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My Dirty Friend (18 ) – Episode 12

They were really large but firm. I kneaded them and pulled on the Tips. She seemed the action type and in no time lifted me onto her office table, scattering files and documents in the course! We were more than crazy to say the least! ”I knew you were a l£sb!an the first day I saw you at my house!”, she suddenly began, pulling her white [email protected] down her fleshy thighs. Her eyes were lighted up. “I noticed how you felt comfortable with the way your friend Cynthia wrapped her arm around your butt0ckz. I began lusting for your body from that moment. Betty, my partner who had visited me that very day also took note of you and as we later had S£x that day, we both fantasized about Bleeping you!” I was blown away! Were all theses coming from our own Vice principal?
What was Mrs. Felly; the most dreaded of all the school staff; talking about? She was a l£sb!an? And even had a l£sb!an partner?!
Was that the reason she wasn’t yet married until this time? She was stunning me with her story! So she had made all this up just to get me into her bed? She had used Bimbo to get me to meet her! She knew if I was caught in the act, I wouldn’t have the moral strength to accuse her of raping me!
This was blackmail! And how well she had made it work! Her pretence of not knowing what sleeping with girls was all about was just an explanation of how good she was.
The porter wasn’t with us anymore. Yes, she had timed it perfectly well! Holy Fork!! ”I had asked Bimbo to track you and that is exactly what she has done. You are now mine Daniela and I will show you how to love a woman!”, with this, she spread my legs apart and began eating out my flaming [email protected]!My entire crotch, butt0ckz-crack and upper thighs were drenched in my fluids and she was doing well in lapping them up! As she did so, she played with my soft b0s0m, caressing my areolas. She sure knew how to please a woman. I held unto her hair and made sure I pulled her further in, m0an!ng softly as I did. She quickly inserted a finger into me and I began shedding tears. Soon I was pulling on her so that I could equally reward her for the attention she was giving me. She fixed that and soon got unto the table as myself. In a jiffy we were in a sixty-nine and I held unto her thick thighs as she brought her womanhood to my young mouth.
Her vulva was very fat and large with stumps of brittle hair all around it. Her cl!t was equally big and had several steps of folded skin covering it! I easily got drawn to it as I eagerly made out for its slightly reddened tip with the apex of my tongue. Her strong smell was also very rewarding, getting me to pour more of my juice into her hard-working mouth.For what looked like several minutes, we were busy eating our brains out! I was chewing her matured [email protected] with the dexterity of a businessman and she did well in stuffing my little mouth with it! Talk about a mouth full of [email protected]! She was also nicely as free as myself and never stopped blessing my face regularly with several floods of her love juice! Her taste was also stronger and I kept feeling I wouldn’t want to stop drinking! She had dropped several fingers into my [email protected] now and was Bleeping me with them! Those particular fingers kept being smeared in white thick liquid which she periodically brought to her mouth to lap up! we were lost in each other’s Sekxual intoxication! I wasn’t seeing a school vice principal, rather a passionate love mate! ”I want you to Fork me with your [email protected], sweetheart”, she suddenly started, adjusting herself to seat on my face. This prompted some kind of s£nsat!on and just then she began pouring another stream of her juices into my mouth and face. Her hips convulsed in connection and I never doubted the strength of the orgasm seeing all that!However, she quickly got off my face and after a series of adjustments, we were locked into each other, hip into hip! We both were still sitting but with our crotches locked into each other just like two open scissors will do. Our overflowing juices meant that our contact remained as slippery as you would think and as we began grinding our pussies together, I easily began running into one orgasms after another! We kissed endlessly and sU-Cked each other’s perfect b0s0m! It was like a mother and daughter partnership and the contrast in our body sizes made it even more thrilling!

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As usual, I soon kicked off my spree as I squirted her entire body with my clear fluid!
She laughed and even made to lean forward so as to drink some of it! That was my usual curtain fall and I was grateful when she joined me in her own last climax! She embraced me strongly, giving me a long kiss as her entire hip and butt0ckz jiggled on the table she was seating!

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