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My Dear Mother – Season 1 Episode 7

….What is it Christabel,Mrs Williams asked me, bringing me back from my thoughts,oh nothing ma,I said,but you look so lost in thoughts, what’s wrong,she asked me, nothing ma,I am fine.or Maybe you missed your mother,don’t worryI shall try and call her,so you talk with her,she brought out her phone,and called my mom,but she wasn’t answering.


At night,I went to our room,and was starring at mabel,I didn’t know the exact words to tell her,what is it,she asked me?, Mabel,why was uncle Ade touching you like that,,I asked,well if you know what is good for you,you had better stop poking your nose where it is not needed.

I kept quiet and was starring at her before I finally answered the call of nature and fell at sleep.


Mrs Williams was hardly at home,as she has a busy supermarket, therefore I was at home most of the day with uncle Ade and Mabel .They didn’t stop what they were doing.soon we went on holidays,I was home 24hours of the day.


I was already 12,I was having my bath that morning,when uncle Ade came to our room,he probably came to see Mable,but she had gone to buy something,he heard someone bathing, thinking she was the one I guess,he opened the bathroom door ,he saw me and I was shocked seeing him standing at the door.uncle Ade,what do you want,I asked in mixed feeling of both shock and fear.where is mabel?,he asked,she went to buy something,I replied, really,he said looking at me with lust all over him,I was wondering what he was still doing standing there since I had already answered him,you are not looking bad you know,he said,see you small breasts,I was already getting angry,mother had thought me never to allow a man say those words to me.Uncle Ade please excuse me I want to bath,and I do not like your looking at my breast I said,,,oh sorry small madam he said and shut the door.i was happy he had gone.


I finished bathing and came out of the bathroom,with only my towel on me,when I saw uncle Ade sitten on our bed,uncle Ade,what ,what are you doing on our bed,I stuttered,he came closer to where I was,while I was shifting back, you see,you are a beautiful girl,and I like you,you see that thing you saw me doing to Mabel,I am going to do it to you,and I promise you are going to enjoy it,just relax and I promise you will be enjoy it,he said.uncle don’t touch me,don’t come close to me,uncle don’t come close to me,I was saying with so much fear,but my words fell on deaf ears as he didn’t listen,he came to me,and grabbed me to the bed,he pinned me down,covered my mouth,and began to force himself on me,he took my innocence.oh it hurt,it really did,I cried,I cried and I cried,but no help was coming.i called out for mother,I needed her,oh DEAR MOTHER I am going through hell,and pains,I need you,I really do.but of course mother was far away.


While he was still riding me like a horse,the door pushed open, someone had walked in,it was mabel,oh I was happy this would make him stop,but it didn’t,he continued,and continued,he even was going faster untill he had his full,and then he came down panting like one who had been involved in a marathon race.


Mabel was angry at him,so it’s her now,it’s her,mabel said to him,oh no my sweet potato,I just wanted to know what she’d taste like,but of course she’s nothing compared to you my sweet mango,he said to her,suprisenly she wore a broad smile she wasn’t even concerned about me nor the pains I was going through,she came to him,sat on his laps and he began to caress her breasts,he was touching and kissing her,both of them not minding I was there,soon they were on the bed ,and I saw him rid her like he did to me,the sight was not dignifying,but I was too weak and tired to move out of the room,I just sat down on the floor weeping profusely and wishing mother was there.when they were through,uncle Ade got dressed and went to his room.


For hours I was still sitting on the floor weeping, what’s wrong with you , mabel asked see how you are acting as if you didn’t enjoy what uncle Ade did to you,she said to you know since when I started doing this,you that is 12,going to 13, you are crying as if you are a baby,I started doing this when I was 9,my mummy’s boyfriend does it with me anytime he came to our house and my mummy wasn’t around,I was shocked to hear that.he even says I am sweeter than my mummy.even when I go to visit my mom now and he comes,he still does it with me,I didn’t die even when I was 9,let alone a 12 year old, you are acting as if he killed you.she hissed and walked out on me….


I didn’t eat all through that day,I was angry at everything and everyone.At about 7:30pm Mrs Williams had come,I heard her voice and went down to serve her water as I always do when ever she returned home.Goodevening ma,I greeted , goodevening Christabel,and thanks for the water As always.Christable what is it,you don’t look your usual self,you look sad,what is it,don’t tell me you are missing you mother again,is it because she didn’t answer her phone yesterday,don’t worry, I’d try and cAll her again,she said out of concern ,,no ma,it’s not about that ,I want to tell you something ma,I said.oh Christabel,you know you can always talk to me,what is it.


It’s uncle,Uncle Ade,heeeeee before I could continue,uncle Ade walked in…..

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