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My Life As A Single Mum – Season 2 Episode 6

I was so angry i could feel the hair on my head standing on its end. I stood up and went to our bedroom banging the door so hard it shook. I sat on the bed thinking of what to do next. if I would keep quite and watch the whole thing pass as if I didn’t give a care in the world, I would wake up to find my man gone snatched right in front of my nose.the tears came violently. I was standing between the devil and the blue sea. you will agree with me that few people make the sacrifice of disobeying their parents for the sake of love. Abraham was ready to sacrifice his only son who came in his old age when all hope was was for the love of God.if it was nowadays some of us would have failed that test.
Peter came and sat beside me.I was avoiding his eye,but he managed to cap my face in his hands and wiped my tears with his fingers .
“sweetheart please let her so afraid ” I spoke after I calmed down.
“if I do that my mum will be very angry ,remember she said they paid her bride price .” I got to believe that I hooked myself mama’s boy.
“let them keep the money but I don’t want her anywhere near me.did u hear yourself defending her?”
“am sorry my love. I wasn’t supposed to do that. I want to go and talk to mum about this issue so that she can take her back to the village. ”
“no way.I want her to go tomorrow. I can’t stand the sight of her ”
“let’s take this one step at a time to see what really went wrong ”
“what went wrong? well your mother just purchased a bride for you. my God I just can’t believe it” I was now pacing to and fro.
“can you please let me handle this? ” I wasn’t satisfied with his answer.
“while you are waiting. warn her to keep away from my kids or else I will show her the other side of me you have never seen.” this girl had to go at all cost yet he was treating her like Santa. I left him there and went to the kitchen to prepare food. there was no way I could have put my life on the chopping board. Amanda followed me to the kitchen.
“mummy when is she going back? I hate her ” I was saddened by her ability to detect trouble from afar. it didn’t go well with her that she was brought there by the woman who shouted on top of her voice for all to hear. that day Amanda had clung to Peter in fright.

“she will go baby tomorrow. did she beat you? ” I asked her picking her in my arms.
“no but she just shout at me especially yesterday when you and daddy were not around ”
“where was Aunt Joy? ”
“she was in your room putting Laurent to sleep. ”
“don’t worry sweetie Mum will make her go tomorrow ”
“you promise for real?” I nodded and was determined to keep my promise otherwise I had to watch Masozi make a crumble of my world.
I finished cooking, we ate and went to bed.Peter refused to eat either of our food. that night we slept looking opposite sides. I stayed wide awake thinking long and hard about my plan and I worked it to perfection. I finally slept with a smile on my face alert to any sound of movement in case I was played a mouse and cat game.
early the next morning, I woke up to run Peter a bath and prepared him breakfast. by the time Masozi was waking up,he was on the table eating. I smiled having had beaten her to it.she looked disappointed and probably blamed herself for oversleeping. he finally left and I escorted him to the bus depot to catch a bus.
I returned and straight away went to the room where Masozi slept, took hold of her bags and threw them outside.
“you are leaving this house today ” I shouted while
dragging her outside.
“you can’t chase me outside. this is not your house you fool “this girl sure had a nerve but she didn’t know who she was dealing with.

“well then I will show you who the owner is” I was fuming.
“he didn’t marry you. why are you sticking to him you leech. ”
“he is mine and I won’t share him with you ” I managed to drag her outside and further took her out of the compound and locked the gate. I didnt want to wallow in misery. there was no way I was losing my man to her. if it was Peter’s mum who gave her courage then she will face me.I didn’t care anymore what she would do at that point. I carried my day like any normal day until evening. there was a loud banging on the gate. I thought it was Masozi but when I peeped it was Peter. I opened. he walked past me holding a distraught Masozi by the hand.
“I didn’t know you were this heartless Wangu ” why would he scorn me in her presence? there was dust in her hair,scratches on her face and part of her skirt was torn revealing her flesh. I didn’t do all that to her I just pushed her outside. I thought she had clawed back to wherever hole she came from.she must have sat by the gate all day. I didn’t answer Peter but went ahead to the bedroom as he continued shouting at me for being unreasonable and inconsiderate. she was a good actress and would have scooped an Oscar.

I took out my travelling bag and started packing to his dismay.
“what do you think you are doing?” he asked me.
“I don’t have the strength to compete with either you or her.its either she go or I go.make up your mind quickly ” there was a weight in my words which over emphasized my seriousness. “no no no you are not going anywhere ” he tried to take the bag from me but he was unsuccessful.
he took out his phone and called his brother.
“please bro come to my place we need to talk ” his brother answered him that he was out of town in Dowa and won’t be back until the following day. I didn’t care, this was his battle and he had to fight it.

my phone was my mother.
she was crying on the other end.
“Wangu the house has burnt down…” the rest of her words drowned down in sobs.
*sigh* I had to go back home no matter what

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