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My Dear Wife – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4

Samuel woke up and got ready to go to his son’s driving lesson. “Lucy, aren’t you and the girls joining us “he said as he was tying his shoelaces. “No, my request is that you teach him how to drive. You guys really don’t have to perfect it today though. I have to go somewhere with the girls. “Oh ok…we are leaving right now then your son just texted me”‘he said laughing at his son’s excitement. “Samuel”. “Yes?” . “Please try talking to him.

All I need is for him to do good in his
examinations. Please don’t mention the divorce. I know they think we are fixing things and they’ll demand explanations but we will cross that bridge when we get there
“Ok ” he told her as he left the room. Samuel and Bongani left and that was when Lucy and the girls cleaned the house,had breakfast, took their bath and went to the mall.The family arrived at home at the same time from their different destinations.

“Daddy!”the girls exclaimed at the same time. “Hey guys. Where are you guys coming from with so much groceries.” “Mom took us shopping. Bongani this is for you” said Nosipho, giving her brother a paper bag. “What’s in here princess? “asked Bongani accepting the paper bag. “Open it” she answered with the biggest smile she could come up with. “Ohh my God!Mom you are so cool. But you said you don’t have enough money when I asked for the shoes and the hoodie. “”I just wanted to get you something too since your sisters bought a lot too. So how was the driving lesson?”.

“Mom dad is a good driver. I am now a good driver and dad promised I will be having my licence very soon”. “Ok so what were you guys talking about? Did you get to tell your father about Sihle? “Mom!’ Bongani shouted. “Mom, don’t say anything please,”he pleaded. “Who’s Sihle ? “Samuel asked, smiling. “Bongani’s girlfriend “Ntokozo answered “Guys! Come on, don’t say that “. “Ohh so she is not your girlfriend anymore?”. “She is but dont tell dad”. ” ‘laughs‘ Busted! “his younger siblings laughed at him. “Ohh so why don’t I know this girlfriend of yours’ ‘ . “Because you are hardly at home.

Everyone here knows her and her parents know me. We are going to the same university next year and now that I remembered I’m going with her to the library to study. Mom, can I borrow your car?”. “Sure Lucy answered as she was unpacking the groceries. “I also got the book you and Sihle lost from CNA so you can give her the old one and keep this one to make your studying easier”. “Mom, have I ever told you I love you?”.” Not that I remember” . “I love you mom. “Hey I know that mischievous look on that face, don’t you dare tell Sihle you bought that book because I already met her mom at the mall so she saw me buying it”.

“Mom you are killing my game” he said as he walked up the stairs and then came down with his school bag. “Mom, where are the keys?”. “Here”. ” So you are letting him drive your car? Just like that” . “Yup I am.
I trust him”. “Aren’t you afraid he’ll get the poor girl pregnant??”. “No I’m not. Sihle’s parent’s and myself already talked to them. You remember I once told you we needed
to talk with your son and you said you had a meeting in Stanger?”. “Yeah “. “That was the day after I caught him and Sihle in his room half naked. They explained that it was their friends who convinced them sex was cool and that’s why they tried doing it. Lucky enough they didn’t succeed. Looking at both their good grades their story adds up. You’d know this if you were a present father ‘whispers the last sentence‘ . What was that? “. ” What was what?”

On the third day she requested that he became their personal chef. She taught him how to make pancakes how his children like them and also let him do their lunch boxes. After the kids left for school she taught him how to do a multiple of other dishes the kids enjoyed. On the fourth day she asked him to do gardening with his kids while she went “somewhere . She went to the hospital to check the doctor with hopes of her condition being better.

But life is never what we wish it becomes,her tumour was growing uncontrollably that she will need hospitalization very soon. “Uhm Doc please don’t let my husband find out. Thing is I want to be the one to tell him. Please”. ” It’s ok Mrs Khoza you know I’m not allowed. Even though I’m a good friend of your husband’s. .” Thank you very much Doc” she said as she left the office. She got home and seeing the pretty garden she had a smile on her face. “Hey guys, How was gardening with your father”.Cool. I promised myself an hour and a half break from my studying so I’m off. Mom, I made some sandwiches so you can help yourself. “said Bongani as he went upstairs. “Mom, I am not going to school tomorrow”.” Why?”.” Because I’m sick. You didn’t tell your husband I’m allergic to lilies so he made us plant them. Now I have a terrible allergic reaction. ” Said Nosipho, rubbing her nose. “Sorry baby I forgot that.

But Samuel I did tell you about 5 months ago about her allergies when you came back from Mozambique”. ” Uhm maybe I forgot “he answered, rubbing his head. “Princess let’s go take your medication so that you’ll feel better and maybe not miss a day of school”. “Ok mommy ” they then went upstairs to take the medication. Samuel was feeling a little guilty that by the time he was informed about his daughter’s allergies and son’s girlfriend saga he was drunk in love with Rose.

On the fifth day Lucy got him to have a picnic with the girls in their room. The girls got him to wear a tiara and a tutu they bought when they went shopping with their mother. He was their model and he had to remain still for an hour and 45 minutes while they drew him. The girls were practising for their December holiday drawing classes they loved taking since they both wanted to be artists. “Daddy, now you have to choose your favourite “said Nosipho. “But I like them both.

They are so perfect. Look at me, I look like a princess. ” ‘laughs ’ Daddy is so funny. So who won?”. “both of you won. Nosipho drew my head big but my body was perfect while Ntokozo drew my head perfectly but my body was way too chubby. This head has to be on this body and this one on the other ” the girls laughed at their father’s comment and they asked him to draw them. It took him less than 5 minutes to draw big headed stick people with the girls’ names on their foreheads.

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