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My Journey With Sandra – [Episode 1 – 20]

My Journey With Sandra

My Journey With Sandra

I woke up,nd still find myself(@yanfe) lying on the
bed,i glance at the wall clock the tym is already
6:[email protected],I quickly get up coz I have lecture by
7:[email protected]

Me:-JESUUS!(I shouted)….. why this guys no wake
me up…ah go make them pay for this.
I quickly get up frm the bed, open the wardrobe and i take out the towel tie it to my waist,I quickly head to the bathroom, I rush back to pick my brush nd its paste down to the bathroom.

In less than 10mins,ah don finished bathing, I clean myself up select one of my best top(red color) with a jean that match it

Sorry dude,4get to introduced myself…am
Ayanfeoluwa adeoye,first born of my parent, nw in my final year in FUTA…I made up this story on how I met …..I think you will knw when u read this story completely

…..Back to Reality……

I quickly grab my backpack with a note in My hand I said a few prayer.I left the hostel in hurry without locking the door.I ran as possible as I can for me to start with them but something seems to happen to that day weather everywhere already look like the
tym [email protected]@m but am not suprise…..unf
ortunately ,lemme say fortunately that moment
when am thinking abt dz I bumped into a lady and
all her books with some file fell off

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Me:jeez…..please am really sorry(trying to help her to pack up the books)

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The lady:Thanks…..don’t feel bad abt that,am also in hasty happen sometyms like that.
But the moment this lady is speaking to me,I didn’t see her face but the moment she lift up her head to say thank u I just feel my jaw dropped

The lady:Thanks for helping


The lady:Any problem

Me:No(I answer quickly)

She turn to her direction and left me in that spot but o kept stering at her…omo if u see dz gal u go
mistook her for an angel,she is d–n beautiful,
kinda light in complexion…. ah mean if u see her for road u go wait to stear at her even ah don 4get I get lecture sef.

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Me:chaii….ayanfe see ur life(referring to myself)
I keep increasing my pace till someone called me
again…. this tym around the voice is familiar

Emma:Ayanfe! Ayanfe!!

Me:(I look back) You!… today ah go kill u

Emma:ahh..wetin happen nd wie u dey go?

Me:Lecture nw

Emma:(laughing) u ar funny oo,going to lecture by
this tym,it is already 10:[email protected]

Me:U beta stop that joke of urs,na 6:[email protected] woke
up now,shey ah don waste 4hours like dat

Emma:Ayanfe something is really wrong with
you,are u nt d one informing us that the battery for the wall clock don weak last nyt??

Me:OMG!!(I put my two hands on my head)….So ah
don miss today’s lecture like that??

Emma:mmh…no they ar waiting for u…obo(monkey)

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Me:No make me vex o..jst let go home nd wie ar
the others

Emma:They still ave lectures to attend ah don
finished my own for nw but I get for evening.

Me:OK….let go
…..We both take stroll in the campus b4 heading

Emma:ehn…..who is the u ar staring at the other

Me:so u see me

Emma:mmh…ah no see u am jst asking….

Me:ok oo….u don’t need to knw
…Yhe moment how I and the Lady bump into
eachoda keep playing in my head which makes me smile all the way home.. but I knew Emma notice me coz ave try to hide it many tyms.We both enter the hostel main gate while Emma was abt to ask me while am smiling..but we found our hostel door open which kept I nd Emma mute
To my readers should I continued??

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