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My Escapades In The North – Season 1 – Episode 18

My Escapades In The North

My Escapades In The North


As I got to the house, I noticed that the people I saw the previous day were no more there. That’s the thing with death. Most people console you just that day, sometimes for a week, while at most a month, but eventually they’ll leave and you would have to bear the lose yourself.

I knocked on the door and Summaya opened. She was looking different from the way I saw her the previous day. She looked quite cheerful. ‘Hey Dioxidane’, she said as she gave me a hug.

Me: How are you feeling now?

Summaya: I’m better… Thank you… Malama Aisha left for her inlaw’s place today…

Me: Yeah, she told me… Why didn’t you go with her?

Summaya: She asked me to stay back and take care of the house… But I wished I went with her. This place is so boring…

Me: Why would a place with you in it be boring? Just make it ‘unboring’…

Summaya: **Laughs**

Me: Come, did you prepare anything? I’m hungry…

Summaya: I’m home alone, so I just took noodles…. But don’t worry, I’ll fix up something for you… What would you like?

Me: Anything please, I’m starving…

Summaya: Would you like boiled yam and egg sauce?

Me: Wait o, do you even know how to cook?

Summaya: Seriously? :-\

Me: **Laughs** I’ll be your judge today…

Summaya: Let me get you Fura before I prepare the food…

Me: Perfecto!

Summaya: **Smiles**
In all the time I spent in the north, I doubt if I enjoyed any of their delicacies as much as I enjoyed Fura and yogurt not Nunu (cow milk, I think). I enjoyed it most when it was very cold. It replenishes lost energy and makes you sleep then you become fat (so they say).
She brought the Fura and as usual, it was super cold. I was watching TV while she went back to the kitchen. She came back at intervals, conversing with me.

I asked her if she had friends in Katsina and she said she didn’t.

**No wonder**

She began telling me things about herself, her struggles, her relationships e.t.c. We talked (actually she talked and I listened) like we’ve known each other for long.

**Pretty girls are not perfect, they have challenges too**

She said she was surprised she was telling me all these things. I told her I had that effect on people – making them tell me things they didn’t want others to know (yeah, right!).

She later brought the food and we ate together. We gisted some more and we watched some movies. It was getting late. I had to go back to my house (or so I told her). She didn’t verbally object, but I saw from her facial expressions, that she didn’t want me to leave. It would leave her in a bored state again. It’s not like I could help it. I couldn’t pass the night there (or could I?). She gave me a hug as I was about leaving.

The thing about some northern girls that travel out of the country is that, firstly before they leave, they are usually reserved (most of them). After spending some time there, some become good girls ‘gone’ semi-bad; some become good girls ‘gone’ bad; some become good girls ‘gone’ wild; while some become good girls ‘gone’ drug addicts. I’ve seen all these categories of northern girls. I tried deciphering which category of girls Summaya fell into.

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I got to my gate and was about getting the keys from my pocket when I remembered I had dropped it earlier at a Mai Shago’s (Provision seller?) place close to my house for Prince. I walked towards the shop as I called Prince…

Me: Baba, how far where you dey…

Prince: I dey my lodge…

Me: You drop my key?

Prince: I drop am for the Mai Shago shop…

Me: Ok, later…

Guys and their calls. Straight to the point. No long talks.

I collected the key and on my way back to the house, I called Zainab. She said she was back to the house as she was already discharged. She also told me they would all be traveling to Abuja the next day. She said her mum would call me, but she was just giving me a heads-up.

I got into the house and had a bath. I had already eaten, so I just lay on the bed, doing what I do every night – Chatting and Browsing…

I got a whatsapp message from
Summaya. She told me she was bored. I told her to watch TV, she said she was already tired of doing that. I recommended a site were she could real novels and recommended one for her to read. As we continued chatting, she was taking more time in responding. She said she had already started reading the novel I recommended and was engrossed in it. I told her I was going to see her the next day, and she said it was cool…….

The next day was a thursday – CDS! I always looked forward to it ‘cos I got to meet chics and peeps. Zainab would be unable to make this week’s rendezvous, but at least I get to be in the company of Summaya. I hurriedly presided over the meeting and we closed earlier than usual. Sandra and Rejoice were not present. I called Rejoice and she told me it was that time of the month for her that’s why she couldn’t attend. She asked me to write their names in the attendance register. Great! :-\

I asked after Sandra, and she said she traveled to Kaduna.

**Kai! Sandra don turn PLC for her runz girl business o**

I went home, freshened up and headed to Summaya’s (MA’s) place.

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I knocked (as usual) and she opened.
This time around, I was flustered. She was putting on a mini skirt and a tank top, her hair was not covered and she wasn’t putting on anything on her feet.
I don’t know how long I stood there staring at her till I heard, ‘Are you coming in or what?’ ‘Ohh, sorry’, I said as I gave her a hug. Jeez, she smelled so seraphic. My mamba was already beginning to get ideas.

**Calm down son!**

She asked me how my day went and I told her. I asked her what she was doing all day and she told me she had been reading the novel I recommended. She was almost through with it. I gave her the title of another for her to read. She told me she’ll read it when she was through with the one she was reading.
She told me she prepared rice and I asked her to bring it.

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Ok, for the record, Northern girls are not ‘fabulous’ cooks unlike their eastern counterparts, I stand to be corrected though. So when she brought the rice she prepared, I wasn’t expecting it to be ‘super’ delicious. But at least it was better than the egg sauce and yam I ate the previous day.
We finished eating and we sat on the couch in the sitting room watching a movie on TV.

Naturally, when a normally ‘functioning’ guy watches a s-x scene in a movie, his J0yst!ck responds in kind. I still don’t know the effect it has on ladies (maybe they get wet), but I knew the scene we were watching was definitely having an effect on her.
My mamba, which is usually ‘hyper’ functional was not left out in the appreciation of the scene. I noticed she was becoming withdrawn, with her ni*pples pushing out of her tank top.

I was sitting close to her so I drew her closer and threw my hands around her shoulders, bringing head close to my chest.

The movie continued past the s-x scene and I noticed she began using her index fingers in drawing imaginary lines on my chest unconsciously.

I began to return the favor. The fingers on my hand across her shoulder began tracing lines on shoulder, gradually going down to her cleavage, then the side of her boobs, then the underside, and back again. I was beginning to see goose pimples on her skin.

The tension was high. My mamba was gradually gaining momentum. It was obvious we were no more concentrating on the movie we were watching. She was beginning to emit slightly audible m0ans.
She looked at me pleadingly and I kissed her tenderly. She smiled at me and before I could react, her mouth was on mine, kissing me harder and more insistent than our first kiss. Soon our tongues were dancing and I felt like ripping her clothes off, right there and then. I slid my hands up her side and cupped her boobs. She m0aned into my mouth and pulled me close and tight, with my mamba pressing hard against her.

She raised up her hand and I was on cue to take off her tank top. She just now in just her lacy bra. I quickly reached behind her and unhooked it. I fell off to the floor and some nice pair of boobs were staring at me.

We continued kissing with me smooching her boobs and fondling her ni*pples. She began m0an!ng in my mouth.

She then reached and unhooked my belt and drew my jean trouser down. It was now on the floor. She just drew down my boxer shorts a little bit and my mamba sprung forth. She stroked my mamba and kissed it on the head. She began sU-Cking it. Jeez, this babe was a pro. After several minutes, I got up and la!d her on the couch and kissed her gently. I pulled down my boxer shorts and it formed a heap on the floor with the jean.

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I kissed my way down her neck to her boobs then licked and s—-d on each ni*pple. I moved my hand slowly down her abdomen just to the edge of her skirt. As I raised her skirt, I realized she wasn’t putting on any pants. I ran my fingers up her slit and I felt her wet pu*ssy lips.
‘Ohhhhh yesssss’, she m0aned. ‘Please don’t make me wait’.

‘I want to taste you’, I murmured.

I knelt between her legs and I slid my hands up her legs, parting them more and savoring the lovely view of her pu*ssy. Much to my delight she was completely shaven.

Me: I love your bare pu*ssy. It looks sexy and hot…

Summaya: I’m glad you like it…
I put my mouth on those lovely pu*ssy lips, swirled my tongue around her c–t, and then s—-d gently for some minutes.
When I slipped two fingers inside her at the same time while still sU-Cking her, she came with a scream. Her c—-x rolled through her like a longitudinal and transverse wave combined.

As she relaxed, I heard her say, ‘That was wonderful’, with a smile on her face.

She pulled me up, kissed me, and then licked her juice from around my mouth. I moved between her legs and kissed her deeply.

She was still sitting on the couch as spread her legs and reached down to guide my hard mamba into her eager and wet pu*ssy. She arched her hips and I slid inside. I was so carried away that I didn’t even think of protection. ‘Fvck it! She seems clean’, I thought.

Once I was fully in, I stopped my thrusting and she clenched her muscles around my mamba. It’s been awhile since I straffed without a CD. I just savored the incredible s£nsat!on. I just gazed into her eyes and I saw that she was someone all men would desire.

I started stroking slowly at first and after several minutes, I began to increase the tempo, pounding her like no man’s business.

I straffed her for several minutes and she began matching my thrusting with her own and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came again.

Her breathing became quick and shallow and then she tensed for just that moment before c—-x. I drove in hard and deep, heard a long m0an, and then her c—-x crashed over her.

A few strokes later, I was about cu*mming and I quickly withdrew my mamba and came on her stomach. The feeling was exhilarating. I just collapsed besides her and took her top and cleaned the c*um from her body. She then held me tight and locked legs with me. She began kissing me and stroking my mamba at the same time. My mamba was already responding to the stroking and preping itself for round 2 action.

Just then we heard the sound of a horn and a car driving into the compound…….

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