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My Life As A Single Mum – Season 1 Episode 6

The pain that stinged my face was nothing compared to the rejection I was suffering. I felt so worthless and so down. Gogo put her arms around me in comfort and that dammed my eyes with fresh tears. I was so touched and amazed how God created everybody in His own unique image yet as different as the word itself. you can turn the whole world upside down yet you can’t find another version of yourself or if you can go to extreme heights and dig every possible grave way back to creation you will still find no duplicate not even if you are identical twins. She was the only person who believed my story so far and I didn’t know what posed before me when I would approach others for help.I didn’t want to embarrass myself any further. “don’t worry I will see how I can go about it. am sure I will find some money then you will be home before you know it ” I didn’t want to further burden the poor woman let alone finish her food.
Days turned into weeks and later into months but there was no money for my transportation. Cindy visited but so rare and in those occasions she didn’t speak to me. I ended up avoiding her and I did all I could not to cross her path. I didn’t go to school because I thought what if I did only to go back to the village in a matter of time . I talked to her if she knew someone who could help and employ me as a maid because I couldnt continue leaving off her. she introduced me to a certain woman I only knew as Aunt Ivy. the nature of my job was to be an assistant to her house maid in Area 36. that meant I had to leave gogo and start leaving with strangers again ….

life couldnt be any worse because the old woman was my family for six months and it was no picnic parting ways yet still life had to go on. true to her words I was an assistant maid but later turned to her shop keeper at her vegetable stall. I worked for a year before I found myself a job at a Chinese shop. I was moving ahead and forgot all else about going to Nkhatabay. I was getting 10,000 kwacha a month and able to pay for rent and food at a bedsitter in Phwetekere. by then I was 17 but knew alot more about men than most of my peers. I dated my work mate who I began to like more after he made a career out of complimenting on how good I looked every single day. I started dressing for him only. sure a way to a woman’s heart is through sweet words to her ears. I was swept on the wings of puppy love and unbeknownst to me disaster awaited me next door ..

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