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My Dear Mother – Season 1 Episode 9

..I was immediately rushed to the hospital by Mrs Williams,so I was told,I was in comma for days fighting for my life,the pains ,and continual rape on an empty stomach had taking life out of me.After five days, I was able to opened my eyes,I could see the joy on the faces of those around,my mother,Mrs Williams and grandma,mother rushed to call the doctor who examined me.i was just starring at everyone not talking,my mother held me,she was happy I was alive. The doctor had called my mother and Mrs Williams to inform them about my case.that girl was abused sexually even on an empty stomach, thank God she was brought here at when due,it would have been a different story . Abused,Mrs Williams asked, that’s not possible,where would she have been possibly abused,who would have done that to a loving child like Christabel,Mrs Williams asked,mother was already crying,and they came to find out from me.


My daughter,what happened to you,who did this to you,mother asked,I was just staring at her, unable to speak.its been days and I was yet to say anything,the doctor examined me again,I had gone into depression,but that I shall be fine,he told them my been silent was at out fear an inability to trust,that means the person that did this evil act on me,was definitely someone close to me.


But who could that be ,Mrs Williams kept can’t possibly be my brother Ade, he’s too nice,gentle and educated to do such,I mean,he saw beautiful ladies in the university,he would have gone after any of them if he wanted a woman,it must be my gatekeeper Mrs Williams told my mother,if it were school time ,I would have asked the police to investigate the school,my gatekeeper Isaac is the only one that comes to mind.Madam in a case like this everyone is a suspect, including that brother of yours,the doctor said.well doc i don’t think my brother can do a thing like that,but if it happens he is the one, he’d face the law, Christabel is like a child to me, moreover,I have children and grandchildren,and I know how i would feel should they go through anything like this.


Christabel my daughter,please help me to help you,who did this to you who,Mrs Williams asked me.i held mother,and managed to say, mother, please take me home.Oh my child,I made a mistake once giving you out,I swear with my life,never to allow it repeat itself,I don’t know what I’d do if anything had happened to you.i am so sorry my child,I have failed you as a mother,I am so ashamed of myself, because of me you are going through so much child please help me get justice for you,that person will pay,even if it’s the last thing I do,who did this to you,mother asked.Mother I kept a letter for you in my room…I couldn’t speak much nor explained,I didn’t even want to talk about it,my heart was heavy,the whole thing replaying in my head.


Mrs Williams and mother rushed home, leaving me in the care of grandma.My child grandma said in tears,I know I am the worse grandmother on earth,I have failed you and your mother,I am alive strong and healthy,yet I didn’t take you in when Clement asked you at,inside I took you to my coolval stories friend,I was still angry at your mother for getting pregnant out of wedlock,but I failed to understand that you are not to blame for any of those,you are a special gift from God to us,I don’t know if you’ll ever forgive me,but my child know that I really do love you,and I shall live the rest of my life making up for the lost time,I am so so sorry ,please forgive grandpa and i.i couldn’t speak either,but my heart was merry to know that my grandmother loves me,hot tears were rushing down my cheeks.


Hours later,mother and Mrs Williams arrived the hospital,with tears in thier eyes.oh my child Mrs Williams said,I am so sorry,I didn’t imagine you girls weren’t safe with Ade, neither did I imagine Ade would be so evil,I tired to tell you but he wouldn’t let me speak, for days uncle Ade was hurting me on an empty stomach,I managed to speak.they were all sorry for all I went through.After some days,I was set to go home.uncle Ade was already at the police custody,he was tortured,and dealt with,Mrs Williams had said he would deal with her and make sure the case goes to court,but mother had said no, she had thought about it that she leaves him with God,I was the one who failed my daughter,if I hadn’t allow a man make me send my daughter out,this wouldn’t have happened,so I leave him with God the father to judge,I shall do my best and help my daughter recover,she said you were very kind to her,thank you very much Mrs Williams for being a mother to my child,oh come on Sarah,your mother and I have been friends for God knows how long,you are like a daughter to me, and Christabel is an adorable child that is so lovable,it hurts me to know these misfortune happened to her under my watch.while we were talking, Mabel who was cooking in the kitchen had fell,we rushed to where she was and saw she was lying motionless on the ground.we immediately rushed her to the hospital,the doctor revived her and ran some test,it was diagnosed she she was pregnant, and she fainted out of fatigue.


Bringing her home,Mrs Williams asked her how long what ever she had with uncle Ade had been,and she said from the day she started living with them,but you were only 11 then Mrs Williams asked,yes that because I had already started doing it when I was 9, my mother is a single parent,she brings different men home,and some of them started touching me as early as when I was 9, Jesus, Mrs Williams,mother and grandmother all these have been going on between Ade and you over 2years and you refused to speak out,now you are bearly 14,and you are already in the family way.mrs Williams placed a call to the police station asking for uncle Ade release according to mother’s wish,he also placed a call to mabel’s mother.


Soon they were both with us, uncle Ade knelt and apologized for everything,you are evil Adeyemi,how could you do this to little girls, children under your watch,how evil can you be,well you are lucky Sarah doesn’t want a case on you,I would have dealt with you,now you will go into the house,and get every trash you call yours and leave my house,by the way you are going to be a father soon,Mabel is pregnant with your child,what? mabel’s mum shouted,I won’t take it,my little girl of just 14 pregnant, Mrs Williams how can you allow you brother defile my baby.


which baby,and who defiled who,if you must know,uncle Victor one of your numerous boyfriends coming to see you was the one who defiled me five years ago when I was 9.i learnt everything I am today from you,uncle Ade didn’t rape me,I gave myself to him,the only person he raped was Christabel,so stop the pretence mom,mabel said.


Her mother was speechless,she couldn’t say a word,you forgot you had a daughter who learns from everything she sees you do, do you think it’s even to teach a child moral verbally,oh no my dear,you have to live right morally if you want your child to be morally I want you three out of my house and never come back,mabel go in there pack you things and get out,uncle Ade and Mabel were begging to stay but Mrs Williams refused,they were thrown out,I would have loved to help you mabel,but you are already with a child,you just have to deal with the path you choosed by following your mother’s footsteps.


Mrs Williams wanted me to continued living with her,but mother refused,saying she can not give her child to anyone anymore.we stayed back at Abuja for some days,and soon we were set to return home.mrs Williams drove us to the park,soon we were inside a bus going home.

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