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My Cold Revenge – Episode 4

After the close of school I waited for bola to come out of the class… I really wanted her to feel embarrassed just the same way I felt… But I just can’t think of what to do to her…. As usual on seeing me she changed her walk step and started walking like a wet puppy… I ignored those walk steps as that was not my probz…. So what kind of embarrassment did you pull out there?…. I’m sorry honey but I re do love you and I don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed by what happened in class…. In fact I love every single bit of that moment….

The look on your face clearly showed things can work out between us…. See me see trouble o…. Girl stop building castles in the air…. Respect your self dignity and stop chasing after guys.. It’s unhealthy for a lady as pretty as you are… That’s your take on that…. But I ain’t gonna give up on you…. She said and walked away…… It’s not like I don’t like females o but I just don’t like this sisi…. She’s just too saucy for my liking…… Later in the evening, I went out with Johnny….

He called me to actually come see him so we could hang out…. Johne howfar nah….. I teased… I dey like dele o…. Everything good for your side… So why you say mah come visit you nah…? Abegi nah crime to visit your friend? At least sit down nah…. I sat down and then he went inside to change…. When he came out, he beckoned on me and I followed him o….. We got to a bar and then we sat down… He ordered for two bottles of Heineken drink…. Guy Wetin dey sup nah I asked looking rather surprised… Just chill and relax he assured me … From the look on his face he seems like one who’s expecting someone…. I sipped the Heineken nodding my head to Mama by kiss Daniel…. In less than thirty minutes, bola and a girl whose face looked familiar walked in…. Shuo…. Wetin be this one nah? I asked johnny… Guy just relax Abeg.. This bae don dey disturb me taya… I felt like punching johnny but they were already close so I just acted like a cool guy…. And faked a smile…. Bola walked up to me and gave me a peck… See me see wahala o… She sat close to me while the other girl who I got to know as Joyce clinched to johnny…. I got a call and had to excuse myself to go take the call….

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This is the one mistake I made in an entire lifetime…. You’ll soon find out… I got back and sat down……. I felt uneasy and didn’t wanna take the drink but johnny for some reason best known to him urged me to finish my drink….. On finishing the drink, I started feeling dizzy …. My head ached badly…. I couldn’t see properly tho…. But I saw bola holding my hand and dragging me to where I don’t know………. Johnny assisted her holding one of my arm while she held the other…. We got into a room… Don’t know the exact location though but we’re in a room… I lay on the bed while johnny left…. I could faintly see bola undressing herself… I’m too weak to even raise my hand… They must have drugged my drink….. I don’t wanna have sex with this girl here but I don’t have a choice… She’s gonna have her way whether I like it or not….. I’m too weak to stop her… Funniest thing Is that I’m still a V.. So this girl is just going to rape me here.. Lolz… It is indeed true that it’s not only guys that rapes girls o.. Some girls actually rape guys and this is a pure example of it…. I felt a sudden urge to have her…. Seeing her nude… I don’t understand what’s going on with me….. What have they done to me…. ?

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My body was responding to the drug they might have put in my drink….. She got over me and carefully took off my clothes …. You know what would happen next…… I I lay in bed trying to remember what had happened to me today but I couldn’t remember….. I knew I did something unusual but I can’t tell what it was I did… I tried to recall…. But I still couldn’t….. Mom is in the position to answer me since I didn’t know how I got into the house… But I can’t ask her as she’s mad at me…. I just hope whatever it was that happened won’t cause me trouble later on in life… I said a prayer and then went to bed…

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