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My Escapades In The North – Season 1 – Episode 8

My Escapades In The North

My Escapades In The North

I began contemplating who could be at the gate. ‘Did my neighbor go out and forget his key?’ ‘Did my neighbor have a visitor’. I wasn’t expecting anybody so I didn’t even bother going to the gate.

The knocking still persisted. I heard my neighbor go to the gate to open it. ‘It was my neighbor’s visitor afterall’, I thought. I still sat in the bathroom washing and listening to music. Some moments later, I began perceiving a very familiar sweet smelling fragrance.

** :-\ **

‘Could it be true? Could my mind be playing tricks on me???’ I turned my head and saw Zainab standing in my bedroom looking at me…

** ߘhisos ߘ*

I was dumbstruck! I stood and realized that I was just putting on only my boxer shorts. I stood there contemplating what to do.

‘Do I go for a hug? What if she rejects it??? Do I start begging?’ I was still contemplating on what to do when I realized she was staring at my chest. Yeah I gymed every morning, so I was kinda muscle toned.

** :-\ Is she just noticing it now???**

Anyway, my mind settled for the first option. A hug it is!

I went and gave her a hug, expecting rejection. She embraced me.

**8) Wow, that’s cool 8)**

I was still holding her when I started whispering sweet words in her ears.

Me: Baby, I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean things to happen the way they did bla bla bla.

I was still ranting when she broke away from the hug.

Zee: Dear, all those things she said that day; were they true?

Me: **:o Huh??? Before nko** Of course not honey, she was just out to make trouble. She wanted me to date her and I told her it was only you I loved that was why when she saw you she said she was going to make you hate me.

Zee: **Eyes widened** Really? And you didn’t tell me…

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Me: **Forming angry** I didn’t tell you! Did you give me the opportunity to explain? I pleaded, you didn’t want to listen, you didn’t even give me the chance to explain…

Zee: Oh baby, I’m so sorry… I was so angry, I thought you were cheating on me…

Me: Baby, why wouldd you think I would do that? You know you are the love of my life, the only one I cherish bla bla bla


Zee: Oh baby, I love you so much…

Me: Same here dear, same here…

I was still talking when she put her hands around my neck, brought my neck down towards herself and gave me a deep kiss.

**D–n I’ve missed that!**

I slipped my hands around her waist raising her up. Her legs were now around my waist while she put her arms around my neck as she continued to kiss me and wrap her tightly in my arms and pull me against herself. Hungrily, she pressed herself against me, opened her mouth for the invasion of my tongue and cried her desire deep in me.

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I looked down at her. D–n! Her hair, her skin, her eyes all glowed like the sky. We tumbled onto the bed, facing each other as we indulged in long, soul shattering kisses. My hands raced over her, following a seductive course from the back of her neck, down her spine and over her hips, then back again, leaving her tingling in every place I touched.

My hands found her ni*pples and I fondled it intermittently. She kissed me back with a need that reflected the very deepest, emptiest part of her being. ‘I need you baby’, she sighed, ‘you make me feel so wanted, so needed and so perfect’.

I slowly made my way down her body, kissing and playing with all of her until I reached her pu*ssy. I took off her blue flowery g-strings and drew my tongue along her labial lips and inserted it into her pink, shell-like cunny. I kissed and s—-d on her pu*ssy until she screamed, ‘baby please fuuuccck meeee!’.

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I slowly inserted my ‘condomized mamba’ in her. She was so wet and warm and ready for me. She wrapped my legs around my hips and pulled herself up to meet my thrusts, keeping the rhythm slow and steady. This went on for severally minutes and I noticed she was bucking and jerking and arching her back. ‘Babyyyyy, I’m cuummminnngg’, she cried out. This triggered mamba and after several thrusts I came and we both lay on the bed spent.

We later got up, went to the bathroom to clean ourselves up and came back laying on the bed. Some minutes later, she began arching and trembling under the touch of my fingers and she whispered, “I love you!” so softly, that I thought she didn’t mean me to hear. It was if I eavesdropped as she told her secret to God.

She then went down and took mamba into her mouth and began to kiss and sU-Ck the head. I lay back and d–n! It felt so good. As she s—-d she used her hands at the base of mamba, slowly working up to a wonderful level.

She gradually tried to engulfed mamba right down into her throat. I had never had that before quite so fiercely. She made me feel that she would swallow my whole body. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to be in her…

The more we straffed, the more we wanted. We would turn in each others arms and start all over again. It seemed that we couldn’t get enough of each other. She whispered into my ears, ‘I missed you baby’. ‘I missed you too’. ‘Baby please don’t break my heart’. ‘I’ll never try it’……….

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*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Four months passed. It seemed like only yesterday. Chisom finally passed out and left Katsina, but not without giving me issues. She made it obvious she needed someone to get married to, and since I was obviously not ready, I had to ‘discharge’.

**Me, marry now??? For wetin na???**

Zainab and I always kept our appointed thursday rendezvous at my place. Her mum had not suspected anything yet, but her brother’s been suspecting us, but since he likes me, all is well – for now.

** 8)Badt guy 8)**

The deal between Anthonia and I was still on. We understood each other very well. I even got to meet her boyfriend (or fiancé, I no even come know which one again :-\). I almost got busted in the process, but smartness prevailed.

**Friends with benefit rocks!! 8)**

My CDS had to elect new set of excos’. I was elected the President by popular demand after having served as the PRO. It wasn’t actually an election because no one wanted to contest against me. I didn’t know why. No, I did. No one wanted to lose.

The swearing-in ceremony took place with all the fanfare and frivolities. It was there I realized that the Schedule officer of my CDS was a queen in the making. Jeez, this woman was too beautiful. Her lips looked soft and luscious.

While she was reading out the oath (or whatever they call it) for us to recite, I just couldn’t stop staring at lips. Her skin was something else. She tried covering with her veil, but the parts exposed looked so exotic.

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