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My Dear Wife – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2

“You said you wanted to talk “she said as she sat down. “Uhm yes…I wanted to tell you that I… “he paused “Lucy I want a divorce “he spoke very fast.”What?! “she exclaimed. “What do you mean you want a divorce? “she asked him. “Lucy I know you noticed the tension between us. “hands her an envelope” these are the divorce papers. They clearly state that you will have 30 %of my shares while Bongani keeps 20% and the girls each get 10%. You get to keep the house and your car. Of course you’ll keep the kids and we will share 50/50 of the money from our joint account and I’ll pay maintenance for the
kids “he told her”Wow.

Why now? Can’t we fix whatever it is? “she asked. “No, I already met someone. I’m sorry for cheating on you but I’m sure of this. You are not the problem so don’t blame yourself. I’m the problem here so I should be blamed, “he told her. “Ok “sighs’ ‘ uhm ok..I don’t want your money Samuel. I also don’t want your shares. I will give you divorce papers with my own conditions tomorrow if you don’t mind. ” She told him. “Ok as long as your conditions are not impossible” Just like that she made her way to the girls room to spend the night there. She found them sleeping and she fixed their blankets and took one of the unused blankets and layed on the couch. She took sleeping pills and like they understood her misery they worked in less than 15 minutes.

Tomorrow arrived and Sam got home early again. After dinner he waited for her agalin in the dining room. After washing the dishes and also clearing the table she met him. “Here are the papers. I have three simple conditions for you. Firstly I’m asking for 30 days notice beforeI sign the papers because the kids are writing their final examinations and as you know Bongani is doing his matric and my boy did well on his preliminaries so I would like to keep it that way. Secondly I would want you to keep the kids while I try to find a place for myself because I meant it when I said I don’t want your money.

Bongani will be moving to RES next year so you can live with him for a short while. Please share the 30%you wanted to give me amongst your children. Thirdly, I would like you to grant me 30 requests during these 30 days. One request per day starting from tomorrow. I promised to sign the papers on the night of the 30th day and wake up the next morning at a friend’s place” she explained her conditions to him.

He was relieved she kept to her words and he woke up early to meet with Rose to inform her about his wife’s conditions. “Your wife is childish but that’s ok. I’ll be going to Moscow for business for a month.That means you and your wife will have space to fulfill her daily request. I’ll be leaving tomorrow. I was going to send my personal assistant but I’ll go since you need to be at home. I love you. ” she told him and then kissed him. After that she left so she could prepare for her last minute trip.

It was the first day of the 30 days Lucy requested. The family had breakfast. After breakfast the kids went to take their school bags from their rooms, Lucy’s first request really shocked Samuel. “What did you say?”he asked her, making sure if he heard her right. “I said pick me up like you did the first day we moved to this house. The only difference is that you are taking me out of our room. “She told him again.

As much as he felt that this was stupid he picked her up. He picked her up all the way to the door. “laughs,Mommy is daddy’s baby “said the twins simultaneously. Everyone who heard that laughed their hearts out. Samuel drove his son to school while Lucy drove the girls since it was on her way to work. “What you did was cool “said Bongani. “What are you talking about? “asked Samuel, still focussing on the road. “I mean you are carrying mom around the house. That was cool. I could see her smile genuinely after a while. The past few months I felt like she just smiled to mask something from us but I’m glad you made her happy again” he told his father.

The car gets into silence after his words. Since his school was nearby it was hard for Bongani to detect his father avoiding conversation with him. On his way home he had a very awkward feeling. Somehow he noticed that his wife lost weight. He could pick her up better than he did years ago. What has been going on with his family all these years when he was busy building an empire for them and galavanting with Rose. He also realised that he did not answer Bongani because he was ashamed but because he did not have a good enough relationship with him to talk about almost anything. It was lunchtime and Lucy was sitting with her best friend Mbali at the cafeteria.

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