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My Life As A Single Mum – Season 1 Episode 5

I had a rude awakening by deafening noises before I even had a chance to have a recollection of my physical geography.
crying make people have fatigue I guess its hard work for the body no wonder people get sick after the loss of a loved one.
I went outside to see what the commotion was all about. many people were watching and some felt sorry while others laughed their lungs out. for sure these rains have brought mixed fortunes.for once we rejoiced that water problems have been sorted out, no more force hopes from water board’s scarce running gold because now God has taken care of everything. The rains have left so much to be desired after reducing houses, toilets and bathrooms in rumbles. There stood a man in all his glory with soap in his head and face after the makeshift building saving as a bathroom succumbed to gravity. he was groping for his clothes and groaning from the pain of soap in his eyes. Sure black people have so much time to waste. instead of helping him,they were making a reality show of him and someone was taking pictures.people who were on their way to work, had to stand there for almost half an hour just to gaze at a naked man seriously? time is money to a white person.

“oh there you are my dear” she found me on the door way.I didn’t yet know what to call her but gogo sounded best because its so rude in my tonga culture when you address the elderly by first names. she prepared me delicious soya porridge which I devoured within a few minutes .I later explained to her what had happened to me. it felt like I had relieved myself of the burden weighing my heart down. she decided to talk to her granddaughter on the phone and asked her to come home. I felt hopeful and closer to home because she sounded like all her monetary issues came to a halt in her hands.
at mid afternoon she finally came.her appearance shocked me.she was so dark save for her bleached face. talk of a body dyeing gone bad.she had gold braids which further made her look like a drama queen.
“gran who is this? ” I sensed her instant dislike of me.
“chifundo can’t you sit down first. I can’t explain anything while you look as if you are on your way out already ”
“how many times should I told you not to ever call me using that name? ” the exchange wasn’t like I had expected. the imaginary picture of her in my head had betrayed me.

“sorry madam Cindy ” gogo apologized. I kept quite as I waited for fate to settle it’s score with me in her hands as she explained everything.
“don’t be deceived .can’t you see she is one of these masikini (street kids) who want to milk people dry with all sorts of stories? haven’t you heard of people who stand by the road side everyday to beg for transport to wherever hole they crept from? some even beg for transport to go to mental hospital.I won’t be surprised one of these days if someone beg for transport to go to hell ” it was in black and white that she didn’t have any kind words for me.

“I am not a thief “I defended myself bt it was useless.
“you better prove it before I throw you out faster than you can breath because Ana inu mwanyanya kuba ” I was terrified by her lack of was impossible that this sweet old woman’s blood run in her mean granddaughter. it couldn’t be.
“chifundo makanjira-nkhoma I won’t watch you insult this poor child. can’t you have a heart? I blame your mother for giving you this name,it’s unbefitting.she could have named you the devil himself ” that sent Cindy ballistic,she contorted her face in dislike and disgust .with the speed of a lightning she stood up and slapped me hard on the face.
“that is for coming here and turn my old woman against me” she stormed out of the house leaving me mouth agape …
I must confess I saw real stars for a second


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