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My Life As A Single Mum – Season 2 Episode 7

my heart was bleeding for my mother. the pain of watching all your life possessions burn to ashes is not easy. in that house she had shared her whole life with a man who was now six feet under ground and everything that reminded her of their lives together was gone.

I finished packing while Peter watched me. there was nothing he could do except pray that his brother Mike should come in the morning and resolve the issue. he had the nerve to go against her unlike Peter who trembled at her sight. I always believe that if one is old enough to make his own decisions,nobody can rule his mind for him.a man should be man enough to stand up for what his heart believes because if not handled carefully, it can be the end of him. I went to sleep earlier because I had a long journey to make. if Amanda was older I would have left her with Joy until I came back but the thought of Peter’s mother near my angel was disheartening.I heard that she hadn’t yet gone back to the village.
its not easy traveling such a long distance with small children.
The following morning when it was 5:00 AM I was ready to hit the road and was waiting for Mike to come and take Masozi who was like a dark cloud hanging over our heads. all this time I kept quite and didn’t speak a single word to Peter unless spoken to. I was so angry with him for failing to take care of his own mess. why didn’t he just throw her out? some how I thought he was beginning to develop feelings for him.
8:00 Am Mike was nowhere to be seen.if I would be late to catch a bus that time,it meant I would be in Nkhatabay at midnight and that didn’t go well with me.I called Peter to the bedroom.
“I have to go,time is running out” I told him.

“please babe just wait a little longer. am sure he is on his way.” his nervousness was evident. I felt sorry for him.
“I can’t wait longer than this,you are old enough to take care of yourself. please do me this favour of sending her away. I don’t want to lose you. ” I was trembling and on the verge of tears. this man loved me along with my imperfections and I wasn’t ready to let him go.he was the reason I believed in love again. he proved to me that all men are not the same. now our love was undergoing the test of time and distance. I trusted him to come out clean without a dent.
he took me in his arms and kissed my lips so softly it felt like a breeze had passed.
my heart let out all the fears it had of losing him.he assured me that by the end of the very same day ,Masozi would be gone at any cost.
I told him to keep in touch because I didn’t want to die of long distance fever.

We left the house . when the time was 9:00 AM the bus started off and Peter waved until the bus was out of sight. goodbyes make me cry especially this time was the hardest when so much was happening. I called my mum and told her that I was on my way so that she and others would wait for me at the bus stage. it wasn’t safe travelling alone at night.
it was an unusually long journey.the children were asleep. I had taken a packed meal because it wasn’t safe buying food along the way. my mother,my uncle and my favourite cousin Tony who was a son to Aunt Nyabanda,were waiting for me.Laurent strapped on my back,Amanda in my arms,the bus conductor helped taking out my bags. we left for home. my mother was putting up at my uncle’s place until the house was rebuilt. he had been staying with his wife for more than twenty years. they didn’t have a child together but he had four children born to different women. I didn’t know how the poor woman managed to stick along that far. it was courage,if it was love then it had reached its expired date long ago.
I asked my mum about Beatrice, she said she had sustained injuries in the fire. I was horrified to learn that she had not been taken to the hospital.

we arrived home. my uncle’s wife NyaMwenda was a pleasant woman and so loving with children, too bad she didn’t have any of her own.
when I saw Beatrice,there was a chill that run all over my body at the sight of her wound.her left arm had blisters the size of a foot ball.she was groaning in pain.I shouted at my uncle for not taking her to the hospital. he said he didn’t have money to take her to Nkhatabay district hospital. the worse thing was the black stuff smeared on the wound. if the wounds would open, she was prone to having an infection. i doubted if he could watch his kid and fold his hands in that condition.I took one of the painkillers I normally kept. whoever had a hand in the fire, would have hell to pay.there was foul play because In the middle of the night the door had been broken and a paraffin Jerry can had been thrown inside. the grass thatched house had instantly caught fire .its a wonder my mum escaped the fire unharmed. Beatrice had been a heroine by rescuing my youngest brother who slept alone in his room.
I slept with a heavy heart.Peter had given me enough money to build her a new house.the following morning I gave my uncle money to take Beatrice to the hospital while i went with my mother to see the builder. I had to take care of my mum just like my late father asked me to.

my mum was undergoing trauma.she would breakdown and cry. I was glad I was there to pat her back and tell her that it was going to be okay.
we came back with the builder so that he see the sight and start his work.
two policemen walked towards us accompanied by my young brother.
“good day Constable Chipiri and this is my colleague Constable Yosefe”.I offered them a seat under a mango tree.
” i am Wangu and this is my mother Mrs may I help you officers” my patience was running out in anticipation.
” Mrs Mbewe you reported the issue of your house catching fire? ” my mother simply nodded.

“we have arrested one of the boys and he revealed who sent him.we would like you to come with us to the station so that we tell you more information. ”
what absolute luck. my heart was hammering in excitement…

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