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My Dirty Friend (18 ) – Episode 11

I was gaining weird confidence. ”We remove our cloths. We kiss and hug and then we massage our private parts”, my thighs were more apart now than they had been at first. Yet, not in a stupid kind of way.
My [email protected] were flooded to say the least ”Really? So you girls don’t eat each other’s vaginas?”, she kept her eyes in-between my legs while asking.

Her question was totally out of the shell as well! Was she really of good knowledge in this field too? ”We do Ma”, I answered as innocently as I could; to keep up the momentum. I was ogling her firm b0s0m now while tracing the almost-shooting Tips too ”I wonder how that tastes. I mean, I wonder why a woman would sU-Ck another woman’s [email protected]”, she brought her arms up across her chest, obviously attempting to hinder me from observing the clear effect our chat was having on her Tips.Her words were enough to betray her though. Wondering what another woman’s [email protected] tasted like was just the second step to l£sb!anism. The first has always been the choice to endlessly stare into another woman’s underpants. And that, she has been doing for a while now ”Please Ma, do forgive us. We wouldn’t continue with this act”, I needed to take advantage of her already softening selfShe dint say a word.
She only brought her eyes to my face after starring at her fingers which she was still tapping on the table. Then after a brief look at me, she brought her eyes down to the usual place. The place in-between my crotch. She kept her eyes there for so long that I began thinking at some point that she had seen something she dint like down there. I was only jolted back to the present when she talked. ”Get me some water from the fridge over there”, she made a weak point to the standing refrigerator at the back of her office seat so I stood and began to make for it. My skirt had been ruffled a bit by my sitting and remained that way as I stood to walk. I felt a part at my back that had ridden up unevenly and as I walked, it seemed to be showing too much of my right thigh but I was too preoccupied to address that. I wondered if I had made the wrong request.At the fridge I found both the Jug of water and the tumbler at the lowest chest leaving me leaning down with my knees straight in order to pick them up. This caused the ruffled skirt to rise even higher behind, giving Mrs. Felicia a very lewd view of my butt0ckz and [email protected] vulva. I carefully looked to observe if she was watching only to be shocked when I did not find her on her seat. Curiosity and fear suddenly followed but was quickly quenched when I felt a firm grip get hold of my hip as what I certainly knew was the face of Dr. Mrs. Felicia Bensons got buried right inside the crack of my fresh butt0ckz! The feeling was completely mesmerizing! ”I couldn’t…keep myself…away from……you, young lady”, I heard her muffle right into my cheeks as I stuffed her mouth with my posterior.She must have perceived my scent because she began talking of how wonderful I smelt. All I could do was m0an and plead. I knew this was the biggest risk I could take but she had been my dreams for as long as I could remember ”Undress Daniela!”, she said, dropping me from her powerful grip and walking straight to her office door! I did think initially that she was going to invite Udak and Cynthia in, but thanked goodness when she dint. She only placed her key in the lock and in one swing of the hand, locked her door.

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Her walk back to where I was, kept coinciding with my undress. As she walked on the high pumps she had on her legs, her heavy b0s0m heaved under the tank-top. She had dropped the jacket and was unzipping her skirt! Her return to the fridge matched perfectly with the drop of my own [email protected] I was completely Unclad now and before I could gain my footing, the voluptuous woman planted her full round lips on mine! It was a heavy one and we began chewing each other’s mouths as much as we could. She was still undressing while my rampant hand settled for one of her mammaries!

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