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My Escapades In The North – Season 1 – Episode 17

My Escapades In The North

My Escapades In The North


ZM: Zai, the doctor showed me the results of your test…

I was standing close to the bed now… I couldn’t help myself but ask, ‘Is she going to be fine?’

ZM: Yes… The doctor said apart from the bruises, she’s fine… But…

Me: **Heart hyper-beating** But what ma?

ZM: The doctor said she has been under losts of stress of late, that she needs to rest…

I wanted to ask, ‘so she’s not pregnant?’ But I heard myself say, ‘Oh… Then I guess if she just rests, she’ll be fine.’

Zainab was looking at me now. I was gradually getting relieved. If she was really pregnant, the doctor would have definitely known. And since he didn’t say anything about it, I wasn’t going to mention it too.

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My verdict was, she wasn’t pregnant…
I left the hospital glad that my body would not be mutilated because I impregnated a girl (Sharia tinz).

Immediately I got home, as I was about opening the gate, I got a call from an unknown number…

Me: Hello…

Caller: Please am I speaking with Dioxidane?

Me: Who wants to know?

Caller: Dioxidane, it’s me Summaya, Malama Aisha’s cousin…

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Me: Oh, how you doing?

Summaya: I’m ok… Please can you come to the house, it’s urgent.
Something happened…

Me: What happened?

Summaya: Please just come…

Me: Ok, I’ll be on my way…

Summaya: Ok…

**What is it again??? Haven’t I gotten enough trouble today???**

On my way there, I wondered what was so urgent that made Summaya ask me to come over. ‘Was she sick?’ ‘Was Malama Aisha sick?’

**Hope say no be for mumu thing dis girl call me o… :-\**

My watch said it was some minutes to 7pm. It was already getting dark. As I got to the compound, I saw people gathered around the front of the house.

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**Dem dey do party? :-\**

As I got closer, I realized that they were really not rejoicing but in a sorrowful mood. ‘What’s happening?’, I wondered. Definitely someone to Malama Aisha must have died, if not Summaya wouldn’t have called me. ‘Jeez, hope it’s not her son!’

As I got in, I saw some women around MA. Summaya walked up to me and told me to follow her outside. It was there she told me Malama Aisha lost her husband.

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