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My Dear Mother – Season 1 Episode 2

……. Uncle Clement and mom became an item,they didn’t date for long before uncle clement asked mum to marry him,she asked him to wait a little longer so they can get to know themselves more, but uncle Clement said there was no point in wasting each other’s time. He wanted to marry her there was no need delaying.


Mother really needed time it was less than three months they met,she told aunty Stella about the development,and aunty stella was so happy for mother.But Stella don’t you think this proposal is too early, I mean we met less than four months ago, I’ll still like to know more about him. Mother had said.


What is there to know,eheenn I mean,marriage is a school, you’d get to know him more day by day .see,if you let this young handsome man slip pass you,I tell you,you may never be able to fine someone like him,aunt had are right Stella,see James, that I dated for almost three years, thinking I understood him in and out,did he not still abandoned him and my daughter for another girl,it’s not really by the time, again,aunty stella had made mum accept uncle Clement proposal.


Uncle Clement liked me,he bought me things whenever he came visiting, marriage plans were going on,aunty stella was very supportive,my mother’s parent where all smiles that at last she did them honour by bringing a man to come pay her bride price.


In less than a month,the marriage ceremony of my DEAR MOTHER and Uncle Clement was done.


As we moved into uncle Clement two bedroom apartment ,I didn’t know what to expect,or what to feel,I had never had a father figure before,it had always been mother and I all along., but somehow I managed to see the bright side of the whole situation,I was encourage by the fact that I now have a complete family.


After mother had stayed four a week at home,she had to return to her business before she loses all her customers.


By now I was already in primary four,I thought mother getting married to Uncle Clement would be a blessing,but it turned out to be my biggest nightmare.


i was already use to holding my mother before I could sleep,so mother didn’t stop,she would come to my room at first to put me to sleep before joining daddy (uncle Clement) in thier room,the first few days it coolval stories was okay.but on the sixth day or there about,mother was taking me to my room to put me to sleep when he stopped her.And where do you think you are going to,he asked mother,I am going to put our daughter to sleep,she she’s a baby, a nine year old child can not sleep without her mother,what nonsense,he shouted at mom and asked her never to try it.i and mom were suprised at his reaction,we hadn’t seen him that angry,never the less,we obeyed,mom stayed back while I went to my room alone.


I was unable to find sleep,I kept rolling from one part of my bed to another,but why will daddy ask mother not to come to my room to put me to sleep,did I or mother offended him,I thought all through,well it’s possible he had a bad day,I just imagined,I was able to find sleep in the early hours of the morning.


Uncle Clement would always drive mom to her shop,and come pick us in the evening when she must have done selling, I’d always go to Mama’s shop after school and we’d come home together In Daddy’s car. Mother at first thought father was being loving and caring by taking her to the shop and bringing us back,not untill father started sitting with mother in her shop, he’d refuse to go to work,he was working as a supervisor in a growing company.mother’s shop became his new office,and whenever we got home it was a problem.He would wear a long face while driving untill we get home . immediately we went inside, he’d start,you are such a cheap useless good for nothing woman,see how you were smiling at that a man, he’d say.honey was I supposed to frown at the man,I sell food,and my appearance and approach is what will make people keep coming to my shop or not, mother would try to explain,shut up I say,which usually goes with a resounding slap.i will stand by and watch uncle Clement beat my mother mercilessly for nothing …


Because of father’s stay in the shop and Mother’s change of attitude as to how she approached her customers,many had to look for another place they could eat where the cook’s husband will not give them attitude neither will the cook herself be unfriendly,with that mother lost all her customers and she had to stop the business as she was wasting her finance cooking and eating it by ourselves or throwing them away because they had gone bad..


In a space of three months,mother had become a shadow of her former self,I couldn’t help but wished she hadn’t married uncle Clement, because our lives were better and peaceful before he came in…..

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