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My Dirty Friend (18 ) – Episode 8

Soon after, she began to ride forth and back along Cynthia’s face certainly smearing her pouring juices all over the face of the licking girl. The entire air smelt of [email protected] and I was getting to the edge because of this! I had four fingers in my young [email protected] now and I felt I could explode soon! ”Ride me faster”, Cynthia broke the seeming silenceUdak began doing just that and soon, the hall became filled with the quaky sounds of the metal bunk on which they lay. Everybody including myself seemed to care less anyway and to further prove that fact, in less than a minute, I found myself lying just beside the both of them. I obviously couldn’t stand watching from a distance anymore so I made the brave decision albeit being undecided about how they could possibly feel about my intrusion. Predictably, the two halted in their act in unison, looking utterly startled and somewhat embarrassed. Udak particularly, dropped to the point of plea apparently mortified by my unannounced invasion but before any of them could say a word in defense, I instantly (although roughly) brought my highly heightened sensitive lips on Udak’s mouth and began sU-Cking away! ”Ughmmm!”, was the reactionI further brought the still-bewildered Cynthia’s right hand to my covered b0s0m as a follow up. They had grown very full while watching them earlier on. Cynthia additionally located my Tips and I motioned her with pressure to kneed the rubbery eraser-looking bullets to which she responded. I was determined to turn the hot Sekxual play into a fierce threesome and I was making very good success. Not long after, Udak’s hand located my [email protected] and began rubbing it out. I was a running-pool down there already and I easily responded to her effort by periodically discharging spurts of milky love juices that later collected in the seeming vortex formed within her palm. She appreciated my good effort by bringing this collection to her mouth and sU-Cking it all up. I was soon rocking her other fingers yet again just as she rocked Cynthia’s face. Cynthia in turn had succeeded in tearing away my shirt and was wildly massaging my perky b0s0m. I was dying in ecstasy and in response, I threw my head back in utter fervor. ”sU-Ck my [email protected] Dannie”, came Cynthia, moments later as she spread her thick thighs apart to create roomI quickly dropped to the love-box drinking the welcoming musky scent of her cunt with my nose as I did. With my two hands, I spread her [email protected] wide apart and buried my tongue in there! She tasted great and I doubted I was going to get enough of her that night. Udak’s hand was still very much busy in my snatch and it created double excitement. I kept sU-Cking the former’s [email protected] with all I had, leaving her whining in delight. She was literarily grinding her burning crotch all over my face now and I couldn’t help but lap up the many juices that endlessly sipped out. I could feel that her head was no longer under Udak’s butt0ckz anymore as the two were now engaged in another full kiss, licking off each other’s juices from their mouths. Soon my now exposed butt0ckz was brought to a mouth I thought was Udak’s. Leaving her with no other option but to return her own juice-filled crotch to Cynthia’s waiting mouth! We were locked in a triple-69 and I was loving it. As Udak sU-Cked my cl!ts and vulva, I began to wail! I couldn’t just contain myself anymore. With my own hands, I pulled on my stretched sensitive Tips which were craving for attention. My b0s0m had generally gone so stiff and taut and I endlessly kneaded them! I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I would begin approaching climax.Subsequently, after what seemed like a couple of moments, I began to feel a strong heavy orgasm build up within me. Udak had inserted two fingers into my bunny and I was frantically rocking them.
Cynthia was in similar frenzy too as I was grazing her g-spot with two buried fingers while sU-Cking on her cl!t with my mouth! Udak wasn’t saying a word, she was just being diligent enough in getting the best out of the situation. Within a short while, we all began m0an!ng and groaning loudly; obviously disregarding how late it was and the possibility of being caught. In what looked like a volcanic shudder, Cynthia began squirting her juices right onto the inner walls of my mouth! I made sure I drank up every bit of it, leaving me even further at the edge. I located her cl!t with my mouth and began grazing it too with my teeth making sure she completely drained her entire [email protected] of all juices. Then bang! I began to spray mine! As expected, it was intense and without warning. I bathed Udak with squirts after squirts of my fluids, feeding her as much as she cared to be fed.
As I did this, I hardly noticed that she was experiencing her own wild orgasm as well.

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I only found out when she moved her hip away from Cynthia’s mouth, thereby exposing the beautiful girl’s sodden face. It was simply a mess of dripping sticky liquid and Cynthia’s attempt at cleaning it up with her lapping tongue did little to help. We were all suddenly quiet now as the intensity of the triple-orgasm gradually died down. It had been an amazing few minutes but I needed to return to my bed at this point. Surprisingly, as I made it out of the bed with everybody still mute and yet to say a word to each other, I noticed what seemed like a human figure crouched somewhere at the foot of the bed where we were.

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This got me instantly worried and I began making attempts to locate my torch which I had displaced in the frenzy, since the figure looked like a mere shadowy form. But before I could do anything meaningful, the figure stood, made its way out of the many cupboards hindering its route, and dashed towards the other end of the hall. Someone had been watching.

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