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My Life As A Single Mum – Season 2 Episode 5

there was a storm raging inside my heart.I felt a numbness that paralyzed my senses causing a deficiency that filled me with dilemma. there was no way in my weirdest dream this was happening.
Peter’s mum and his brother’s wife,Joy were standing at the door with another strange woman . my heart beat a thousand times in those few minutes and my mouth wanted to spit out the words to wave them away and make them dissapear yet I couldn’t move.
“babe who is at the door? ” I could hear Peter’s voice at a distance because I was lost in a maze of thoughts.
“wangu?” Joy’s voice brought me back to reality.
I plastered a fake smile on my face as I ushered them inside. my hands were shaking as if of their own accord and I knew I needed to be strong for myself if not for the survival of my love for Peter. this was the biggest test to prove how strong our love was for each other. this was a furnace of temptations and tribulations so that at the end it might be purified as gold.

we greeted the visitors and Peter’s mother was looking like a tired and puffing toad. her eyes were shooting daggers in my direction. I sat as close to Peter as I could, as if shielding myself from the incoming battle. Joy was trying hard not to be nervous. poor thing she loved me and didn’t want me hurt.
Peter was surprised to see his mother because she didn’t say anything about her visit but one thing I was sure of was that she didn’t travel all the way from Nkhatabay for nothing.
she cleared her throat and started talking, ” I didn’t come here to waste your Precious time and mine but I came to bail my son out from Egypt because he has been blinded by unseen forces.” her voice was so defined as in a practical speech. all along Peter looked unfazed yet my stomach felt like someone was tying knots.
” Wangu you are a disgrace to womanhood. a deadly snare to kill my only son but I will not sit down and see you doing that ” she was seething with anger. please tell me people when did falling in love while you already have children turned out to be a crime? who said a man who don’t have kids shouldn’t marry a woman who already has kids? I have seen many women getting married to men who have children the size of a football team yet nobody raises a finger in complaint yet you are assured of world war when its the other way round.
“mum you can’t come to my house and insult my wife ”
“she is not your wife! ” she protested.

“in every word she is to me and I intend to make it official soon so you have to respect that” he had in him a twin tower to her anger too.
“I will not live to see that day” she stomped her foot.
“then so be it mum.”
” My son I brought you a befitting bride here Masozi”
no way it can’t reach this extent.I thought as I rose to leave the room. Peter held my hand and told me not to go anywhere.
“make me happy this once. this girl is a virgin and will fill this house with as many children as you want.” this woman didn’t have conscious. tears started welling in my eyes but i blinked them back.
“that will not happen, its Wangu I love. if you want marry Masozi yourself if you so much wish her to be a part of your life, ” I could see things slipping out of the way bit by bit.
” if I am the one who brought you into this world, you will do as I say. am leaving Masozi here and I want this thing here…”she paused and pointed at me “… out of this house soon before I go back .” she provoked the lion in him. he stood up with clenched fist. am sure if it was one of his friends, blood could have been flowing by then.
“if you were not my mother, I swear i could have thrown you out of my house.” he looked like a bruised bull but provoked enough to kill.

“my dear let’s go”she motioned to Joy and to Masozi she said”remember to do as I told you, I don’t want any useless stories.give me results worthy of the lobola we paid your family .” with that she left leaving her behind. I could see that she was under her controlling thumb and paying lobola in our African context is marriage enough. I felt like I was watching one of the episodes in a Nigerian movie.
Peter put his head between his legs probably wondering how he hadnt known his mother’s craziness until then. my head was swirling, I stood up to go and have a glass of water. the blurring was intense,I felt like I had been drinking alcohol for days.the heavy head and the heavy heart which was too small to take sure breaking news. the next thing I remembered was Peter shouting my name and rushing to hold me when everything else seemed to crumble on my sight.

I woke up with the worst migraine I had never known while I tried to open my eyes. the strong and terrible smell of medicine made me realize that I was in the hospital.I looked at my side and gazed into the most beautiful brown eyes ever. they looked tired and sleepy but still made my heart sink. Peter was holding my hand.
“hey glad you are finally gave me the fright of my life.” I was happy because my man was with me throughout the way.I didn’t deserve such a beautiful soul. the tears started,they run down my cheeks and he wiped them away.
“I am sorry love it had to be like this but trust this heart to lead and help us keep our promises.I love you with all that I am and I wont allow anything to come between us.just trust me like you always do.” still holding my hand, he put it on his chest where his heart beat wildily .i know I wanted to trust him but I was scared of leaving my kids if something happened to me.the battle had just started and here I was already emotionally defeated.
“who is taking care of the children?” I asked.
” I called Joy to look after them when I was bringing you here after you fainted.Amanda was crying asking for you but later when I last talked to Joy she said she had fallen asleep.”
thoughts of Masozi in my house made me uncomfortable, I didn’t know what instructions she had under the monster in law. I was proud of my man for taking the bullets for me and holding things together but for how long. time became a luxury for me,the sooner I got to the bottom of this the better.

the doctor came and Peter went outside. the upper left side of my lip and the area around my eyebrows were swollen. the doctor said I had High blood pressure and if I was to frequently have them, I was at a high risk of having stroke. it freaked me out.
after two days when my condition stabilized, I was discharged. I didn’t ask Peter about Masozi because she was the very monster eating my mind. how would we sleep under one roof and continue living our lives as if nothing was amiss? I had to start watching over my children like a hawk in case she would think of doing something evil. the sooner she had to be sent back home, the better for all of us.

when I arrived home, I was happy to be home and see my babies again. Laurent had started bottle feeding and was now used to it.
it felt strange to be in my own house and I didn’t hide my distaste. the furniture had been rearranged in such a way that I felt like I had walked on a place that had just been raid. I asked Peter if he did it, to my horror he said it was Masozi .the moment we arrived she brought food on the table for me to eat and told Peter that she had run him a bath.I realised that this girl meant business and she would take over my ship while I was still alive. she told Amanda to go take her plate of food so that she help her to make sure she ate it all “you are not my mum, “Amanda replied.
“stay away from my kids you adversary of the devil and stop acting as if you own this place “I shouted at her.seriously I didn’t expect things to be accelerating this far. she had outwitted my expectations. she didn’t say anything but she had a strange smirk on her face.

“stop being dramatic honey she is just trying to help. ” I thought my ears were playing hide and seek with me. this wasn’t good.
did Peter just defend her? I knew deep down in my heart that she was trying to win him over. how far would she go? I was yet to find out…

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