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My Life As A Single Mum – Season 1 Episode 3

when you are caught right in the act,it feels like a cat has imprisoned your tongue making you speechless. it feels wow to lie but the guilt and remorse that kicks in afterwards can kill you.if you will have a chance to meet the super Biblical disciple Peter he will tell you what he felt when he denied knowing Christ thrice.maybe he thought they would crucify him along. shame .
the beating I got on that day made me doubt if that man was indeed my father. did I come from his loins? no way.
remember I am still telling you how I became a single mum. after I caused so much strain between my parents I was sent to Lilongwe to a distant uncle to my Mum. i was very excited to go to the city yet I was nervous to start staying with people I never heard of my whole life. I felt like a slave who will never return. the moment I arrived I sensed that the madam of the house was not into the idea of my stay too bad her husband had a final say. this woman was dark skinned and fat no wonder people say our ancestors were apes if you don’t believe watch the dawn of the planet of the apes.nxaah no wonder she was stone hearted.
it wasn’t an easy stay because the only thing I was happy about was going to school without first going to the fields.
this woman I called Aunt grace wasn’t about to treat me like royalty .they could have renamed her Aunt Hitler sure.
I turned to be her maid 24/7 who took care of her three squirrels she called kids.
“wangu wash the dishes” wangu take the kids to school before you start washing and make sure dinner is ready when I am back from Ma chifundo’s house”
most times the husband would shout to leave poor me alone. but she would pinch my ear and say “your witch mother sent you to snatch my husband but I will show you that they don’t call me die hard for nothing.” I would cry for days.
men one day sneak to the kitchen when your wives are alone with maids or your younger relatives, you will see the chuck Norris sides of your dear wives.
the results of puberty were catching up fast with me but it wasn’t my fault.
I knew that the man was the devil himself when he became apparent of my blooming body.the suggestive looks he fired me with made me realise how some of these men are not loyal.
One day madam hitler went to a funeral at night.surely I am against some of our African culture are long give the devil a chance of a life time when the women attend funerals at night in the name of consolation.should we say we are the most compassionate than our English counterparts? kaya but ku maliro komweko ena amapitira tea, kuliza nkonono and kutamba kkkkk talk of multi tasking
he came to my room and started touching me in a way I didn’t like.
“Shh just be quite .I will buy you sweets and nice dresses. “don’t you like ribbons? ” his big belly was bare and that frightened me. my pleas to leave me landed on deaf ears as he locked the door and advanced to the corner I was shielding myself. he grabbed my arm and threw me on the bed as he opened the zip of his trousers. all I could do was cry


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