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My Dirty Friend (18 ) – Episode 10

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How did she mean, everything? ”Did you hear me?” she was already getting worked up ”Yes Ma””Good. So go ahead. Myself and your Porter will be giving you our ears although she will be leaving very soon to attend to her morning duties at the dorm”, she was adjusting so as to relax on her seat’s backrest now. I was being given a chance to access her guise for the first time since I stepped in. And I thought she was looking too glamorous for the occasion.
Even for the work she was going to do latter in the day from her office; she just looked too lurid and a bit chuffed for it. She had a tiny fitted white jacket as a top and a black tank-top with a deep neckline underneath; leaving just a little of her firm breasts concealed from my prying eyes! The entire top-half of the succulent balls were almost spilling from the slightly visible lacey brassier which did little to hold the voluptuous mammaries in place.
Quite outrageous for a mere school teacher, let alone a deputy principal. My body felt different about it though. My [email protected] was sipping juice freely now and I could do little about it. It was wild wonder how my body could lust after its own hangman! ”I stay at Purple B Dormitory Ma”, I began. “And…””Wait”, Mrs. Felicia cut in. “Before you begin. Just two things.
Make sure everything you are telling me is the truth. And then, never you pronounce Uduak as Udak. Her parents must be silly to have adopted the wrong pronunciation.
You can continue.” I was surprised to say the least. How was that her problem, at all? She was really of a rare breed, after all. ”Okay Ma”, I resumed. “I wanted to say that Cynthia joined us at Purple B Dorm during the last relocation exercise.
And that was how we met. So from there, we just continued”, I definitely wasn’t going to tell her every detail ”Is that it?”, she was visibly surprised by the unexpected conclusion ”Yes Ma. It was from there that we got to this stage””You don’t seem to get what I asked you to do”, she was getting off her seat and walking towards me. I was quite mortified by the probable outcome ”Let me return to the dormitory Ma”, interrupted the Porter. “I need to make sure all the girls have left for classes.””You can. I will handle this one alone”, she kept her eyes on me while saying so. She was partly leaning into her office table with her butt0ckz. I traced the fabric of her black brief skirt as it meandered around her light skin down to a length just beyond her mid-thigh. ”Okay Ma. Thank you”, she was walking to the door now and soon she left. ”You little girls amaze me”, Mrs. Felicia continued. “How can you be attracted to a fellow female? You will be serving a Six-week suspension. You are a school prefect and should know better” Somehow my eyes just remained on her glowing legs. I wasn’t sure if she saw me looking at them but she soon picked the nearest seat beside me which was for her guests and sat. In a few seconds, we were facing each other and with her legs crossed, I knew it was time for serious business. Unfortunately, something unexplainable kept pulling my eyes to her slightly exposed thighs! ”I asked you to explain all you three have been doing. And I expect you to do so now! The more accurate you seem, the lesser the punishment,” she uncrossed and re-crossed with the other leg. I could see the stern look in her eyes but that didn’t stop my eyes from catching the slightest glimpse of what should be her white [email protected]! ”We haven’t been doing anything Ma! We only did it together for the first time yesterday””That can’t be true!”, her skirt was pulling up her thigh as a result of her seeming aggression when talking. I traced its movement and soon I was looking at the many folds of her inner thighs. I was burning. ”It is Ma”, I tried being firm for once. I noticed my own thighs give way slightly. She should see my inner legs all the way to my [email protected] crotch. It wasn’t intentional, though. ”But the Cynthia girl has been with you two for some time now, hasn’t she?””She has Ma.”, my eyes had found her own crotch and were straining so much to trace its outline. The shade provided by her crossed thighs, only made the area dark and difficult to make out. I looked up again, in a bid to receive another question from her and suddenly caught up with her eyes. ”So what has been going on before yesterday?”, she had caught me staring into her legs and the stuttering in her voice showed she was jolted by the discovery ”Noting Ma”, I was scared to say the truth ”You are only making your case worse Daniela”, her voice suddenly was a mixed feel of curiosity and pity. I took good note of the use of my name ”I have been having S£x with Cynthia before now”, I looked up to look at her.
Her face remained expressionless. I quickly dropped my eyes, collecting another glimpse of her lower half. Surprisingly, her legs had dropped and her thighs were now slightly parted. I let my eyes linger there for a while. ”How do you girls do it?”, she was tapping her fingers on her table. There had suddenly become a cold tension in the room.
Something ideal must have told her that she just asked the wrong question because I subsequently saw her drop her eyes into the gap my two thighs had created inside my skirt, before looking away. ”We remove our cloths and rub our bodies together.
That’s all Ma””You know that is not all. I asked for details. Explain how you girls do it”, I mysteriously found her Tips. They had suddenly gone visible through the fabric of her many cloths. She was apparently aroused by the discourse.

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