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My Escapades In The North – Season 1 – Episode 22

My Escapades In The North

My Escapades In The North

**Chai, see me dey take drugs like AIDS patient**

Prince called off the bet. I was not in any position to complain. I would have done same too. After all, I couldn’t have been straffing in my condition. Besides, I wasn’t even in the mood.

Zainab and her family came back from Abuja. I resumed tutorials with Salim. She wanted to resume our normal thursday rendezvous, but I refused. I told her I was fasting.

** 8) Omo na fasting tinz now o…**

Rejoice began ignoring my calls. I’ve been seeing her around with one spare parts dealer. That’s the thing with girls. When they don’t get what they want from you, they ‘migrate’. No time! It’s not like I was bothered either. I was determined to make a turn around in my life with regards to women affairs after all.

Malama Aisha called me. She told me she was sorry about what she did. I told her not to worry, I probably deserved it. I asked after Summaya and she told me she had traveled back. I later went to see her. We had normal discussions – no strings attached (at least for now).

It’s innate in human nature to spread gossips about people. So I didn’t tell anyone of my illness, not even MA or Zainab. Only Prince knew, and I kinda trusted him not to tell others.

After three weeks and numerous ‘antibiotic cleansing’, I was finally free (so the doctor said). I wasn’t convinced so I did confirmatory tests in two other laboratories, and they gave me the same result. Cleared!

Finally I was gonorrhea free! It was exhilarating. Lessons learnt? Yeah, definitely!

1. No ‘clean’ pu*ssy is really ‘clean’!

2. Never straff without a CD no matter the circumstance!

3. Refer to 1 and 2…

4. Visit the doctor immediately to avoid complicating your medical issues.

The crisis was finally over! My mamba was once again given a clean bill of health. It was itching for some action…

** 8) Calm down son, we are still fasting. :)**

New batch of corp members came to camp. We call them ‘Otondo’s’. I stayed close to the camp, so Prince and I planned on utilizing our ‘opportunities’ during this camping period.

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Normally, old corp members and others go to the gate to welcome these new corp members ‘cos the old corp members were not allowed to go into the camp when camping began.

There are different categories of corp members who do this. The first group are those who belong to various religious denominations – NCCF, NACC, MCAN e.t.c. They wait at the gate to welcome these new corp members to the state, while inviting them to their worship sessions that would take place in camp.

The second category of people are mostly guys. These ones come basically to scoop out the babes. Sometimes they attach themselves to the group above and sometimes they go solo. They pretend to be helpful with regards to information, but what they really want is the girl’s phone number, which would be useful later (to them).

The third category of people are mostly marketers. They could be guys or ladies. They sell wares ranging from waist bags, ID card holders e.t.c and they advertise services to be rendered in camp like video coverage/photography services, laundry services, food vendors e.t.c

Normally, those marketers get registered in camp and they are issued ID cards to enable easy assess into the camp. No one without an ID card was permitted entry into the camp, except during weekends or on special invitation. That one was even time restricted. The only guaranteed way was getting the ID card.

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That was not an issue for Prince and I. We already had a friend who was into video coverage of camp activities, so he collected extra ID cards for us. Easy access in and out of camp! We didn’t need to stand at the gate like others, scooping out babes.

Naa, we were right in the middle of the ocean…

Every evening in camp, after the usual morning and afternoon parade, sporting activities took place, after which everyone went about their normal activities.

Prince and I usually went in the evenings to watch activities/scoop out babes.

One day, we sat at a drinking spot and two ladies sat at the table opposite us. As usual, all corp members were in white t-shirts and white knickers. Some ladies took theirs to another level by wearing white bumshorts instead of knickers – talk about leading one into temptation. We were not dressed in white and white so it was obvious we were not corpers, at least not ‘Otondos’.

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I was talking to Prince but he was busy scooping out the babes. These ladies were so d–n beautiful. I didn’t even realize he wasn’t paying attention to me till I heard one of the ladies speak.

Lady1: Wo bi eleyi shen wo eyan :-\ (See how this one is looking at person :-\)

** 😮 Huh? Yoruba chicks? Cool…**

I realized they were talking about Prince and I began to smile…

Lady2: Kilode ti iyen fin feyin :-\ (What’s making that one shine his teeth :-\)

** 😮 **

Prince asked me if I understood what they were saying, and I said I did. We then began faking a conversation with each other while I was given the task of listening in on their conversation…

Lady2: Shey corper ni won ni? (Are they corp members?)

Lady1: Shey o ri kpe won wo white ni? (Did you see them in white?)

Lady2: Ah an, won le je old corper na (They could be old corp members)

Lady1: Emi o mo sha. Amo, eyi to kpupa yen fine gan… (I don’t know. But the fair one is very handsome)

Lady2: Oti kuru ju jor. Oori kpe ikeji yen ga gan, o de fine… (He is just too short. Can’t you see the second one is very tall, and he is handsome).

Me: Chisos! Prince, dem don finish us for here o…

Prince: Wetin dem dey talk?

Me: The other one say you fine well well, say she like you…

Prince: 😮 Serious?

Me: Na so na…

Of course I didn’t give him the other details…

Lady1: Shey o sure kpe gay ko in won ni. Mi o ti ri won kpelu obinrin la te kan… (Are you sure they are not gay. I’ve not seen them with any lady since)

Lady2: Emi o mo o (I don’t know)

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This was getting too far. I just had to speak up…

Me: Eburu gan o. Eeko ri okurin meji, eema kpe won ni gay. Shey o da be ni? (You girls are harsh. ‘Cos you see two guys together, you are calling them gay. Is it cool like that?)

Lady2: 😮 Boda ema binu, amo kpe egbo ede wa ni. Shey yoruba ni yin ni? (Brother don’t be angry, we didn’t know you understood our language. Are you a yoruba person?)

I told them I wasn’t yoruba. They brought their chairs to our table and sat with us. Lady1 introduced herself as Shade while Lady2 introduced herself as Funmilola and we introduced ourselves.

That was how friendship with Shade and Lola started. Prince was with Shade, while I was with Lola……

Prince and I became regular ‘customers’ at the Mammy market. We were usually in the company of Shade and Lola. We were becoming very attached with them. Both of them were volley ball players and they represented their platoons during matches.

Both of them were quite beautiful in their own way, but while Shade was tall and dark in complexion, Lola was shorter and fair in complexion. Like charges repel. Unlike charges? Attract right? Yeah, basic Physics…

We usually stayed till about 9pm before ‘lights out’ by 10pm. During this period, fingering/smooching ‘codedly’ took place. Lola was willing to straff, but I was still in my ‘unstraffing’ mode. Besides, straffing in camp was not too cool for me. She talked about taking permission to go out of camp and then come to my place. She promised to stay before she traveled back to her state because she applied for relocation.

Prince and I just came into camp one evening. We were passing by the field, when I heard someone scream, ‘Dioxidane!!!’.

** 😮 Huh? Who knows him???**

I didn’t recognize the voice immediately so I turned around and saw someone running towards me with bouncing boobs in her white t-shirt and white bumshorts and she jumped on me…

** 😮 Chisos!! **

To be continued

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