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My Dear Wife – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5

The girls found it so funny and they also drew other three big headed stick people with their mother’s ,brother’s and father’s names on their foreheads. They then took the picture and framed it then put it in the dining room. They also drained their father’s paintings they painted a while ago and framed them. One was hung in the living room while the other was placed on his bedside table.

Three weeks passed with him fulfilling his soon to be ex wife’s requests. Time flew by so fast that he didn’t even realise that they only had one week left. It was two days after schools closed for December holidays and Bongani drove his siblings to their summer art camp since he got his learners licence. He was going to spend the night at his grandparent’s place since he was not allowed to drive at night.

The soon to be divorcees had their dinner and then went to chill in the dining room having wine. “So you’ve not told me about your girlfriend “. ” Lucy, I really don’t feel comfortable talking to you about this”. “Come on Sam don’t be like that. You know I really want to know what attracted you to her.”.” Uhm ok…Rose is a fun person. She is very ambitious and she keeps me on my toes“. “Ohh so I’m boring and not ambitious enough?”.” Not like that.

Don’t get me wrong but Lucy you stopped dreaming. I can’t live with the fact that a girl as smart as yourself is content with just being a nurse. What crashed your dreams of becoming a neurologist. I mean by the time you had the girls you could have been a qualified doctor. What happened to
your dreams“. ” ‘laughs’ are you serious Samuel? I never stopped dreaming, how could I? .

I decided to be a nurse because the course duration was shorter and you seem to forget I had a son who was barely a year old. I couldn’t focus at school for 2 hours without knowing if he was ok or not. Having a baby at 19 and being married isn’t easy. You were a year older than me so obviously you were going to finish school first. I had to change my priorities at the expense of my dreams. I am still ambitious but nowI shifted them to my
kids. I’m sorry I chose my children and being a wife over being fun and being ambitious enough to keep you on your toes”.” ’coughs‘ Ohh.uhm…I!

I’m Sorry Lucy. “It’s ok Samuel. ” She told him as segulled down her glass of wine. They then stopped talking and focused on drinking. It was about midnight when they went to the room. Lucy was feeling so hot so she took off her clothes and it happened that the moment she took off her bra her big round breasts sprung free. That was the exact moment Sam came out of the bathroom. His members immediately rose to the occasion. Somehow they both found themselves wrapped around each other on the bed.

Samuel’s unruly hands were running all over her body and they were both instantly naked. Samuel had his time on her nipples and that made Lucy moan like her life depended on it. After he had his time there he kissed her belly going town to her sweet spot. His hands were too excited they entered her first.While his mouth and fingers did their magic she was close to reaching her max and having her release. Samuel realised that and his fingers moved at a faster pace.

That drove Lucy crazy and that was when she felt sensation from her gut and had her release. “Let me help you too,” she said, pointing down at his hard member. She didn’t wait for his reply. She just pushed him and she got on top and kissed his tip. The painful sensation made a moan find its way out of Samuel’s mouth. She then took his length bit by bit getting used to it since it has been almost 7 months without them being intimate.

It took her a few minutes to get used to his length. But as soon as she did she was gagging and giving him sensation. He released everything inside her mouth and she swallowed everything. She then kissed him and turned her over and he came on top. He inserted himself inside her core and they both moaned at
at the same time. He enjoyed being inside her and she also realised how she missed him filling her up.They went on and did it three more times in the night.

It was early in the morning when Lucy woke up that she remembered what happened. “Damn it!..Are you up?”.” Uhm yeah”. ” Sorry I was drunk. That doesn’t change anything though. The way you talked about that Rose girl she seemed like a good person so I will keep my word” . She didn’t even let him answer and she
stood up to go to shower. She got inside the shower and cried so hard. Oh poor soul. Just when she was learning how to forget him, that happened. Being intimate with him made the love she had for him come back stronger. Not that she stopped but she just loved him
more. The fact that she released him to this Rose giristung even harder. It felt like a sword was piercing her heart.

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