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My Life As A Single Mum – Season 2 Episode 11 & 12

the human mind is an absolute wonder and very unpredictable. how do one control thoughts from popping in unannounced and sometimes uninvited. I get perplexed by the female mind. my granny once told me that it works twice than the male mind that’s why when some of these male start lying tales, we catch them midway through before they finish.

I was to make my folks see sense in what I was saying but it wasn’t hitting home. my mother was adamant to wave me off into the waiting arms of Mr Chirwa,surely I would die first before I found myself in them. couldn’t Peter have picked a perfect time of calling? my mind presently was an emotional wreck and i didn’t want to strain if further. our last parting wasn’t to die for.I was running away from him, from myself. I was afraid my heart would betray me because the last time I checked, I was still hopelessly in love.I needed time to heal, to trust myself with him again yet the dyke called Masozi stood imposingly between us. I had learnt so much from what Ben did to me.I didn’t want to play second fiddle or plan B ever to any man. I had enough lessons about men to last me a life time. I also had kids yes but I had them before meeting Peter. knowing fully well that your partner was cheating and had a baby when he was still with you was not easy to live with.the village was becoming a dangerous place to live,if I wasn’t careful I would end up in the wrong hands. I am a hopeless romantic by nature who believes in settling for nothing but true love.if money is involved then it should be a bonus not a ruling factor.

I went to bed that day so furious I wasn’t talking to my mother. Beatrice tried to tell me the full details of finding Anya Jere saga but I dismissed her saying I was tired. the only way out of this mess was to go back to Lilongwe yet money seemed a bit of a problem. starting all over sacred me. I needed to start looking for a job.

the following morning I told Beatrice to give the kids porridge who were still sleeping. I was going to my aunt’s (a sister to my mother)place. she and her husband were some of those sweet people who seem to be extinct from the face of the earth nowadays.I knew we had not been close but we used to be when i was little. they were not rich or poor but lead a life of content with what they had. I always say the highway to happiness is being content with what you have and always thank God for it,in His time and reward for your doings He shall bless you according to His riches and glory. they had four beautiful kids who had all managed to go further with their education. I didn’t blame them since both their parents went to school while mine uhmm couldn’t wait to start bringing us into this world.

I left. I wanted to bare my heart to somebody who would understand. she had an aura of authority about her that made my mother listen to whatever she said. I passed through a deserted path that lead to a church. there was a river along and the bridge that used to interconnect it to another area had been washed away.the river held some childhood memories. when I was a kid I came with my friends for a swim. the river wasn’t safe since people used it as a refuse damping site. I was busy showcasing my swimming skills to my friends when somebody announced that my aunt was coming. she told me to get out of the water but I told her that she wasn’t my mother to order me about. the nerve of me.she practically dragged me out and beat the devil out of far as rivers were concerned, that was the first and last time I got in one. I was walking,admiring the breathtaking view when I heard somebody walk behind me. I looked back and saw a young man behind me. I could feel his eyes penetrating right through my back. I walked swiftly but eventually he caught up with me. I wasn’t in the mood for small talks yet it was written all over his face that he wanted to talk.
” hello. you are quite in a hurry.”he began. I answered in such a low turn off voice I thought he wouldn’t continue.
” sure I have things to do”
” are you going to work because you are so early? I could now see the road leading to my Aunt ‘s place.

“am not going to work but am going to see my aunt”
” do you stay around here?”
” no I live in Lilongwe.” I was beginning to get irritated.
” am Remo I just came for holidays at my uncle’ studying at Mzuzu university. ” as if I cared. I eyed him,he looked to be young and we were almost of the same height.
“am Wangu nice meeting you. well that’s my destination,nice talking to you Remo,” I spoke while entering a bamboo made gate.
“what’s your surname?”
“Banda,”I replied almost dashed inside, there was no way my Aunt would see me with him,there would be blue murder. I think I saw a look of triumph on his face as if he had won the national lottery. honestly I didn’t care.

I found her home and wasted no time in narrating the reason for my visit. when I finished she said, ” sometimes your mother give me doubt if she is okay upstairs. she can’t force you to marry somebody that old. I will come there tomorrow and sort it out once and for all.dear stop worrying yourself to death.

“thank you very much Auntie “. I took my leave. there was so much weight that had been taken off my heart, atleast somebody was on my side.
when I arrived home I was in better spirits. I trusted my Aunt to give my mother a piece of her mind.
I entered the house and my heart froze. sitting on the chair with one leg crossed on the other was Peter grinning from side to side …

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