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My Life As A Single Mum – Season 1 Episode 4

The pain razoring my body was threatening to send me into unconsciousness. I could feel myself drifting between two worlds . fear & shock paralyzed me. This man robbed me of my innocence and he was calming and threatening me as if it was going to change anything. I cried loudly and angrily packed my few belongings ready to go. where? I didn’t even care anymore because it was useless but my guts stood up and told me that this house was no longer a safe haven and it hadn’t been for a long time. even if I had to wait for the madam to come back and narrate my predicament, she would have probably said I shamelessly s£duced her husband.
Dawn was approaching fast and that was the beginning of a new chapter of my forsaken life. I loathed this man with an intensity of the depth of hell and that broke the dyke of respect I had for the strong sex. I was Fourteen and knew nobody who could help.
I walked for a long distance and found myself in town from Area 24. those who know the place can agree with me that its a long distance from the dusty Ngwenya. I sat down in Lilongwe bus deposit and cried. there were few buses around . If I could ,I would have flown over to my home in Nkhatabay right into my mother’s arms and unleash gallons of tears habouring my eyes. I missed her so much and whoever said mother’s are the best knew exactly what they meant. I felt betrayed by my parents for selling me out to that devil of a man like a cheap slave.
“hey what are you doing here all alone?” a strange voice brought me to the real world. I looked at her, she was so old and frail. if I was in the village my reaction would have been so dramatic. shame how old people are accused of witchcraft.maybe people don’t want to see the grey haired? why not when God Himself the giver of life has blessed them with many years on this earth.
I wiped my tears with the bad of my hands, nobody wants to be caught unawares crying.
“you are so young yet you look as if you have the troubles of the world on your small shoulders. what is wrong? ” I didn’t want her into my business but there was something trusting about her,almost comforting.
“I am so hurt right now and so cold. I don’t have anywhere else to go and no money for my transport home.” fresh tears started. I felt her arm patting my back.
” why don’t I take you to my place then you can tell me everything and how I can help you? ” she helped me pick my bag and we set off. we passed by Nantipwili filling station and the mosque.then we walked our way up until we were at the bus depot opposite Lilongwe Church of Central African Presybetarian. it was so quite but soon a minbus going to Area 23 via Kawale came. the conductor shouted as if the place was filled with people wanting to board the bus. I thought so hard,whoever said angels do not exist on earth should have seen this woman. who was she and what use was I to her? I have heard of people who use others’ private parts. I didn’t want to be a willing donor to their trade.
we travelled for an hour before she told the conductor that we were dropping off at chiwoko school. we walked at a path around the school and found her one bedroomed house .she lived with her granddaughter who used to be home twice a week. what she did, she had no idea but it was enough to bring food on the table. how long I was staying,I didn’t know. *sigh * as I drifted into a deep slumber
to be continued

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