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My Dear Mother – Season 1 Episode 15 [Completed]

…..We became family friends with Mr Raphael and Mimi,we went to their place often,while they come to ours too, especially Mimi, oh she loved mother and I,she always loved to be with us.Mr Raphael soon began to buy things in twos whenever he bought for his daughter,she brings the other to me, Mimi liked us putting on matching outfits,when we go out people ask mother or Mr Raphael (yes you heard me Mr Raphael takes us out together with his daughter often),are your daughters twin,to cut long story short they would always say yes.i was two months Mimi’s senior,we were almost same height,and both beautiful teenagers.


One day as we went to visit Mr Raphael n Mimi,I asked for pictures,mini brought their family abulm,they were beautiful memories,and we saw more of Mimi’s mom’s pictures,so I asked her, Mirabel,where is your mom?I had asked…


She kept quiet for sometime,her father and my mom were there too, she passed,her father replied,oh so sorry Mr Raphael,Mimi my daughter so sorry dear,mother said,went to were she was and held her tightly , trying to console her,she was almost in tears,was she sick,mother asked Mr Raphael..


No she wasn’t,she had a stillbirth,she couldn’t take the pain, because that baby had come after a long time,we had Mimi,we had that child after 10years of having Mimi,we were all happy,and getting ready to welcome the baby,but unfortunately the baby didn’t make it alive , Angela couldn’t come to terms to the fact that we lost the baby,,she started thinking so much, taking hard drinks and locking herself inside the baby’s supposed was difficult for me,I tried to help her heal,but she shut me out completely,she wanted to be alone,she could stay indoors for a week without seeing the sun.soon she fell sick,and her heart couldn’t take the pains,she died,we all were in tears now.


I am so sorry, mother said,oh no need to be,it’s been years now, we are getting over Raphael said.


We became super close to the family, Mimi could pass the night in our place,while I do the same at her place,we went out together,we went to some beautiful places ,and had fun.


Mr Raphael couldn’t thank me and my mother for accepting them into our homes and lives, according to him,his daughter was only this happy and playful when her mother was alive,but she had withdrawn,after her mother’s death and had been trying hard to live without her mother.When mother heard this,she felt bad for Mimi,and she took her like her own daughter,she gave her the love of a Mother,it may not have been like her mother’s,but mother loved her genuinely and she knew it.


Soon mother on Mr Raphael became Friends with Mother,when ever we had Parents Teachers Association meeting,the available parents goes to represent, Mother sometimes goes to represent Mimi,while Mr Raphael Sometimes represents me.we were happy to have met each other,as it seems we were complementing ourselves.


Mother told Mr Raphael her story,and how unlucky she had been with men,and her decision to give up on love,and to concentrate in been a perfect mother for me.Never say never he said,no one is too old to find love, and no matter how life treats you,don’t give up on love, there’s a special person for you,some persons find their true love at first trial,others at second,third,forth or even fifth,but if they had given up ,they would have died miserably,so please relax,and hope for the best,he said…


Months on,Mr Raphael called I and Mimi, saying we have a

Discussion.Bella,he called,yes sir,do you like me as a person,he asked, of course I do sir,you are the nicest man I have ever seen ,you gave me,a beautiful Christmas and smiles, thank so much sir,I said, you are welcome dear Child,he replied.


Mimi,do you love aunty stella,he asked , of course yes dad,she is nice. Okay girls,the truth is I have come to love her,he said. woowww, dad you in love,this is so amazing,so dad tell us,have you told her,Mimi asked.


No,not at all,I don’t know her she’d take it,I wouldn’t want it jeopardizing the friendship we have already, that’s where you girls come in,please help me out…But how? Uncle,I had asked,my dear,I don’t know,he said…,

hmmmmm, okay then, just give us sometime to try our best,I had said.tanks so much young Ladies,I am counting on you two,I would really love for I and Sarah to settle down as man and wife.,thanks so much my darling daughters, I look forward to hearing something good.okay sir,no problem dad I and Mimi said respectively.


Mom,I so love the way Mimi is so close to her father,I only wish I had one,they are so lovely,I had said.yes my daughter,they are,but unfortunately dear,wishes aren’t replied.yes mom,you are so right,but I think Mr Raphael likes you,infact I think he loves you, there’s this special way he looks at you with love in his eyes,he would make a good husband and a good fathhhhhhhh,shut up Christabel,mom interrupted me,what in the name of heaven’s do you know about love,you had better keep quiet and stop assuming things.just then,Mimi who was standing by the door came in,no Aunty Sarah,she isn’t assuming things,father confided in both of us about his feeling for you, he’s only shy and doesn’t know how to approach you,father had not approach a lady in such a long time,so he wasn’t confident in himself,you two makes an amazing couple, Please Aunty Sarah,please mom,we bought persuaded mom.


Fine,,, enough you two,even if I feel anything for Rap,I can’t possibly be the to approach him on excuse that he’s shy,oh no, mother said.mimi and I looked at each other, not knowing what to do.


Days on,we came up with a plan,we faked a business meeting with mom and Mr Raphael respectively, thesame time, thesame fast food,and thesame arrived first,she took water, waiting for her supposed business partner,minutes on Mr Raphael came in,he went to mom,goodday sarah,how are you doing, uncle Raphael asked,oh am fine sir, tanks alot,I am actually waiting for a business partner,oh that’s, good,I am waiting for a business partner too,then Mimi and I came out,well we are sorry to disappoint you two, there is no business partner,you too are each other’s business partners today, Mimi said,well,one of you had better talk, I said,Mimi and I looked at each other, laughed and went out.we could see the both of them from where we are,at first they weren’t talking , minutes on,daddy spoke,we saw his mouth moved,but we didn’t know what he said, soon,dad and Mom came out and saw both of us.


They Continued dating for sometime,and soon Mr Raphael popped the big question,and it was a yes,wedding ringing, Mimi and I were so happy.soon the wedding day was here,mother had found love again,even though it wasn’t easy for mother and I,we were able to smile at last,….

Aunty Sarah was happy for mother,that had always there dream,that mom be a wife.


I am currently in Canada with my sister Mimi for educational purposes,while mom and mr Raphael,who is now dad are in Nigeria with our little brother Victory…..


Being in an abusive marriage,and trying to change an adult is a no no ,mom was able to be with a man who valued and values her.


There is A man for ever woman,and a woman for every and value yourself before anyone else will,you don’t give what you don’t have,love yourself…


Marriage is beautiful,I really hope we find peace and harmony in our various homes.




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