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My Father’s Desire – Season 1 Episode 13

Many years has passed and Adaobi who was intent on improving her condition, got a job, Though it was not easy but thank God she did not waste that money Edochie gave to her. She kept it and so when she left the Home. She was able to get a one-room apartment and she sold many things ranging from satchet water to second hand cloths. When she had saved enough money, She enrolled herself in a Computer Training Centre. She graduated after one year and was lucky to be be employed by the owner of the centre. She also enrolled herself in a six year part time studies at the Lagos State University. So she worked during the weekdays and attended lectures during the weekends.
Back in the village, her father searched for Adaobi and got tired. He even secretly confronted Edochie to produce his daughter but couldn’t do that openly for people would ask whether Adaobi visited Edochie in Lagos as his relative or his wife. He regretted ever suggesting such an absurd thing to his daughter to give herself to a man and compel him into marrying her.
On his own Ikenna tried all he could to locate Adaobi but all to no avail. He also tried to elicit information about Adaobi’s whereabout from her father but considering the fact that they were never best of friends, he was not able to get anything. Though he was initially angry that Adaobi left the village without telling him yet his love for her made him wait for her After three years of waiting he settled down and married another girl Chikamso in their village.
One day as Adaobi was coming back from the market, a man approached her and introduced himself as Obinna Obieche and tossed Adaobi for friendship. Adaobi, because of her inclement relationship with Edochie would not want to enter into another one, but somehow decided to give this one a try. Besides, age was slowly hut surely catching up with her.
Obinna later asked Adaobi out and she agreed to honour Obinna’s request for drink. She was feeling hungry because she skipped her breakfast that morning. While they were sitting at a table at one corner of the fast-food cafe, Obinna held Adaobi’s hand and she felt shy and slowly withdrew her hand. Obinna then ordered for two plates of jollof rice.
“I don’t like jollof rice, it gives me runny stomach,” she said. So she ordered for a plate of spaghetti, instead. Their dishes were served in two different plates.
“Please tell me all about yourself.” Obinna said as they ate.
“What do you want to know about me?” Adaobi asked confused about the exact information about herself she could give him.
“Everything about yourself.” Obinna answered as he scooped a spoonful of rice into his mouth.
“I am Adaobi from Umudike in Idemili Local Government Area”. Adaobi said looking at him to know what else he might want to know about her.
“How many are you in your family?”
Adaobi waited for some seconds to finish with the food in her mouth and then took a sip of juice from the can to flush it down before answering his last question.
“I am the first child and only daughter, but I have two younger brothers. I think this is okay for now. It is your turn, tell me me about yourself”.
“Well, I am Obinna Obieche, the only son of my parents. I am the owner of Obinnaya Ventures. I deal in auto spare parts. I am from Nri in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State.
“Why are you the only child?” Adaobi asked smiling.
“Well, I think that my parents will be in the better position to answer that,” Obinna replied ib a laughter.
One thing led to another and one year later Adaobi got married to Obinna. She went home and reconciled with his father and asked Ikenna for forgiveness. Her two brothers Anayo and Ifeanyi later continued to go school. Their father had managed to pay their school fees-the major reason why he had pushed Adaobi to go to Edochie.
Adaobi’s traditional marriage was talk of the town. On her traditional wedding day, as the day wore on, friends and relatives started to gather in Mazi Okwu’s compound already decorated with canopies, chairs, banners and stickers. So as early as the previous day, people had begun to troop into Mazi Okwu’s house for free foods and drinks. More so when they knew that Obinna was a business tycoon from Lagos, they felt that there would be much provision for enjoyment. For those that did not know, the news went round the entire village like the speed of a lightning.
They therefore prepared themselves properly. It was not therefore surprising that before 12noon that day, Mazi Okwu’s compound was already filled with quest. To the extent that more chairs and canopies had to be ordered to the already planned numbers. As expected, those early comers had enough to eat and drink despite the fact that the occasion was yet to start.
It was around 3pm when Obinna in hisToyota Camry car arrived in a convoy of other expensive vehicles driven by his friends. They pulled up outside the compound and the music changed to a special number ushering them in, in a grand style.
The occasion went on successfully and at the end everybody was happy for Adaobi.
Mr. Obinna Obieche was made a proud father when nine months later, his wife Adaobi was delivered of a baby girl. He named her Nnenna saying that she looked exactly like his mother. Adaobi rounded up her degree programme at the Lagos State University and became an Economist. Her father was proud of her and happy at their reconciliation and the turn of events in Adaobi’s life. Indeed, he pushed Adaobi to Lagos where she found a better husband…

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