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My Journey With Sandra – Episode 12

……….Ayanfe POV……..
After a lot of argument between I and Linda,she left angry,while my all friend dash him and was surprise to see Linda walking away angrily.

Elijah: oh boy wetin happen?

Me:we had an argument ni jare

Emma:(worry look)…which argument,sheybi you
people don break up,so what argument are you
having again.

Isaiah: Let him explain now… might be something else

Me:(I explain everything in details to them,that
sandra is linda roommate and how she insists to
have me back,without hidding any word)……that is what happen oo

Emma:So she really wnt to have you back….why
don’t you accept her back,do you have someone else?

Elijah: yes now…coz we all know you still love Linda

Me:(I think I really need to open up to them about
my feelings for Sandra)….I told them that I already have someone else in mine

Emma:(smiling and pretending)….. so you don’t wnt us to knw abi

Isaiah: so you have already develop feelings for …….

Me:(cut in)….yesssss for lindas’ friend

Elijah: hummm…..this one deep oo,ayanfe you are
already in a JOURNEY which I cannot explain

Isaiah:look here……my advice for you is that,follow your heart and do what you know it will pay you .

Elijah: that is true…..I support Isaiah ……If you don’t do something fast about it,it mighty leads to something else

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Me:ok …..Emma won’t you talk?

Emma:arghh….you that won’t listen to me

Me:ahh….just say something sensible

Emma:you see that means I don’t usually talk with sense abi

Me:ok ….am sorry bro emma,I really need your

Emma: you knw what?…..I already know u love that Sandra since the day you have been doing …..

Me:(cut in)…. just give your advice, I don’t want
your story

Emma:ok… own advice is that,you must find a
way you make Sandra your gal friend,I mean a real propose oo,b4 that devil call Linda do you juju to make you love her back

Me:Never!….even if she go to Ghana for that juju!it
won’t work me,coz I believed in my God that no
weapon fashion against me shall prosper.


Emma:Pastor keukeu!
(all laughing)


Story so far between I and Linda
I was in the library battling with one of my
course,GIS which is given me problem,Before some
three ladies walk in,they coming toward of them asked me…………….
Linda:hi,please can we sit with you

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Me:(this gal is beautiful oo…thinking) yea you can
have your seat

Linda:ok ….thanks,by the way am Linda (stretching
her hand to shake me),these are friend Lina and

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Me:(she introduced herself and her friends to me….I think they need my help,coz everyone knew me as book wormer and a first class student)…. OK,what can i do for you?

Linda:I and my friend really need your help on
this,she show me a working on ERROR IN
correction for a single span.

Me:ohh….this topic…(I explain it to them to there
understanding while they try it and get it

Cynthia: You are really a genius

Linda: Genius? even more than a genius

Lina:I really understand the topic you
suppose to be our lectural

Cynthia: (laughing)…. is trueoo

Me:(smiling)…. thanks

Linda:(packing up her book and preparing to
go)..ayanfe u really help us today

Me:How did you knw my name,coz I didn’t
mentioned my name to you from the start.

Linda:You don’t even knw the kind of person you
are,how come I won’t knw your name…and you are the class rep for this course nw(standing up and preparing to go with her friend)…ehn before I go,can I have your number,coz someone must not your contact,we mighty need your help again

Me:I gave her my digit before she left with her
friends But my digit I gave her,make us close and nearly a day pass without calling each other within a month and two weeks,some thing lead to one another,we ar now in love wit each other and having a relationship together.

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But a day came,when I try to call her and she did
not pick up,I try it many times but effort are
futile,and this unlike of her

Me:What is really wrong with her today
Not to long dat evening she sent me a message
which near turn me to another thing

Me:this gal just like playing prank sha….(I called her and she pick it this time)

Linda: hello

Me:hello dear, Linda why are doing this,why don’t you pick my call since

Linda:Because of the message I want to sent to you I hope you saw it

Me:are playing prank again or what?

Linda: Am not playing prank oo

Me:What happen now…what have I done to deserve this… (before I knew it she already cut the call)..Now the whole world is crashing on me, what did I do to deserve this from Linda



Me:huuumm….now she is here to have me
desperately “once beaten twice shy”
I don’t think I can go back to her, I already have
Sandra by my side.Not long I drove to the

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