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My Dear Mother – Season 1 Episode 13

MOTHER and I run to where she was lying helplessly on the ground, we carried her in a taxi and rushed to the nearest hospital, she was very unconscious it was emergency. The doctors and nurses quickly attended to her, she was there for hours, and was not improving,we didn’t know how to reach members of her family as that was the first time we were seeing her, mother and paid the deposit before the doctors could administer treatment on her.


It was 7 p.m. and we knew her parents would be wondering her where about, so we decided to go through her bag, to see if we could find anything that would be a lead to reaching her family. Opening her bag, I saw that she had a phone which was on silent, she had missed many calls, I took the phone to view who the callers were, it was her dad, she had missed his calls 23 times, her father would have been worried why she wasn’t home from school at that time I guess, so mother and I decided that will return his call, we called back via her phone.


Hello sir, hello hello, mirabel,where are you I’m at your school and why haven’t you been picking your calls. Hello sir this isn’t mirabelle, I am christabel, christabel who are you and why are you with my daughter’s phone?, Sir I’m afraid your daughter was involved in an accident, she’s currently at God’s hand hospital receiving treatment in the emergency Ward, what? the man shouted my baby hospitalised emergency Ward. I am coming I’m coming immediately…


About 30 minutes later, a man walked in sweating profusely, mirabel he kept shouting, I knew immediately that this must be the girl’s father, good day sir I was the one that called you, how are you my dear, where is my daughter, please calm down sir, she’s well taken care of mother said, she’d be fine Goodday madam ,I am Raphael, Mirabel’s father.the doctor came out,mother rushed to where he was, doctor how is she?,oh don’t worry mam,your daughter will be okay,calm down, she’s out of danger now,you can see her.we all rushed in.


Mimi,her father rushed to where she was on the bed and hugged her,I am so sorry baby, please forgive me,I didn’t come to pick up at school,I am so sorry please forgive me,it’s okay dad,she managed to speak,I know you would not leave me in school an extra second if it wasn’t something serious and important.,am so sorry baby,….


I couldn’t help but feel jealous,i have never had the privilege to have a father’s love all my life,here is a girl my age, swimming in the ocean of her father’s love,if only she knew what she had,she was blessed.mother may have noticed or read my thoughts,she came to where I was and held me.Dad,this woman is very nice,I was so hungry,and had to look for what to eat,I went to two other shops for food, but they shouted at me to leave,this woman gave me food,when I told her I hadn’t eaten,she and her daughter are nice.


Oh thank you very much ma,I am Very grateful,God bless you,my younger brother’s wife was in labour,so I had to drive them to the hospital since my brother’s car had issues,has aunty Kate put to bed,the girl asked,yes baby,it’s a boy,the father replied…woooowwww,I have a little cousin.


Thank you ma,and you my little friend,he shook me,tanks problem sir,we are glad we could help,mother live around,he asked,oh no sir,I live close to your child’s school,I am the owner of Bella’s Foods and catering services at the junction of your child’s school,oh ,oh,no wonder you face seems familiar, thank you very much madam Bella,he said,oh no I am sarah,my princess here is the Bella, Christabel actually.ohhh nice meeting you my little friend Christabel,hmmm Christabel and my daughter is Mirabel interesting,we all laughed.


Sir ,we shall be on our way, Mimi,please get well soon,mother said.thank you ma, would you come tomorrow to see me, of course we shall,mother said.Mimi,bye, please be strong.thank you very much madam Sarah,her father offered to drop us at the shop…


Thank you once again madam,I am grateful,he deeped his hands in his pocket,and brought the deposit mother paid,oh no sir no problem,no no no,I would only be at peace with myself,na be comfortable around you if you accept this, please,mother took the money since he insisted,as a matter of fact he doubled it.they also exchanged phone no,to keep in touch with mimi.when we got home that evening,before we slept,mother placed a call to mr Raphael to check up on Mimi,she was happy we called,and she reminded us to come visit her the next day.


The next day, after we had close from the shop,we went to the hospital,it was past 5,I thought you weren’t coming again,Mimi said,we promised we shall,and we always keep our promises, because a promise is a promise,i said.i sat on her bed, holding her hands,how are Mimi,mother asked,am fine thank you mam, thanks for coming,Mr Raphael said,she has been eagerly waiting for both of you,she had thought you weren’t coming again,,,oh no,we decided to just come after the close of the shop,so we go home from here.okay, that’s nice too..


We stayed with Mimi in the hospital, keeping her company,when it was past 7,we decided to go home, thanks for coming,Mimi said again….

Get well soon Mimi,so you could go home,I said,okay Bella,I shall,only if you promise to come visit me at home,,,okay ,I promise,I said, remember a promise is a promise,she said,I laughed,I know,and I always keep my promises.


Okay let me go and drop you,Mr Raphael said,oh no sir,you mustn’t drop us ,we are fine,mother said,no no,it’s fine,please allow me,he we came out to the hospital entrance,we saw someone been rushed in,in the pool of his own blood, looking closely,it was Uncle Clement….

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