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My Dear Mother – Season 1 Episode 10

While going home I had so many thoughts on my mind,where do I even call home,Uncle Ade had tempered with my innocence,and my step father at home would not allow me find peace of mind.what is it going to be,will I be going through that emotional torture all over again,I had thought.


mother noticed I was lost in thought,what is it my child,she asked,I said nothing,my child,I know what you went through isn’t easy,I also know you will need time to heal,but please don’t shut me out,talk to me,she said.mother what home are we going?,I asked,home?,our home of course,she replied,our home with Daddy Clement?,she then realised my fears and worries,my child,do not be afraid,I was weak and ignorant,but trust me this time,i shall be your strength and pillar of support,I shall never allow you off my sight,this I promise you,,some persons sitting close to us who heard us, turned to have a glimpse of mother and daughter.


We arrived Edo towards evening,,, grandma asked us to go with her home,and then go home the next day,mother obliged and so we went with granny home.Granny had stew in the freezer,she made rice,and even served me with a pack of juice,I had never been welcome with so much amount of reception in my grandparents home.myself and mother ate and had our bath.


At about 8pm,grampa called us all,to have a talk in the sitting room.oviewen,my child,he started,I had neglected you from the first time you concieved of my granddaughter,indeed I was angry,I really was,getting pregnant at of wedlock and without proper education was not what I bargained for you, nevertheless two wrongs does not make a right,I should have given you a second chance,even when you were sorry and pleaded for forgiveness over and over again.i even turned my back on you when that stupid boy sent you out,I have failed you in so many ways,I even transferred the anger to my first grandchild,I am very sorry Sarah,please forgive me,


Baba, thank you so much,this means a lot to me.,I understand you were angry,I am now a mother,and I can say I understand you better, every parents has dreams and aspiration for their children,and they feel disappointed when that dream seems cut short,so baba, iye,I hold nothing against you.mother said…they had a hug.


My baby Bella,I know I haven’t treated you fairly as your grandpa,my beloved child,am so sorry for the pains that bastard caused you,I know you need time to heal,I pray you forgive me for not been there,I went to were he was and hugged him so tightly,I forgive you grandpa,how I long for this .we had a wonderful time with granny’s and even stayed for extra two days before going on.


Sarah don’t you think Christabel should start living with I and your father,I mean considering the fact that your husband doesn’t want her around, she’ll be safer here, I’d take proper care of her, grandma said..iye,uwese,thank you very much for your love and concern,but I do not want my child out of my sight anymore,I want her to always be by my side,mother said.Clement should learn to deal with that.okay dear,if you say so,granma said.


We arrived home at about 2pm,to meet uncle clement watching a movie, Goodafternoon honey mother greeted,good afternoon daddy,I said ,eheeen,welcome,and then he went back to his movie,no warm reception, despite the fact that he hadn’t seen me in months.i wondered what kind of a person he is..I actually thought he would have changed for good.


About four days after my arrival,he called mother, Sarah,when exactly is your daughter leaving my house,he asked.its been days she got here.Clement,I left this house over a week ago,after receiving Mrs Williams call that my child was admitted in the hospital,you never called me whether I arrived Abuja or not,nor to find out what was wrong with Christabel.we are home now,it’s been four days,you haven’t asked About her health or what was wrong with her,want kind of a man are you,if she were you daughter,your own flesh and blood, would you treat her this way.mother asked,well you have said it all,if she were my daughter,and unfortunately she is I really don’t care what happens to haven’t answered my question,when is she leaving my house.?uncle Clement asked.well my daughter is not leaving my side ever again,when you came to me to ask my hand in marriage,I told you I was a single mother,and not willing to be separated from my child,you said you knew and you didn’t mind having her as your child too,I never knew you were only pretending and there was no fatherly love in youuuu,


how dare you say those words to me,he asked mother accompanied by a sound slap,mother didn’t allow his hand go down,when she retaliated the slap with two sounding slaps on his both cheeks,I was shocked to my bones, uncle Clement was shocked as well,he didn’t see that coming,and I believe not even in his dream would he had believed mom would do that.Clement,I only respect you as my husband,I am not scared of you,next time you raise those hands of yours on me,I will drag you by the law,I would make sure you visit the police station,and the women right corporative,you would not want to see the other side of me…


Sarah,you raised you hands on me,you dare raise your hands on me,I can see you are possessed,but I give you four days,four days to get this thing you call a child out of my house,else you would see your things outside,four days,four days,he said and walked away.i ran to mom,she hugged me,with tears rolling through her face,don’t worry my child,we shall survive this,that I promise,we shall.


Uncle Clement stopped eating mummy’s food, stopped answering her greetings,and stopped talking to her,he wasn’t talking to me nor answering my greetings either ..


It was exactly four days,the noise had woken us up,it was uncle Clement,he was bringing mother’s things and mine out,he was scattering the whole house, neighbors had gathered, waiting happen brother Clement,why you dey throwey your wife things,he didn’t answer any of them,what is the meaning of this Clement mother asked,why are you bringing my things out,well we can not have two captains in a ship,since you can no longer respect me as the man of this house,then there is no point living under the same roof before you will drag me to women corporate ,this thing we call marriage is done,it’s been two years,you couldn’t give me a child,yet you want me to be fathering the useless child you had with another man, Clement don’t call my child names, don’t,mother said,well I don’t need you in my life anymore,you are useless to me,so get your useless self out of my presence he said and locked the door then went out with the keys.


we waited for about five hours uncle clement didn’t show up,so mother and I went to granny’s place,but we didn’t go with any of our things Uncle Clement brought out.

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