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My Journey With Sandra – Episode 18

………..Sandra POV……..
I was shocked to heard what the leader is going to do with me and the worst part of it is in front of ayanfe,have already loss hope, how am u going to make it up with ayanfe,I was already sobbing,even anybody passingby can hear my voice.They were mocking us, ayanfe is trying to get up from where he was tied but it is impossible for him and he was held down by one of the guys,The look in his eye make more tears roll down my cheek,While the leader Is smiling,he order his guy to strip me off while he is already unhooking his belt.

One of the came to me trying to Strip me off as commandered by his boss.I close my eye tightly to avoid eye contact with ayanfe again,I think today will be the end of our relationship

That is what I could hear before I open my eye seeing two guys down with blood gushing out of there neck

Boss: Who the hell dare come here to distract me?….(taking out his pistol and firing at the direction where the first bullet came from.

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The gun shot continue for a while before I could see that the guy already shot one of the person that try to help us,I try to look at ayanfe where he was tied bit to my surprise he is no more there,ha had untied himself before I could search him within the small room,I already see him battling with the boss struggling to collect the gun,the third guy tried to help his boss but he was fired down from outside,Ayanfe is already on top of him punching him hard and trying to strangled him to death before some men and two of ayanfe’$ friend rush In pointing gun at the guy,he was arrest with one of his guy who has not die yet while Ayanfe is untieing me,he gave me a warm tight hug

Me:Ave think I will not see you again

Sandra:($obbing)….I looovve you ayanfe
we were still hugging each other before the security man broke the silence

Man1:We need to get out of here quickly,coz one of your friend had been shot

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Me:(I disengaged myself from Sandra)… What!

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Man2:we need to get him to the hospital immediately before he lose too much blood.

Me:0kay…(I and Sandra walk out of the small filthy room,qonderu who could have been shot because of me)

I ran out of the building with Sandra yo know who it is,Behold Emmanuel is lying on the ground with Isaiah and Elijah beside him holding his arm where the bullet hit him to prevent blood from coming out

Emma:(Breathing heavily)….. Thank God you are alive

………Ayanfe POV….
[email protected] believe what is really happening,Emmanuel is shot because of me,Though he was very happy seeing me alive but he faint after saying a few words,the remaining two criminals were push in a separate car,while one of the securities take Emma’s body inside the car while we hopped him to,The car engine was ignite with a great speed by the man who drove us and drive swiftly down to the nearest hospital

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Me:(I spat out of the car….shouting!)… Nurse! Nurse!!

Some nurse rush out with a stretcher,They carry Emmanuel on it and while they pushed away the stretcher into the hospital. We all keep running along with them

Me:(Thinking)…… Emmanuel please be alive
Before i knew it sandra already hug me again burying her face with tears, on my chest None of our mind is at peace while Isaiah and Elijah jeep pacing up and down

$andra:(sobbing)…[email protected],for causing you much trouble

Me:Don’t cry….everything will be okay (whipping her tears with my hand)
After about 50minutes,the doctor is out of the theatre room

Doctor: (coming toward u$)…. Who is the guardian for Emmanuel Augustine
We all rush to the doctor to hear him out

Me:(stammering)…. we aaaare his guardian

Doctor:I need you people to calm down,Actually the operation went successfully,so we ave remove the bullets

Me:(we all chorus)…[email protected]

Doctor: But…

Isaiah &Me:(Cut in)…. But what??

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