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My Journey With Sandra – Episode 9

……..Sandra POV……….

Lina and Linda met me dressing myself up after
they arrived back from the lecture room, They were surprise on how I dress up.


Lina:so you are really going for a lunch??

Sandra: yes nw…am I not looking good

Linda:This onw is not an ordinary lunch,you better
confess maybe you are already having crush on
that guy

Sandra: Mmh….wetin concern you people now…..
you people have not see this guy and you are
already saying am crushing on him,you better mind your own business.

Linda:Confess nw…..let give you tips

Sandra: (cut in)..Tips on what??….. do you people
think that guy is my type (I lie)

Lina:What if it is your type?

Sandra: You don’t need to know

Linda:(laughing)… are really a bad girl

Sandra: Linda,am sure you know that guy sef

Linda:what is that guy name?

Sandra: Ayanfe,he is in your department nw

Linda:(shocked)….. that guuuuuy(stammering)

Sandra: you knw him

Linda: yea of course, I dont even knw he is the one you are talking about since.


Someone knocked



Sandra:ohh…..that might be him


Sandra: Ayanfe of course (I stood up to opened the door,I was really surprise to see him at my door step,I was carry way by his look to the extent that I already gave him a hug)..ohh am sorry

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Me:No problem

Sandra:(Smiling)…. OK,you are welcome, I let him in to greet my friends,he greet Lina first before facing Linda but he was being trouble by something,they are staring at each other,which I notice.

Sandra:Linda, meet ayanfe my new friend, the guy I tell you people about.

Lina:friend!!….even I think he is your

Sandra:(cut in)….your what,see mouth.ok,am
leaving oo take care of the house ,Bye.

Lina:make u bring something for us oo

Sandra: OK oo…(I wave my hands at them)

I and Ayanfe left my hostel walking down to where we are having our lunch,not to far from my hostel,But Ayanfe did not talk and he have a thick expression on his face.


……….Linda POV……..

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Ahh…..this must not be possible, How come??,the
person am trying to get back with, is the one
Sandra is crushing on,this should not have happen.

I regret breaking up with him,he do love me but I
broke up him,how am I going to get back to him
before it is too late.I must have him back by any
means before something else happen between
them.Lina tapped me from the back which bring me back from my thought.

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Lina:Aunty linda…..what is wrong what are you
thinking, am at your back since but you did not even notice me

Linda:Nothing jare aburo

Lina:sister mi…I knw you are already thinking about bro ayanfe

Linda:you this gal,what is your problem…. who tell you am thinking about him…mtcheew (I hissed)

Lina:am sorry…but what did bro ayanfe did to you
that time,that makes you break up with him and you knw Sandra did not knw he is your ex coz she just relocate to this hostel

Linda: ahhhjeez……if you dare talk about again, I
will show you pepper

Lina:E ma binu….(I left for the kitchen to find
something to eat.


…………..Ayanfe POV………

Since I set my eye on Linda, I was really trouble by
it,it seems to spoil my day, that lunch is not even in mind again, But I don’t want to disappoint Sandra because of it.we arrive at the place,I asked her to order for what she want but she insist that I should firstly order coz she will like to eat what I order.

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We both order for a plate of rice each with an
assorted meats and soft drinks.I did not even get
appetite for the food,I just order it but Sandra
already notice that am not eating my food

Sandra:What is wrong??,you are not eating the food

Me:Nothing… (pretend to be eating the food)

Sandra:ok….maybe I should feed you

Me:feed me??am I a baby….{before I could finished talking she already dip the spoon into the food.

Sandra:Open your mouth and take this

Me:(smiled)….I shyly take the food from her…[she
did this many times and I can see some people
staring at us thinking we are couple,I was really happy to have someone like her

Sandra:Ayanfe….since you saw Linda,you have
been acting strange, Do you people ave something together before or now.
why is she asking this?


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