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My Dear Mother – Season 1 Episode 12

Getting to the door,I saw man I didn’t know,he was starring at me,is she the one,he asked mom,get out of my house,mother shouted, please Sarah,I am sorry,I really am sorry,please.


Really,really,you abandoned your child and I for over 11years, and all you can do is come back oneday saying you are sorry,so if i had abandoned her the way you did years back,which child would you have to come to mother shouted,Sarah,I know you tried,yes I know,but please,allow me sarah to be the father of our child. I thought they said you were married and with kids so what happened to those all mighty asked, The man kept quiet for a while, he was too shy to say anything, where are your kids ,what happened to your kids,that all of a sudden you remembered you have one here you abandoned and rejected . Sarah it wasn’t my fault my family made me believe you weren’t good for me or you weren’t going to make a good wife,,, they were very concerned about our tribal differences and made me marry someone from our tribe, actually she was forced on me because she had refused to marry me at first, I really tried to make them see reasons and allow us together with our daughter but they insisted as a first son it’s only nice for me to get a wife from amongst us.well real men make decisions and stand by it,n not been pushed around by family,mom said.


My mother made her friend’s daughter marry me even though it was against her wish at first she had to agree when the pressure from both my mother and her mother was unbearable, we had lived for eight years and had three children together, only for me to find out 3 months ago that none of those children was mine. Mother was shocked when she heard this, as for me I was just staring a both of them because I really didn’t understand what was happening,the man on the other hand, was already in tears, I loved and cared for Jessica, I did all expected of a man to his family, but little did I know I was fetching water with the basket, Another man came claiming my kids where his,he said,


well,that’s karma for you,mom said.I was devastated, I didn’t believe, my wife could cheat on me,when I informed my family members of the development,they were suprised,a meeting was held,and my supposed wife said,she was already pregnant with our first baby for her boyfriend when my mother and mine forced her into marrying me,so she did,and then presented another man’s child as mine,buy even after that baby,she didn’t stop visiting her lover,they continued untill they had extra two babies,making my three children, another’s man’s kids.these past few days of my life has been the very worse ,I have been through hell and back


He cried , and cried,as I speak to you now,I can’t find my wife ,the kids nor the the man,my life has been a mess,but thennnnnnnn


Then you remembered you have a child somewhere, you are sick in the head and definitely needs mental evaluation,a child you abandoned well let this be the very last time you will bring your two left legs to my house,or open your mouth , seeking for a Child here.get inside,mom said to me and shut the door.


As we arrived inside,I asked mom who the man was,she told me he wasn’t anyone important,so I should not bother ,i didn’t push further as I could see mom wasn’t comfortable with the issue,but is he my father? ,I managed to ask after some minutes ,mother surprised,she noded her hair affirmatively,I ran out,but couldn’t find the man,he had gone.i was sad that I didn’t get to know.


I got to know my father,mother allowed us,but told him she had nothing to do with him,she didn’t want him in her life,when he tried so much to get mom n it didn’t work,his coming became limited,he came only once a while to check up on me,he preferred to have a phone call.


Mother’s business was going well and Mother was shinny.she had many customers,almost every weekend mother had a job to cook in someone’s occasion.


It’s been two years,I was already in senior secondary school 2,i have been living peacefully with my mom,it wasn’t easy,but I had recoverd from my excapde with Uncle Ade, though I didn’t forget,I was stronger.


One day after school,I was helping mother at her shop,when a girl on school uniform at about my age came to mother.goodafternoon mam,she greeted, please ma,I Am hungry, could you give me a little food,i don’t have any money,mother felt pity on the girl,and served her food.she was very grateful,she thanked mother and I when she was done eating,she took her plate to where water and soap was,she wanted to wash herself,I stopped her and asked her not to bother,I took it from her,your parents have done so much In your upbringing,mother said.whike the girl gave a smile,.we charted for some minutes nd introduce ourselves,the girl was a nice person,she liked me,and I liked her too.


Okay Bella,bye she said,as she takes her leave, goodbye ma, God bless you for a wonderful meal,I really appreciate,she said to mom.we bidded her goodbye,as she was about to cross back,we heard a loud scream,the girl had been hit by a car,who didn’t even wait to see how she and I ran to the scene…

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