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My Cold Revenge – Episode 14

I don’t know the reason for that though… But I guess maybe it’s because she just lost her virginity ….cause we were taught in school back in Jss3 that girls become weak and unable to walk properly.. Bla bla blaish…. She looked at me with this look of hatred on her face… Why did you do this? She asked with tears on her eyes… I didn’t respond… At first a sense of guilt filled my heart… But I waved it off trying to form the hard guy…. But girl you enjoyed every bit of what happened… Didn’t you… I said laughing mockingly…. I’m sure gonna report you to the police..

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To the security at school and to johnny… You betrayed him and you won’t go Scott free…. I laughed so loudly…. Girl you have nothing against me…. What were you doing outside school in the first place…? What would you tell the police you were doing with me so late at night? I’ll tell them the truth…. Hahahaha…. You’ll be expelled from school my dear if the school authority finds out you’ve been sneaking out of school…. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want that…. Sd just remain quiet…. And if you still want your relationship with Johnny then you must do as I say from now on…. And why would I listen to you? she snubbed at me… Cause of this…. I played the video clip for her and she watched with bemusement…. I could see the helplessness in her….

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