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My Dear Wife – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3

“Well I told him I needed 30 days before I sign the papers,”Lucy told her friend. But Lucy that’s just being extreme. You said you’l just give him custody of the kids and move in with me.Lucy why torture yourself like that?” She asked her friend with concern on her face. “Look I know I said that but I also wanted to spend my last days on earth with my family. I know I have a little time left so please allow me to be selfish because I know I will have regrets if I don’t do this’ ‘ she explained to Mbali. “Ok friend but promise me that during the 30 days you’ll be good. Remember that today is your last day at work and you’ll be at home so please follow the doctor’s in
structions just to be safe. Even though we know that your tumour is growing daily we should keep fit.”

“I promise I will take good care of myself. I just need a reason to give Sam why I’m home. I can’t tell himI’m sick. He’l think I’m trying to stop him from leaving me” she told her “ohh ok that’s understandable. How about you tell him that there’s a virus here at the hospital and it’s outbreak occurred during the night and you weren’t there.

Tell him that it’s a hospital secret since they are afraid of scaring the public. Tell him that you are only telling him since he asked but make him promise not to tell. Tell him that only the labour ward operates and obviously he knows you don’t work there. I know it has its loopholes but you’ll fix it. “She suggested. “Brilliant. What would I do without you.” Just like that she had a reason to tell her husband if he asked. Even though she felt bad for lying she had no choice.

On the second day she asked him to join her and the kids for the girls’ soccer match. He had never been to any of their matches since they started playing about 8 months ago. Their tournament started during his relationship with Rose so weekends were for him and Rose to explore their relationship. All three of his children were happy he could make it since this was their final match. Due to excitement they played really well and won the tournament. A family photo was taken because the girls’ coach said it was compulsory for their soccer team calendar.

Since the girls shared a birthday on their birth month that picture will appear. They all then went to McDonald’s for celebration as a family. It was a bittersweet moment for Lucy because she knew that even though she could convince her husband to stay she ll never be granted a longer life. “Mom, are you good? ” Bongani asked his mom as he noticed her slight change of mood. “Yes boy I’m ok. I’m just too tired from all the cheerleading I was doing today. These two made mommy proud “she said as she exceptionally concealed her sadness. “Daddy thank you for joining us today because mommy always promises you’ll come but you don’t.

We are glad you didn’t choose work this time,”said Nosipho, munching down her food.”I’m also surprised he cares”…. “Bongani! “Lucy stopped him before he could go further. “No mom, I’m just being honest. You know I thanked him for making you smile and he had nothing to say. He clearly loves his business more” he answered. “No Bongani don’t do that, he is your father and I know why you are mad at him but I got him to do it. He promised to teach you how to drive tomorrow. Isn’t it so honey? “she ask
ed looking at him. “Uhm.yes I did. 09:00 we start”.

“You see. I told you you don’t have to go to a driving school during the holidays and that I’ll give you the car, ” she told him. “Are you serious mom?” He asked with excitement all over his face. “woah what car? “asked Samuel. “my car. You know our boy got into university so he needs a cool ride”she told him like it was not a big deal. “Mom, you are the best. Dad I’ll be up early I promise.”
“This means daddy will also teach us how to drive in ‘counts with her hands’ for 7 years. After brother Bongani takes mom’s car mommy will buy a new one then Nosi will take mommy’s new car while I take daddy’s carto university ” said Ntokozo dreamily. “No way I want dad’s Mercedes.”said Nosipho and that’s how the biggest argument of the day started.

The family of four were so close to being chased away from the restaurant since they were making so much noise. Luckily they finished their meal in time and left. They had some take away so there was no need to prepare supper. After the kids had their food and took their bath they went to bed.
“Why does it seem like you are not preparing to go to your volunteering Sunday shift “asked Samuel as he saw his wife very relaxed on the bed. “Ohh that.

I will not be going to work for a couple of weeks. There was a virus outbreak so the staff who were in today are quarantined at the hospital. It’s still a big hospital secret because they fear to scare the local community . Luckily it’s not airborne so only a few got it. I was elected not to come to work until they find a proper cure. But I think it’s good because I’d be no good. I have a lot going on so I’m better off here “she explained to him trying by all means to keep a straight face “Good night “then she switched off the bedside lamp.

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