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My Dear Mother – Season 1 Episode 14

….I was shocked,and looking at mom,she was too,uncle Clement???,what could have happened to him,mother and I were wondering and it was written all over us,uncle Raphael noticed that we were starring at the man that was rushed in,do you know him,Mr Raphael asked mom,oh yes we do,she replied,oh are you going yet or you are waiting because of this new case,no no,mother said,we are going.

Okay then let’s go he said.


Soon we arrived home, thank you very much sir, Mom told Mr Raphael, please take care of Mimi,I said,oh certainly I shall,he said, bye.


We went in,but mother was still restless, trying to know what would have happened to uncle Clement,I was thinking about the whole thing too,mother you would have allowed us stayed back at the hospital,at least to know what happened to uncle Clement, I said. yes my daughter,no matter what he’s someone we know,we should have stayed and check up on him,we shall be going back there first thing in the morning,mother said…


The next day,as early as 6am we had arrived at the hospital,we asked a nurse about Uncle Clement’s room,we were directed to it,he was looking very pale and weak,his head had been bandaged,he was very surprised to see us.Sarah, Christabel,hot tears flowing from his eyes.I remembered all he made mother and I go through,I was beginning to get angry at him,when I heard his voice say to me, Christabel, please forgive me dear child,I was so mean to you ,your little heart took too much of the bitterness in me,I am so sorry dear child,,,,he said.


Did I just hear that, uncle Clement asking for forgiveness,I had a little joy in my heart.


Sarah,the biggest mistake I made in my entire life was to have sent you out of my house and life has never been thesame since you left,I am so sorry ,I only wish I could turn back the hands of time,I honestly wish I didn’t,you were a blessing to my life,God gave you to me even though I didn’t deserve a woman like you,(mother was already in tears,I know she would have been reminiscing about the past with uncle Clement),you didn’t give up on me,yet in my foolishness I still sent you out,I ammmmm,it’s okay Clement,mother cut in,you can safe the apologies for later,what are you doing here,I mean what happened to you,were you involved in an accident?.


If it were an accident,it would have been better,he was In tears,I left an angel like you only to take in a devil.when I sent you out,I remarried,and marrying Cynthia was nothing but having a curse on my very self.she is fire,we had a little argument yesterday,and she hit my head with a rod,if not for the neighbors that rushed me here it would have been a different story,she didn’t even make an attempt to help me,I have met with the devil agent in person,he was in so much pain,I could only but imagine the amount of pain he was passing through in the hands of his current wife…


Hmmmmm,it’s such a pity,mother said,we have our lives to live and our choices to make,you have made yours and unfortunately you have to live with it,it’s such a pity.i actually thought you were involved in an accident,I was worried for you yesterday,but now that I know it’s from your wife,I am afraid I can’t say anything, because she’s your wife,just be strong,take care Clement,mom took me by the hand,and we went out of the room.getting out,mother cried,she cried profusely,I believe it was a way to ease the tension in her heart and to wash every pain she was feeling away.


We went to Mimi’s wards,and she and her father were suprised to have seen us so early in the morning, goodmorning madam Sarah,Mr Raphael greeted mom,good morning sir,mother responded,you guys came very early he said,yes we did,we actually came to see the man from yesterday I told you we know,,ohhhh,how is he,he asked, he’s still on treatment,tanks for your concern, mother asked.


The doctor says I shall be discharged today in few hours,,will you go with me home,Mimi asked me and mom,well I would if mom allows me,I said,madam Sarah pleasesssss,,,okay mother said.


In few hours indeed Mimi was discharged,we followed them home,my God this family is blessed I had said in my heart,their home is a mansion,going in,I saw a beautifully hung family portrait of Mimi,her dad,and a beautiful lady whom I presumed to be her mom,I only but wished I had a complete family like that…

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