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My Escapades In The North – Season 1 – Episode 19

My Escapades In The North

My Escapades In The North


😮 😮 😮
I quickly looked out the window and I saw Malama Aisha drive into the compound.

‘Why did the did she come back today????’ ‘Why didn’t she call to say she was on her way back?’ All these thoughts and others were running through my head. You know the kind of magic Merlin uses in arranging things? Yeah, that’s the kind of magic I conjured as I quickly put on my clothes and arranged the roughened place up.

The fan was running but I was sweating profusely. Summaya had since run into her room to dress up.

I could still perceive sex in the air but there was little or nothing I could do. I tried increasing the fan but I realized it was already working at it’s peak.

The door wasn’t locked so she just came in and saw me sitting on the couch watching TV…

Me: Welcome ma…

MA: Dioxidane, how are you?

Me: I’m fine… How about Fahad (her son), he didn’t come back with you?

MA: No, he’s still at his grandma’s place…

Me: Oh… Ok… It’s good to have you back…

She sat on the couch opposite me. She began sniffing like she perceived a bad odor…

MA: Something’s smelling in here… Can’t you perceive it?

Me: No o… I’ve had cattarh since yesterday, so I’ve been having difficulty breathing…

MA: Ah, hope you’ve taken drugs?

Me: Yes…

MA: Ina Summaya? (Where is Summaya)

‘Summa!’, she calls out. Summaya walks out of her room with sleepy eyes…

** 😮 Chai, this girl na actress o!**

Summaya: **In a sleepy voice** Barka dai zua (Welcome). Yaya anya (How was your journey)

MA: Lafiya kalau… Can’t you perceive anything smelling?

Summaya: **Sniffs the air** No o… Are you perceiving anything?

MA: Yes mana…

Summaya went back inside. I just sat there watching the whole scenario play out and praying Malama Aisha didn’t figure things out. My eyes wandered to my side and I saw Summaya’s bra beside me. It probably fell when she was rushing in with her clothes.

Shiiit! It was dark so it blended with the colour of the couch, perhaps that was why she didn’t notice it. I quickly and stylishly tucked it into the couch.

Summaya came back to the sitting room with an air freshener and sprayed it.

** 😮 Chai, this girl dull sha!**

If Malama Aisha had not suspected anything previously, she had definitely started to suspect because she began looking at Summaya suspiciously. She just got up and went to her room without saying anything.

I looked at Summaya questioningly and she mouthed words to me that she didn’t know what else to do.

Summaya later went to Malama Aisha’s room. After several minutes she came out and sat where MA previously sat operating her phone. I got a whatapp message from her.

Summaya: Bae, you are wonderful and sweet. I need you in me right now…

Me: With your cousin here right? Nice try. Why did you even spray the air freshener? She suspected something definitely happened…

Summaya: I didn’t know what else to do. Besides I talked with her and she didn’t talk about it… Besides, what if she knows? Am I a kid?

Me: 😮 So you want her to know?

Summaya: I don’t, but if she does, it’s no big deal…

**Chai, if only you knew!**

Me: Ok, I’ve heard…

Summaya: So what do you say?

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Me: About?

Summaya: You’ve made me feel something I’ve not felt in a while, and I need more of you…

She began spreading her legs and raising her skirt to my full view. My mamba was beginning to be called to action.

Me: You be Oliver Twist?

Summaya: **Smile smiley** I need you please…

**This babe wan put me for wahala o…**

Me: You are serious…

Summaya: Of course I am…

Me: But your cousin…

Summaya: Let’s go to your place…

Me: Serious?

Summaya: Let me go and tell her we want to go and buy something…

Me: Ooook…

Ideas were beginning to form in my head. My mamba was getting prepped to rise to the occasion.

In few minutes, she came out dressed and said we should go. In about 10 minutes, we got to my house.

The intensity with which she kissed me immediately I opened the door sent shivers down my spine. We were still standing when she quickly began undoing the buttons of my shirt and flinging away my jean trouser after she took it off.

She hurriedly took off her clothes and pushed me to the bed.

I used to be the straffer, but now I was the strafee, ‘cos Summaya straffed me like her life depended on it. Though this time, I insisted on condomizing my mamba.

We tried different styles I had never even tried with all my other strafees. She was the one initiating them all.

**Dis babe dey act mojo for jand???**

Three hours later, with two c*ums for me and several for her, I was f*uccking exhausted. She was still stroking my mamba, hoping to call it to action, but I knew it had gone on vacation.

**Ah an, you wan kill me ni???**

Seeing her innocent face, one would never know she was a sex maniac, at least I never did. I wondered the kind of straffing she had in Jand.

After severally minutes of relaxing and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears, we went to have our bath.

Under normal conditions, my mamba usually gets activated when I take a shower with a chic. But this time, no network!

**Chai, na vacation things for mamba sha!**

We dressed up and went back to the house. Malama Aisha was not at home. Summaya brought me Fura and I drank it to replenish my strength. I was still fatigued. She just sat on the couch beside me resting her head on my shoulders while watching TV.

I was still pondering the events that occurred that day on that same couch we sat and how I was almost busted when my phone began ringing. I saw it was Malama Aisha. I didn’t want to receive the call with Summaya eavesdropping on the conversation so I gently shifted her head and got up and she began looking at me with questioning eyes.

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I ignored her and went outside to receive the call with the knowledge that she might still want to eavesdrop on the call….

Me: Hello…

MA: Are you guys back?

Me: Yes…

MA: So you have finished buying the things you wanted to buy, ba? **She stressed BUYING**

Me: Huh? 😮

MA: Meet me at the junction right now!

Me: Oook…

** 😮 Shiiiit, she knows!!**

My people say, ‘the best form of defense is attack!’ I went back in and sat on the couch pondering over the call I just received. ‘How was I going to defend my actions?’ ‘Wait o, did she really know what happened?’ ‘What would be her reaction?’ ‘Should I accept or deny it?’ ‘Should I just be upfront with her?’

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I was still thinking about what to do when Summaya came and sat on my lap.

** :-\ Babe, no be this one dey do me now o**

She noticed I was not cheerful as I was earlier…

Summaya: Bae, what’s wrong?

Me: Where?

Summaya: You are looking like something happened… Hope all is well?

Me: Nothing happened… I’m fine…

**Should I come out clean with her??? For wetin na!**

Summaya: Who called you earlier?

Me: A friend…

Summaya: Which friend?

Me: Come, are you a police officer?

Summaya: :'(

I gently placed her on the couch and got up…

Me: I have to meet up with someone now… I’ll call you later…

Summaya: **Silent**

Me: Seriously :-\

**If you know the one wey dey do me, you no go dey form this one**

Summaya: **Murmuring** You just received a call and you just want to leave me here right?

Me: Dear, it’s not like that na…

Summaya: Why can’t you wait till Malama Aisha gets back?

**:-\ If only you knew that she’s the one I’m going to see…**

Me: I already told the person I’m coming now… Just try reading that novel till she gets back… I’ll call you later…

Summaya: Ok, no problem…

She got up and gave me a hug, holding on to me longer than I expected.

I was already on my way when Malama Aisha called me again. I told her I was already on my way.

I got to the junction and sighted her car. Immediately I sat at the front seat with her, I noticed she was angry.

The first thing she said when I sat down was, ‘Dioxidane, what’s the meaning of this rubbish?!?’

Me: 😮 Huh!

To be continued☆☆☆☆

She stopped rocking and was about reaching for my boxer shorts when I heard a scream from the crowd, ‘Stop!! I’ll pay!’…….

She stopped rocking and was about reaching for my boxer shorts when I heard a scream from the crowd, ‘Stop!! I’ll pay!’.

I looked backwards and saw Esse dashing towards the MC. I don’t know how much she gave him, but she immediately went outside amidst the cheers of everyone.

I picked up my clothes, wore them and went outside.

There is this influence alcohol has over someone – which could be bad at times. It gives you this power, this ‘morale’, to do something you would not do in your right senses.

I don’t know if it’s the influence of the alcohol I took that night, but I didn’t seem to be fazed by what had happened. I just felt it was normal.

Of course it wasn’t normal ‘cos when I saw her outside, she was weeping silently. I asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t respond.

Some guys vomit when they take too much alcohol. I don’t. Some guys begin misbehaving when they take too much alcohol. I don’t either. What happens to me is that I get to laugh excessively, I get to possess the morale to do something I wouldn’t normally do, I get to spill out latent romantic lines that even someone who hated me would drool for and yes, my mamba too becomes vicious. I once asked a girl out when I was drunk, and she accepted. I can’t remember what I said to her, but this was someone who swore she would never go out with me – story for another day…

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I began spilling out lines to Esse about how much I cared about her, about how I didn’t know what I did would hurt her, about how I wouldn’t hurt her on purpose, bla bla bla, bla bla bla… Before I knew what was happening, we began kissing. We were kissing and smooching for awhile till a heard someone say, ‘Jeez, you guys should get a room…’ In my mind, ‘good idea!’

It was already some minutes to 11pm. We couldn’t possible go back to school that day so she told her friend to get a room for us to crash. He gave her the key to one of his neighbors room who had traveled.

I had my bath first and la!d on the bed while she had her bath….

Never underestimate the power of a girl’s handbag. It holds the power to make you or break you…

I was still lying down on the bed gradually drifting into sleep. Esse had spent almost 35minutes in the bathroom. I spent just 3minutes, so I wondered what she was doing in there.

I’ve had baths with girls and even though we spent more time, we were obviously doing other things. Till date I still don’t understand why ladies spend more time in the bathroom than guys.
Anyways, that would be a deliberation for another time.

As I was gradually drifting into sleep, I began perceiving a fragrance I was becoming used to. This time though, it was stronger, fresher and smelled sweeter. Obviously she just applied it. #Handbagtinz…

She sat beside me at the head of the bed and began tracing imaginary lines on my face. I opened my eyes and when I saw her, I smiled. She was looking so beautiful and regal in all her glory.

She was putting on a sky blue satin short and a transparent night wear. The sight was too much to bear. My mamba had since been activated and aching for action.
She took her hands down and began massaging my mamba through my boxer shorts while still looking at me.

I brought her face down towards me, and we began kissing gently at first.
Before long she began m0an!ng as I began fon*dling her ni*pples and kissing her passionately.

We were still kissing when I loosened the few strands of rope on her night top and she wriggled out of it. She wasn’t putting on any bra and her boobs were standing as proud as a peacock and her ni*pples looked enlarged and hard as a rock.

After kissing for several minutes, she pushed me back to the bed and knelt between my legs. She drew down my boxer shorts and my mamba sprung forth free.

She gasped when she saw it and before I knew what was happening, she placed my mamba in her mouth.

**:o Chisos!!!**

It felt so hot and cold at the same time. I had never felt anything like that before ‘cos that was the first time anyone gave me a BJ.

The feeling was killing! After some minutes, I knew I couldn’t hold on any longer. ‘Shhiiit, I’m cu*mming’, I screamed. Before she could even react I began spurting loads and loads of c*um in her mouth…

I was expecting her to spit it out or something, but I realized she swallowed it all. She even s—-d my mamba dry.

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