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My Escapades In The North – Season 1 – Episode 24

My Escapades In The North

My Escapades In The North

She stopped rocking and was about reaching for my boxer shorts when I heard a scream from the crowd, ‘Stop!! I’ll pay!’…….

She stopped rocking and was about reaching for my boxer shorts when I heard a scream from the crowd, ‘Stop!! I’ll pay!’. I looked backwards and saw Esse dashing towards the MC. I don’t know how much she gave him, but she immediately went outside amidst the cheers of everyone.

I picked up my clothes, wore them and went outside.

There is this influence alcohol has over someone – which could be bad at times. It gives you this power, this ‘morale’, to do something you would not do in your right senses. I don’t know if it’s the influence of the alcohol I took that night, but I didn’t seem to be fazed by what had happened. I just felt it was normal.

Of course it wasn’t normal ‘cos when I saw her outside, she was weeping silently. I asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t respond.

Some guys vomit when they take too much alcohol. I don’t. Some guys begin misbehaving when they take too much alcohol. I don’t either. What happens to me is that I get to laugh excessively, I get to possess the morale to do something I wouldn’t normally do, I get to spill out latent romantic lines that even someone who hated me would drool for and yes, my mamba too becomes vicious. I once asked a girl out when I was drunk, and she accepted. I can’t remember what I said to her, but this was someone who swore she would never go out with me – story for another day…

I began spilling out lines to Esse about how much I cared about her, about how I didn’t know what I did would hurt her, about how I wouldn’t hurt her on purpose, bla bla bla, bla bla bla… Before I knew what was happening, we began kissing. We were kissing and smooching for awhile till a heard someone say, ‘Jeez, you guys should get a room…’ In my mind, ‘good idea!’

It was already some minutes to 11pm. We couldn’t possible go back to school that day so she told her friend to get a room for us to crash. He gave her the key to one of his neighbors room who had traveled.

I had my bath first and laid on the bed while she had her bath….

Never underestimate the power of a girl’s handbag. It holds the power to make you or break you…

I was still lying down on the bed gradually drifting into sleep. Esse had spent almost 35minutes in the bathroom. I spent just 3minutes, so I wondered what she was doing in there.

I’ve had baths with girls and even though we spent more time, we were obviously doing other things. Till date I still don’t understand why ladies spend more time in the bathroom than guys. Anyways, that would be a deliberation for another time.

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As I was gradually drifting into sleep, I began perceiving a fragrance I was becoming used to. This time though, it was stronger, fresher and smelled sweeter. Obviously she just applied it. #Handbagtinz…

She sat beside me at the head of the bed and began tracing imaginary lines on my face. I opened my eyes and when I saw her, I smiled. She was looking so beautiful and regal in all her glory.

She was putting on a sky blue satin short and a transparent night wear. The sight was too much to bear. My mamba had since been activated and aching for action.

She took her hands down and began massaging my mamba through my boxer shorts while still looking at me.

I brought her face down towards me, and we began kissing gently at first. Before long she began moaning as I began fon*dling her ni*pples and kissing her passionately.

We were still kissing when I loosened the few strands of rope on her night top and she wriggled out of it. She wasn’t putting on any bra and her boobs were standing as proud as a peacock and her ni*pples looked enlarged and hard as a rock.

After kissing for several minutes, she pushed me back to the bed and knelt between my legs. She drew down my boxer shorts and my mamba sprung forth free.

She gasped when she saw it and before I knew what was happening, she placed my mamba in her mouth.

**:o Chisos!!!**

It felt so hot and cold at the same time. I had never felt anything like that before ‘cos that was the first time anyone gave me a BJ.

The feeling was killing! After some minutes, I knew I couldn’t hold on any longer. ‘Shhiiit, I’m cu*mming’, I screamed. Before she could even react I began spurting loads and loads of c*um in her mouth…

I was expecting her to spit it out or something, but I realized she swallowed it all. She even s—-d my mamba dry.

** 😮 😮 😮 **

I had watched that ‘move’ in movies, but that was the first time I was experiencing it live.

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After s—–g me dry, she came up to me and began kissing me…

**:o Chisos!!**

I was tasting my own c*um in her mouth. I had never done that previously either and I thought that was the worst that night till I heard her whisper in my ear, ‘I want you to eat me…’

** 😮 😮 😮 **

I had never done that previously and even when I watched it in movies, I found it irritating.

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I had not even finished contemplating if I would go through with it or not when she fell off my body and lay beside me on the bed spreading her legs.

I felt I didn’t have a choice. ‘If she could do it, I could too’, I thought. After all, what a woman can do, a man should be able to do better.

I went between her thighs and pulled down her shorts. Jeez!!! Her pu*ssy was looking so cleanly appealing and inviting.

I wasted no time in going down on her. I recalled all the moves I watched in movies and I was glad it paid off, ‘cos before long, she began moaning intensely and wiggling her a$s.

After several minutes of s—–g and licking her pu*ssy, I inserted my finger in her. I began fin*ger fvcking her while still s—–g. All the while her moaning intensified.

Before I knew what was happening, her wiggling and moaning increased and she arched her back while she clamped my face between her legs which made my face immobile for some seconds. Streams of juice began pouring down her legs.

She later released my head and I laid down beside her. She was spent! After a while, we began kissing and she started gently rubbing her hand up and down my mamba.

‘I don’t have condoms’, I said. ‘I’ve got some in my bag,” she replied and she got up and got condoms from her bag. #Handbagtinz

She tore up one and condomized my mamba and she s——-d me. She slowly guided my mamba in her pu*ssy and began straffing me, slowly at first.

I had only previously straffed in the missionary position. I only fantasized about straffing with a girl on me. This was another first for me.

She increased her pace and before long, we synchronized our movements.

Since this was a night of firsts, and she was willing, I decided to try out another one of my fantasies. I raised her off me and positioned her, straffing her in the doggy position.

Esse was squealing and screaming so loudly that if not from the music and noise from the party that went on till the early hours of the morning, people would have definitely heard us.

We straffed like no mans business. After several minutes of straffing in different positions, we both came simultaneously. We straffed one more time that night before we finally relaxed.

Before we slept, I told her ‘I Love You baby’ and she said, ‘Me too’……….

Let’s ponder over this guys, ladies… When a guy/girl tells his/her boy/girl friend ‘I Love You’, what should be the normal response? ‘I Love You too’, right?

But what happens when the response is ‘Me too’ or ‘Same here’?

From my experience over the years, I’ll say it’s either of the following…

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**Lets use the boy as saying ‘I Love You’ and the girl as responding ‘Same here’ or ‘Me too’ as a case study.**

It’s either she doesn’t want someone close to know that the person on the other side of the line that she is speaking to is her boyfriend or she is not really interested in the guy or she has other guys (maga ish). I stand to be corrected though.

I told Esse ‘I Love You’ and she replied, ‘Me too’.

That night, I didn’t attach any importance to her response. After all, we just straffed made love, so my brain was still on cloud nine.

While still lying down, I still had it in my mind to ‘officially’ ask her out.

**Who send me sef :-\**

The next day, we met in the evening as usual after reading. I finally mustered up the boldness to ask her out! And she agreed? I wished!!

She began telling me ‘super-stories’ about how cultists are disturbing her and how she doesn’t want to put my life in danger bla bla bla, bla bla bla…

** 😮 See me see trouble o…**

To think I was actually in love with this girl and she’s telling me this trash??? I thought it was a joke, so I decided to ask her another time.

The next day, I didn’t ask her. We just had our normal kissing/smooching/cuddling.

The next day, I asked her again. She gave me the same B.S. To say I was hurt was an understatement.

**If only I knew then what I know now… Friends with benefit rocks!**

I began avoiding her. She noticed and she asked me about it. I told her if I couldn’t be ‘exclusive’ with her, I’ll rather be alone…

**:o Can you imagine!!! Iffa hear say I try am now!**

After ignoring each other for a few weeks, we began seeing each other once more. She invited me to her friends place and we straffed again.

After awhile, we got closer again and I thought her mind had been made up to be with me. I decided to pop the question again. Same negative response!

The whole ignoring ish started again till we completed our exams and went on hols….

We resumed 200L and pharmacy students went to their own faculty in another campus and we moved off campus to different parts of town…

We rarely saw each other because of our hectic schedules and after a while when I met my girlfriend we totally stopped talking.

The last time I saw her was on a bike when she called me and waved about 3years ago till I saw her in camp that day………

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