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My Dirty Friend (18 ) – Episode 13 [Completed]

Her last orgasm was tense and it only left us both exhausted. ”We cannot afford to sleep now, honey”, she started; knowing that was likely to follow. “We will be caught. Visit me at my house at the quarters during the games today and we will have more fantasies to bring true today.” There were lights in her eyes again.All I did was nod. I was still starkly amazed by the discovery! Had it been a dream?Myself, Cynthia and Udak (…Uduak by my Mrs. Felly), were returning to the dorm when we met the Porter again. We had been laughing and gisting! I had told them some of the things that happened and they were really flabbergasted by them. I couldn’t help but think of what a meeting with Mrs. Felicia and the three of us would be like. ”Are you girls through?”, the passing Porter interrupted first. ”Yes Ma, any problem?”, I was shocked by Udak’s effusive audacity ”You are asking me if there is a problem?”, she was staggered equally. “Well, you seem to want your suspensions to be increased, right?””You can have the keys to the VP’s office, old woman!”, I was now in the brawl and how I enjoyed saying those this left her shell-shocked as she remained were she was watching us laugh loudly and toddle down towards our dorm. I wasn’t scared of anybody anymore! I owned the school now!
There weren’t going to be suspensions!
There were only going to be more S£x!
Cynthia had given me a new lease and how thankful I was! I love [email protected], and that is the only thing that matters now! Wish you were there when we finally got to Fork our Vice principal; all the three of us!

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***THE END***


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