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My Dear Wife – Season 1 – Episode 6 [Completed]

Episode 6

The week passed so fast that it was her 30th day. She took the papers and signed them. She packed some of her stuff and moved them to her friends when Bongani went to soccer practice. She just packed light because she knew she had less time left and would want her children to have some of her stuff if they wanted any. She went into Bongani’s room and left her car key on his bed. He left the divorce papers on their bed with her wedding band on top.

She requested an uber and left. Rose just landed and the first person she wanted to meet was Samuel. She found him in his office and he was moving around. She kissed him as a greeting and then sat down. “Why does it seem like you are not excited to see me?”. “No I am, it’s just that the past 30 days have been a learning curve for me”. ” What do you mean?”.” You know I didn’t know my son had a girlfriend,I have never been to any of my daughters’ soccer matches,I knew nothing about their allergies,I knew nothing about my own kids”. ” What are you trying to say?”.

” What I mean is I never stopped loving my wife. We just stopped doing things that made us who we are… “.”I knew she was going to do anything and everything just to win you back “.” No it’s not like that. This is not about her. This is about me and how I feel. I got to know my family and I realised how I neglected my marriage after I met you. My wife did not lack ambition but she just curved her dreams for our children.” Did you get intimate with her? Answer me cannot!”. “yes”.

“How many times’ ‘, ”four “. “Ohh my God I knew I shouldn’t have gone and sent my secretary”.”I’m sorry I wasted your time”. ‘slaps him‘ How could you? Do you know how embarrassing this is? You cheated on me with your wife. How vile can you be? You are a heartless asshole. Don’t ever call me ever again. “She said as she stormed out of his office. He was left there feeling horrible. He had single handedly managed to break the hearts of two women in less than a year with a possibility of never loving ever again.

Samuel got home and was greeted by the divorce papers and the wedding band on the bed. He was so devastated that he started calling Lucy’s line. He tried multiple times but still couldn’t get through. He spent the whole day trying to reach her but he still couldn’t. He didn’t ask his son because he didn’t want to stress him out. He tried with everything in him to act normal around him and he told him she went back to work and her first shift was the night shift and since he didn’t know when she would come back she told his son that she was going to a workshop.

Days turned into two weeks of him looking for her with no luck. He then decided to go to the hospital to ask her colleagues of her whereabouts. He got there and met her best friend. She didn’t say anything but just asked him to follow her. She led him to a ward and stopped at the door. “She did say that you will come here but I doubted it. Please listen to everything she has to say. You can go in now” she told him as she left. He summoned courage to push the door and he saw her lying on the bed. She looked horrible. “I knew you’d come. Come here. “She called him, patting the area on the bed. He moved closer and sat down. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I’m dying, Samuel.

I wasn’t This weak but the abortion made matters worse”. “what abortion?”.”I was a week pregnant.*sheds tears* I have a tumour growing on my head and my time is very short. Even though I carried the baby it would have died. I prayed to God to forgive me because what I did was as in. I couldn’t bring myself to not do it. My body was too weak due to my condition so pregnancy was just taking another toll on me. I’m sorry I killed our child but I had no choice *cries*”. “shh it’s ok. I burned the divorce papers. I’m sorry for cheating on you.

Why didn’t you tell me you were sick “.” Samuel being a nurse I had a bad habit of self diagnosing. I just didn’t go for a checkup till it was late. I tried talking to you but you didn’t want to listen. Your new found love was driving you crazy. You didn’t want to listen to me. I’m sorry I didn’t try harder. When you told me you wanted divorce I was happy. Not because I stopped loving you but because my death couldn’t break your heart and mess up your life. I asked for 30 days because I wanted to fix your relationship with the kids. Your children were starting to resent you and I wanted them to think of you as a good father.

I wanted them to think of you as a man who loved their mother dearly. You are the only thing they”‘l have left when I’m gone. You might not have realised but all my requests had to do with you and your children’s bond. I love all of you guys so much and I know I was very selfish for not telling you but the kids knew. I don’t know how they found out but they just did. Tell them I love them.“.”My love, are you sure there’s nothing we can do?” He asked with tears on his face.

“No, Please take care of my kids and tell them I love them.I’m tired Samuel. I want to rest. I love you” She said as she closed her eyes.The machines she was connected to started beeping until they stopped. Samuel called the doctor and then he was asked to move out of the room. The doctors then informed him of his wife’s death and he felt like his heart was being ripped out of his body and that his soul left his body.

Only if he had been a good husband he would have known that his wife was sick and maybe then they would have prevented her death. Why did this have to happen? After everyone left the graveyard he remained there and watched as they covered her. He couldn’t believe that it was really happening. He wished for only one thing that his beautiful wife would tap him and wake him from this horrible nightmare. Unfortunately for him it was as real as his love for her. He now had only one thing to do. Fulfilling her death wish. He had to be the best father he could ever become using the ways she had managed to teach him during the 30 days probation she asked for.

Bongani and his girlfriend settled well into university while the twins settled very well into the fifth grade. Samuel found new employees and then started working from home so he could be a stay at home dad. He opened a foundation where he helped pay for surgeries of patients who suffered from the same condition as his wife.

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