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My Escapades In The North – Season 1 – Episode 11

My Escapades In The North

My Escapades In The North


The next day, I went to see Malama Aisha at her office. After discussing normal CDG matters, we started talking about others stuffs.

**Walahi, this woman na ‘gister’**.

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We were gisting like we had known each other for long. She told me her husband was a medical doctor and he worked at Yola. He usually came back about once or twice a month and sometimes she went to visit him. They had a kid who was with her in Katsina. She asked me about myself and I told her. We really talked at length.
After that day, I was beginning to lose my lust for her. I had never wanted to have anything to do with married women. I wasn’t going to start now.

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She on the other hand, became increasingly fond of me. ‘Dioxidane, Dan Allah (please) come and help me to fix this…’ ‘Dioxidane, come and help me to get this…’ I was getting used to receiving those kind of calls from her.
In my mind, ‘ah an, this woman, I be your house boy ni???’. But since I was getting free foodstuff most times and I get to use her car when running those errands, I really didn’t mind. Besides I was in a ‘foreign’ land, and I needed all the allies I could get.

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Meanwhile, Zainab and I had resolved our issues and continued our thursday rendezvous.

I was typing an article on my laptop one evening when my phone rang…

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Me: Hello…

Caller: Dioxidane, it’s me Rejoice…


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