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My Life As A Single Mum – Season 2 Episode 14 [Completed]

It was Remo Da… what what. i recognized him as the man i met on my way to my Aunt’s place few days ago. it was out of this world, i thought other people were fully employed by Facebook and used it to their extreme potential. one friend request was from him, i went through his profile before i accepted him. he was online and immediately he sent me a message. asking what i did for a living and what i was doing in Nkhatabay when i had said i l lived in Lilongwe, he even asked if i was married or not and he requested for my phone number. immediately i logged out, i didn’t have time for stalkers. i slept like a log and Laurent didn’t stir at night, guess he was tired from the long journey. i had been a bit reluctant to travel because the last time i was returning from Lilongwe, he got seriously sick.

The following morning after having breakfast we went to town in Janet’s car to start immediately identifying things that i wanted to sell. we left Amanda and the other children in the care of a maid. for the first time in years i felt relaxed and sure of what i wanted to do. i choose to buy wrappers and slippers which would fetch me money in the village. Janet advised me to first look for things to sell right there in Mzuzu then later on when the business gets a grip, i should go to Nkhatabay. i couldn’t have done on my own. i didn’t know where these people were in the first place when my parents shipped me off to Lilongwe for that crazy man to Molest me. i was sure if i had been left with my aunt, my life could have been different by now.
we finished by looking for a shop to rent and we were lucky to find one at Ten Thousand Kwacha. Janet told me that she will pay rentals for the first three months because business might be slow for a start. i couldn’t thank her enough for everything, she was a God sent angel.

We went back to the car. i was overwhelmed with happiness. i was going to do my own thing with to strings attached. God had been so faithful to me i didn’t know where to begin to thank him because of His love for me, i had a testimony…

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