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My Dirty Friend (18 ) – Episode 9

Obviously! I was woken rather abruptly. I had expected to sleep longer than I had at that moment. It was a Monday and sure, I was required to be in class for tuition. However, I was quickly forced to doubt that, as the reason for being woken when I met about five faces peering into mine as I opened my eyes! ”Mrs. Felly wants to see you!”, that was Bimbo’s voice. She looked rather pissed ”Me?…”, was all I could ask”[/B] You are wanted! Hypocrite! ”, that was another girl’s voice. I couldn’t tell who she was but I felt she was from our dorm too.[B] ”Get dressed pretty face! The others are dressing up. When you get there you can explain your sins!”, said yet another girlI was totally confused now. I had gathered my duvet over my Unclad torso and was gradually bringing myself down from my bed. While doing so, I picked out Udak and Cynthia at a corner of the hall buttoning up their shirts. Something was really wrong, and my mind was racing. Racing to pick out a clue what it was. ”Is she one of them too?”, it was the voice of the dormitory porter. She just walked up to my bed corner. ”Yes Ma. We have asked her to dress up”, answered Bimbo ”My friend be fast about it! The Vice Principal is waiting!” I dint say a word, rather I picked off my little brassiere from where I had hung it and began wearing it.

There were so many girls surrounding our beds. It looked like it was the entire dormitory. Even girls from other dorms must have been standing around too. When I saw the window, I was even further shocked! A lot of girls were peeping through the windows.

I was gradually understanding what the issue probably was. This surely had something to do with last night. I had picked out someone who had watched us during our lovemaking.
But I couldn’t tell who it was. And when I made attempts to find out, she only vanished through the dorm door. I was only natural now to assume that it was definitely the same person that had brought about all this. We had been reported to Mrs. Felly and we had been summoned. If things were to turn ugly, it was going to be several weeks of penal suspension for the three of us!In a few moments, we all were heading to Dr. Mrs. Felicia Bensons’ office. The porters had done well in clearing away all the students that had been trailing us, saying things in hush murmur. I could feel the hate radiating from them all. Who was I to blame them anyway? I had lived a double life lately.
Always still presenting them that I-hate-l£sb!ans person who they had always known me for while now delighting in the act shamelessly. Some of them who were into same-S£x relationships seemed the more vocal, as they wished I could be dealt with.
They regarded me as a complete hypocrite who only thought for herself. It now looked like I was the only one who was caught in the act. Udak and Cynthia never seemed to get the level of attention I was getting. In fact, most seemed to be sympathetic of Cynthia’s situation while wishing otherwise for me.
Fortunately, none of them was to follow us to the dreaded woman’s office. We were now with just the dorm-porter and my bed neighbour, Bimbo as the rest were ordered to prepare for their classes. It was also becoming increasingly clear now that Bimbo was certainly the one who had reported us to the Vice Principal. Which further Implied that she was also the person who was watching us the previous night. How I couldn’t pick that up when I noticed her empty bed before sleeping off, beats me. It was quite a pity that someone I had seen as a friend at some point, was doing that to us.Udak was the first to be admitted in, when we eventually got to Mrs. Felicia’s office. We were initially asked to wait at the reception before Udak, Bimbo and the Porter walked in to see the Vice Principal. A lot were already troubling my mind. How was my story going to be told?

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A School Prefect, to be suspended? It was outlandishly incomprehensible. How would I explain that to my mum too? Dad was out of the country at that time, so that was the only consolation I felt I had from what would have been a certain potential damage-destruction.
But mum could actually collapse on hearing the news anyway! Not only was I been sent home on suspension but also on the grounds that I was caught in l£sb!anism! It was just too ‘bad’ a thought, let alone a reality. ”It is going to be Four (4) weeks”, Udak sobbed in hushed tones; breaking off my thoughts, as she returned to join us again. She was visibly in tears. It wasn’t so surprising knowing her to be the softest amongst us three. “How did you know?”, I asked, ignoring the sheer stupidity of the question ”She…said so” It struck me! Four weeks of suspension? My mouth got dry at that instant. I didn’t bother to ask her for details. She was bitter and there was no point pushing any further. ”Cynthia Buhia?”, came a sudden call. It was the porter! ”Yes Ma!”, Cynthia hurriedly got out of her seat ”You are wanted, young lady” Cynthia turned and looked at me. ”I have a feeling nothing is going to happen to us. I will be right back”, she dashed me a weak smile, and began walking to the VC’s office door.I let my eyes drop from her back to her round butt0ckz. I was always going to worship that butt0ckz!
Wrong or not! I couldn’t just tear away my eyes as she walked; strongly held captive by the endlessly swaying mass of bubble flesh! I even felt a trickle of moist finding its way into the oasis of my dry [email protected]! It was unbelievable!In less than fifteen minutes though, Cynthia was out. She had a face that suggested all was fine, but I could still see how hard she was trying to conceal what surely was, a disenchanted self. We were going to be suspended and she only confirmed it. ”It’s true Dannie. We will be going home for four weeks.” I just loved how she put it. ‘Going home’. ”Wow…” that was all I managed to say. I could feel the waters running into my belly. I was nowhereOn her own face, a lengthy line of fear and uncertainty was written all over. She was actually the cause of all that was happening to us. Had she not joined us at our dormitory, I wouldn’t have met her. If I hadn’t met her, I wouldn’t have even gotten s£duced by her flawless body. If I hadn’t been s£duced, I wouldn’t have thought of sU-Cking her ever lovely sweet [email protected] Thinking about it was already flooding my own [email protected] with cunt juice once again. I still couldn’t help my lust! Oh gwuuud!! ”The last girl!”, cut in the porter yet again. “Come right in.” I got up, went to Cynthia and Udak, gave them light hugs respectively and began to make it to Mrs. Felicia’s office. I felt I was psychologically prepared for what might be a duel. ”You are Daniela Chucks?”, was the hasty question that was presented me just as I walked into the office ”Yes Ma”, I replied. “Good morning Ma””We don’t need your compliments”, cut in the Porter. Her spitefulness was written all over her words. I didn’t bathe a wink though ”Sit on that seat.” Mrs. Felicia finally offered[B] ”Thank you Ma.”, my seating, wrongly coincided with a look into the deep cleavage of the middle-aged woman. She had been seating and writing all this while, and I was yet again attracted to one of the cosmetic reasons for which I had always insisted that she was an astonishing lady.My eyes remained there, outlining the slight stretch that seemed to be developing just after the start of her full b0s0m as they disappeared into the cups of what was a lacey but light brassier. I followed the half spherical shape until I found where her Tips were squashed into the skin of the heavy mounds, by her dress. They weren’t erect but looked obvious and large. I was forgetting this was the same reason for which I had been brought before her. The lusting for another woman’s body. ”Everybody seems to be saying that you started everything.”, resumed the stern pretty woman; leaving me rather confused. I didn’t understand how that could be possible even though I could admit that I had crossed a certain line at a certain point. But who wouldn’t think Cynthia was the factor in this case?. “So, we will be having a long chat. Just narrate everything to us. The more accurate your story is, the lesser the punishment.” I was still shell-shocked!

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To Be Continued….

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