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My Housemate – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 7]

My Housemate

My Housemate

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Story Title: My Housemate

Episodes: 7

Category: 18+

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Jennifer and Donald were in a relationship with each other six years ago. Their mum according to her last wish forced the both of them to stay in the same house for thirty days hoping something good will come out of it.

Jennifer was sitting in her office doing some work on her laptop when her family lawyer knocked on the door of her office.


Jennifer: Come in.


Mr Felix: Good afternoon Miss Jennifer.


Jennifer: Good afternoon, please take a seat.


He sat down.


Jennifer: You said you wanted to discuss something important with me.


Mr Felix: Yes. It’s concerning the house your mum willed to you before her death.


Jennifer: Yes, what about it?


Mr Felix:Your mum according to her wish said that you only have half of the house….


Jennifer: What! Then who has the other half?


Mr Felix: He goes by the name Donald Akinola.


Jennifer was so shocked.


Mr Felix: She further added that you both have to stay together for thirty days before it finally becomes yours.


Jennifer: But he’s not even her blood.


Mr Felix: I don’t know but that’s her wish. I have to take my leave now.


Jennifer: Ok(She said still shocked).





The next day…


Jennifer drove to the house for the first time. She parked her car and placed her head on the steering.







Seven years ago, Donald and Jennifer were in a long term relationship with each other. They were deeply in love with each other. Jennifer wanted to be a photographer while Donald was a good cook.


On a particular day, Jennifer was sitting on the bed when Donald came in.


Donald: Baby, why is your face like this?


Jennifer was mute.


Donald: Please talk to me.


Jennifer: I’m pregnant.(she said still looking sad)


Donald: Wow, I’m so happy. I’m going to be a father.(he said smiling)


Jennifer: Don’t you think we are too young for this?


Donald: No not at all. We should start planning our marriage.


Jennifer: Baby, are you sure about this?


Donald: Yes of course.


He said and came into bed to hug her.


Donald: I love you.


Jennifer: I love you too.


Three days later….


Jennifer: How could you be so dishonest with me?


Donald: I’m sorry. It’s not my fault.


Jennifer: Then who’s fault is it then? Your dad is sleeping with my mum in her house and you knew about it and you didn’t bother to tell me. Donald are you cheating on me?


Donald: No I’m not. Why will you ask me that?


Jennifer: Cause I don’t trust you anymore.


Donald: Baby don’t say that. I’m not cheating on you I promise.


Jennifer: You know what. I’m done with this, all the lies, everything. I’m going with my dad to Lagos first thing tomorrow morning.


Donald: No, no please.(he said getting on his knees)


Jennifer: Sorry I can’t do this with you anymore.


Donald: Please…


Jennifer: Donald I said no.


Donald: What’s going to happen to our baby?


Jennifer: I’m getting rid of it.


Donald: What! Please don’t do this to our baby.


Jennifer left him there and left.





Jennifer was brought back to the present when she heard someone knocking on her car window. She stepped and grabbed her bag. It was Lucy, Donald’s fiancee.


Lucy: Hey, I heard when you drove in so I decided to come and welcome you.


Jennifer: Sorry, who are you?


Lucy: Pardon my manners. I’m Lucy, Donald’s fiancée.( she said showing her the ring on her finger)


Jennifer: Oh, I’m Jennifer.


Lucy:Yh let me help you with your bags.


They got inside.


Lucy: You know, Donald never mentioned anything about you until when we got the call from the lawyer. I don’t really know you but I think I like you.(she said smiling)


Jennifer: Thank you. Where is Donald?


Lucy: He stepped out some minutes ago to grab some few things.


Jennifer: Ok.


Lucy: Sorry to ask. It’s there anything I should be worried about?


Jennifer: I don’t understand.


Lucy: Like..(She said trying to use her facial expressions to explain what she was saying)


Jennifer: Ohh. No, not at all.


Lucy let out a sigh of relief. She didn’t want anyone to snatch her man from her







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