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My Cold Revenge – Episode 9

I was knocked down by a hit and run driver and was taken to the hospital by a good Samaritan.. Didn’t you notice my phone has been off since?

Bola : yea…. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry… Hope you aren’t hurt… Hope you are Ok?

Me : I’m getting better…

Just a little scratch… The security guy might have locked the door thinking that there’s no one inside… I’m sorry swt..

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Bola : oh that’s nothing… Hope you were given drugs?

Me : yea…

Bola : ok will you be able to come to school tomorrow?

Me : I’ll manage…

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Bola : ok …..make sure you get plenty of rest… The phone went off…. Well that was a good one I played on her… Lolz… But I don turn baddo o… Well she deserves even worse than that…. But I’ll have to plaster my face to school tomorrow o…. Ooo double wahala…. I jumped out of bed and went to another nearby pharmacist to get a plaster ………..

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I don’t want her to suspect a thing…. I’ll eat her slowly like a worm and gradually bring her down in all aspects…. As for johnny I’ve got plans for him as well… I just need some time to think of how to get his gf that he loves so much…..that would be the only thing that will cause him serious pains…..

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Just with time….. I studied for a while and then went to bed…

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