that
day? At least, we both made
the mistake, we both saw
other counterparts and ran
into them instantly. She should
be able to forgive me, even if I
had made that mistake.
God, this minute, I want to
use it to ask for nothing more
than suffering, afflictions,
problems and hindrance, help
me just pour that four on
Stephanie’s road! Now, she’s
calling me again, why? What
the hell is wrong with her? I
told her and she saw for
herself that I’m a married
man! I think Martins caused
this and should be the one to
eventually settle this! I really
don’t know where she got my
mobile number, why would
she keeo disturbing me? Why!
Hmmn.. maybe before I get
home, I’ll try to send Nora a
whatsapp message, or
probably ping her.
** ** **
Daniel picked up his mobile
phone and opened his
whatsapp. He could see the
chat between hmself and Nora
stopped quite long back. He
chuckled as he was about
sending her the whatsapp
message. As he could see
vividly, Nora was online and
prayed she replied his
message instantly.
“Nora, dear.” He sent to her
as his heart almost skipped a
beat. He felt as if he was facing
a big challenge as he sent her
the message. He started
counting, Nora didn’t reply
him. It was ten minutes
already and he could still see
her online. “She’s annoyed!”
He wondered.
** ** **
Nora had forgotten she had
her whatsapp on. She had
been trying to get the account
for the company’s last month
expenses right. This had been
giving her a problem because
it seemed a file was missing.
She had visited the
managing director and
Secretary severally for them to
check their desks if the file she
had been searching for wasn’t
with them.
Just as she returned back to
her seat that minute, she saw
the file on her table. She
chortled as she clapped her
hands together, wondering
what miracle that just
happened. She never knew it
was on her table and she had
been going up and down,
searching for the file.
That had gotten her
attention for fourty five
minutes that she had
forgotten she was online. She
just finished balancing the
balance and got set to leave.
She picked up her phone and
dropped it inside her bag. She
was really tired already,
searching for a file, rushing
back home to wash the bed
As she stepped out to enter
into her car, she saw Alex
again. What is Alex doing
here? She wondered as she
tried to rush into her own car
before he would see her.
Just then, she heard her
name. “Nora.” Alex called her.
He caused this problem I’m
going through now. She had
thought ashe looked at the
back and saw him. He was
dressed in a light-green
buttoned down shirt, tucked
into his black loose-fitted
trouser. He wasn’t using a
necktie, his hair was well
combed and he looked
handsome in his well polished
black pair of shoes.
“Good day.” She just waved.
“Me? Good day? Are you
trying to run away from me?”
Alex demanded to know.
“Alex, see..” she raised her
hand to show him her
wedding ring. “I’m married
and I wouldn’t want a
situation trouble would loom.”
“It’s Alex, Nora. I’m just
trying to greet you.”
“Okay, well enough Alex.
We’ve greeted, haven’t we?”
“Not in the right way. I’m
sorry about what happened
the previous day, because of
that, I couldn’t get your mobile
“What do you want to do
with my mobile number? I told
you I’m married now and I
guess you must be engaged
too, Alex.”
“Forget engagement! Just
give me your mobile phone
“I’m sorry bro, I have to go.”
She hopped into her car and
drove out of the company.
I’m now a bro? Alex had
thought as he rushed to his
own vehicle. I’ll follow you
anywhere today!
** ** **
“Even if you are angry, Nora,
you have to forgive me today!”
Daniel muttered as he grinned
out of the plaza. He had
bought Nora several gifts and
had bought chicken and chips
for their consumption too. He
had been imagining that it
would be great, that day.
He dropped everything he
bought at the back seat of his
car and drove out of the plaza,
rushing home. He felt his
thoughts had ignited strength
in him and would do
everything to end the problem
between him and his wife.
** ** **
Nora drove into the
compound. She never for once
knew Alex had been after her,
she didn’t even know his type
of car, she would have at least
As she waved at the
gatekeeper, she walked into
the house. Just as she entered,
Alex came down from his
parked vehicle and knocked at
the gate slightly. “I’ve been
following her, she said I
should follow her. I have to
get some documents from the
office.” He told the gatekeeper.
The security man too never
doubted what he said because
he looked serious and real.
“Okay.” He let him into the
Nora is enjoying mhen! He
smiled as he walked to the
main door and knocked
“Just come inside.” He heard
Nora’s soft voice and pushed
the door open. “Don’t be mad
at me..” he quickly said before
she would stand up and
throw him out.
“What’s the meaning of this
rubbish! So you followed me,
Alex?” She was infuriated
“Just calm down, Nora.”
How do you expect me to calm
down when we hugged the
other day and my husbands
knows you now. If he finds
you inside this house, what do
you want me to do? You finally
want to destroy my home,
“Just for a while. I just want
to discuss some personal
issues with you, Nora. At least
I know you are married now
and wouldn’t do anything to
destroy your marriage.”
“You are doing it already!
You are!”
He took some steps closer
to her. “You have to calm
down, Nora. Let me speak.” He
“Sure, speak on. Say
whatever you want to say and
leave as quick as you can!” She
Just then, Daniel had driven
into the house. Her noise had
not been able to let her hear
Dan’s honks at the gate and
didn’t make her know Dan’s
car was just driven in.
Alex placed his hand on
Nora’s head as he wiped
down her long weavon,
calming her down. “I wouldn’t
to anything to destroy you
marriage, you know how
much I care about you.”
Just then, Daniel entered
into the house.
** ** **

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