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My Cold Revenge – Episode 23

After going through all of those process Involved in the initiation saga ……I went back home awaiting the next meeting which is also on a Saturday night again…. Martin, Mum called me in full surprisingly… My boy I really don’t know what’s going on with you… But you can share it with me remember I’m your mum and the first best friend you have… I could share in your pains, sorrows, grief and even your happy moments please talk to me… What have you gotten yourself into….? Nothing mum I’m cool…. What about these marks on your body how did you sustain them ehn…. You’re seriously straying away from the good path my child… Don’t let this fire consume you… Ooo mum I’m fine I said as I walked out on her…. I felt bad at first but just as a tear was about to dropping down my eyes I wiped it out….. I’m no longer going to feel sorry anymore….. There will be a general rolling tomorrow and I was also selected to be at the forefront…. Meanwhile… We went over to Johnny’s house and ransacked the whole place turning his house upside down….

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He was given the beating of his life as well…. But being a smart dude he fled …… I knew the battle line has been drawn and it’s now or never…..

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*************** ************

Later at night ,we went out for the so called rolling… It was my first hit… I was a novice and didn’t know how it worked….. Just as we were about to begin with it, the police appeared from nowhere…. In less than two minutes all the guys were nowhere to be found…. They ran away leaving only me……. The police apprehended me and took me to the police station……. This is the cross road… Revenge has brought me to this extent… What I was trying to hide would now be in the open…. Dad would believe I’ve always been a bad boy…. Gosh.. I’ve gotten into a mess…. I wept bitterly…..

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