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My Dear Wife – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 6]

My Dear Wife

My Dear Wife

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Story Title: My Dear Wife

Episodes: 6

Category: Erotic

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Episode 1

“Let me help you,” said Lucy as her hands made their way to Samuel’s tie. “No I’m not a child I’ll do it myseLf” her husband replied as he harshly pushed her hands away from his tie and did it himself. “Oh…okay ” said Lucy, keeping her hands to herself.

Their marriage has seen its fair share of disconnection in the past few months. Samuel started sleeping over at the office and sometimes he would come back in the middle of the night. They hardly had a meal together and Lucy was always the one to lie for him to his
children. They have been married for 18 years now. They have three beautiful children Bongani who is 17 ,Nosipho and Ntokozo who are twins.

Telling the girls lies was not that big of a deal but their brother was something else. He was older now and he did notice some of the disconnections going on at home but he just thought maybe he was overthinking the
situation. “Samuel what is the problem? “asked Lucy as she sat on their bed putting on her shoes. “I don’t know what you are talking about “he replied walking away from the mirror to the bed side table to get his files. “What happened to us, my love? We hardly talk these days and you are hardly at home. This has been going on for about six months now. I have things to tell you but you always turn me down. Whenever I try to call you
You say you are busy . I also tried texting but I got no replies. What happened to us ?” Asked Lucy looking at the reflection of her unconcerned husband in the mirror.

Samuel finished putting together his files in his briefcase and then he went out of the room. He didn’t have the courage to tell her he wanted to divorce. He couldn’t gather the courage to tell her he met someone else. He couldn’t tell her he was with that someone all those late nights he kept. He couldn’t just blurt out that all those nights he said he was in the office overnight he was with her. He couldn’t just say all those nights she tried to touch him but he refused because he was tired from his sexual exercise with his mistress Rose. That was why he felt like running away was the best and only thing he could do at that moment.

After he went out of the room Lucy took her bag and went downstairs to see if the kids were done with breakfast. She found them ready to go and they all went to her car. After securing the seatbelts of the girls she got in the car and drove them to school. Bongani’s school was the closest to their home so he preferred walking with his friends. After dropping off the girls. Lucy made her way to work. She was a nurse. Samuel made it to his office and he found Rose already there waiting for him. This has been their meeting place for some time now since he was a married man.

Hi Baby “Rose greeted him with a kiss. “What’s with the sour face? “she asked him as she led him to his chair and sat on his lap. “I think she knows about us “he told her with worry written all over his face. “Maybe that’s a good thing “she replied after a while. “I’m also tired of being hidden. I think it’s time to serve her the divorce papers “she said while running her hand on his chest. “I mean you said it yourself that you are tired of your marriage. Your mental and emotional well being are being tormented and it’s ok to want out for your sake. I know I sound selfish right now but I’m just looking out for you, she told him as she straddled him. “I know all that but it’s my children I’m worried about “he told her “Your children should be the more reason you go through with the divorce. You staying is just giving them false hope.

They will soon notice the tension between you guys and that will mess them up big time. Doing it now while you guys are on good terms will be good. There will be no fights and no necessity to drag each other to court” She told him. “Yeah that’s true because I don’t want us to hate each other. I want my children to have access to both of us freely. I’ll give her the papers tonight. ” He told her Just like that everything was settled for them. Samuel wanted to divorce because he felt that his wife lacked ambition. He misses the ambitious young girl who wanted to be a neurologist. He loved her so much that this woman who was content with just being a nurse bored him.

Samuel got home earlier than normal. He found his children preparing the table for supper. “Daddy should I fix a plate for you? “asked Ntokozo, the youngest of the twins. Even though she was used to his disappointing reply she always asked. But today was her lucky day. “Yes please “he replied. His children were so excited that they were going to have supper with him after a long time.After everything was prepared they all sat down. Lucy said grace and they all started eating.

“Daddy will you join us again tomorrow for breakfast ?Mommy said she will make pancakes “asked Nosipho with excitement written all over her face. Samuel couldn’t bear to be the one to burst her bubble so he agreed. “Daddy is awesome. I told you he will agree, “said Ntokozo. The family finished eating and the kids went to take their shower and prepared for bed. Lucy did the dishes and also cleared the table. She then joined Sam in the
dining room.

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