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My Hot Stepfather – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 7]

My hot stepfather

My hot stepfather

Chapter 1 VANILLA It was something wrong but it felt so right back then. crave, desire that made me forget how much I love my mother and made me see my stepfather, who I used to call father, as my lover. We committed betrayal in her bed, in her house and in her car. Almost everywhere belongs to her. Even the both of us belonged to her, but that wasn’t for long because something stronger than both of us controlled our bodies. It invaded our souls, blinded us from the real fact that he was my stepfather and I was the daughter he almost raised since I was eight years old till now. Our life was normal in the beginning. He was a famous football player at his college when he met my mother. He was twenty years old and born to a very rich family. As a talented and handsome football player, he attracted the eyes around him fast but he only fell hard for the most gorgeous reporter which was my mother. She was twenty-eight years old at that time, eight years his senior but that didn’t stop them from getting married after his graduation. She was freshly divorced and everyone was proposing to her. I was eight years old. My father was an irresponsible man I admit, he just kicked me and my mother out of his life for other girls. He didn’t look after me, he didn’t care about me. He didn’t ask for any help after they got divorce and later in life, I figured out that he was only using my mother’s beauty and money to be wealthier. He was so greedy and filthy rich but he always wanted more. This was the way that guy entered our life as well. He was a charming pince; his smile lighted my mother’s world and made me happy as well.He treated me so nicely as a real father and the relationship between us was like a normal daughter and father one. I was more attracted to him than mom. He was a f—–g rich business man and my mom was rich as well but she was only a tv presenter and sport reporter. She should have a time for her only daughter but that didn’t happen. I guess she was relying on Dave(my stepfather) all time. Yes he was Dave Green, the most famous bachelor and a playmaker quarterback football player. He quit the game to concentrate on his family companies and to be a good husband and father. It was hard for me not to fall for him; it was kind of impossible as a young child with no father or mother to take care of me. My mother was always busy and didn’t give a sh*t about me at all. Everything was moving slowly and I didn’t notice that I was falling at the beginning. I was just only too close to him and he was my only best friend. I trusted him so much and always asked him for advice or opinion which was so normal between father and daughter. However, the fact that he wasn’t my biological father and I wasn’t his daughter, the relationship between us was taking another shape. But we figured that out until later.

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