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My Cold Revenge – Episode 15

Cont.from previous episode. So what do you want… She asked?…. Wow… Now you’re talking like the good girl you are…. First I want you to end your relationship with Johnny… You’ll make it publicly…. Tell him you’ve always loved me and you are breaking up with him cause of me…. But why are you doing all this? I thought you were a good guy? I thought you are his friend? You know johnny and I love each other so much so why then are you doing all of this things to me… She said in tears….

When you’re done preaching ehn you can tell me… I’m not giving you any options here…. Take it or leave it…. And you have on Monday morning to do the break up stuff….

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Please let it just be between us… I swear I won’t report you to any authority but promise you won’t tell johnny… Just allow me keep my relationship with him please…. Girl you don’t have an option here….. I said as I wore my clothes back on….. I threw five hundred naira note on the bed for her to find her way back to school….. I’ve already payed for the lodge so she doesn’t have problems with that… It was almost dawn anyway…. Mart are you back? Mum asked as I opened the doors to my room…. Yes mum… I’m feeling very sleepy… We’ll talk in the morning. I locked my room door and lay on my bed…… I looked forward for monday to come earnestly…. He really needs to feel what I felt in my heart….

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This is a very good revenge on johnny…. I’m just getting consumed by revenge and unknowingly to me it’s killing me slowly… Gradually Taking the good part of me…. Wetin concern me… I just want them to feel the exact measure of hurt I felt in my heart… That’s all and they are so gonna get it hurt from me… Johnny has gotten his own take although I’m still waiting for Monday to come before carrying out the remaining phase of my plans…. I watched the video clip over and over again until I finally fell asleep…. I had a terrible dream ….that really got me worried…..

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